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8City: the new global capital of gambling

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The Asian gaming market is booming. While gambling business is not so profitable in Europe and North America, the Asian casinos demonstrate the wonders of economic growth. This is true not only for China, but for all other countries in this region as well. For example, Koreans are planning to build a new gambling capital. 8City is the name for this new mini-city to be built by early 2030. The authorities expect more than 143 million tourists to visit this gambling capital of Korea per year and to spend more than 300 billion dollars on all sorts of casino games while being there.

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Naturally, the Chinese middle class gamblers and Chinese high rollers are in the center of the system. Huge population, excellent financial position, and the highest rates of financial grows are those factors that ensure profitability of the Asian gambling market in the long run. This is why this market is so attractive for all leading operators and bookmakers of the world. They are absolutely sure that the world of gambling and casino games can be incredibly profitable in China, Korea, and other Asian countries.

The new gambling capital, 8City, is to be located to the west of Seoul, in Incheon specifically. It is an excellent location for a gambling city because of the international airport with high human traffic. The total area of this mini city is about 80 square kilometers, which is three times as much as the total area of Macau. By the way, this is one of the biggest problems with the Chinese gambling. The only reason for slowing down in its growth is the space-related problems. In order to make it possible for Chinese gamblers to play more casino games, Chinese bookmakers must find a way to build more casinos.

Local authorities are actively involved in the project, reducing the requirements to investors. For example, the upfront costs were reduced by almost 250 million US dollars, and the consideration of applications for licenses is now happening at an accelerated rate. Moreover, the South Korea is going to sponsor the project by at least 10% of its total cost. And this is about 30 billion US dollars. But the best news is that the construction of this magnificent capital of casino games will begin very soon. ?>

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