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loyalty marketing

A Brief History of Loyalty Marketing

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Most people who gamble on the internet probably believe that loyalty promotions are exclusive to online casinos, but the truth of the matter is that the concept has been around long before man ever started recording his thoughts on paper. In fact, we bet that if you think hard enough you could probably come up with an example where you used loyalty marketing somewhere in your daily travels today: it really is everywhere.

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We’re not going to get all religious on you here, but if you have a Bible handy then take a look at the very first few chapters. Everything was perfect in the Garden of Eden until a serpent showed up and tempted Eve with one heck of an offer; all she had to do was take a bite of an apple and the world was supposed to be her playground. Well, most of us know how that turned out, but the concept is the same that we see throughout our lives everyday. If you do this, we will give you that…and it’s only going to get better and better the more times you come back.

Think about it; ancient civilizations had next to nothing to survive on, but somehow we became the world we see today because of loyalty marketing. Before the invention of money, all people had to make a profit was the skills they learned from their ancestors. Hunters hunted. Builders built things. Folks with no skills gathered water or watched the village children. The key was that everyone learned to do something in order to be accepted by their peers and welcomed into society; it is the only reason that we are still around today. It was loyalty marketing at it’s most basic…if you help me live, I’ll make your life better.

Of course, most of the world is no longer worried about a means for survival; we’re fat and greedy and we love our luxuries in life. From shoes that make us jump higher to gourmet meals and fast sports cars, companies lure us in by making us feel like we’re part of the cool crowd, the people who have succeeded, or the guy everyone wants to be. Loyalty marketing is almost everywhere in the consumer world today and some brands are so darn good at it, we do not even realize that we’re joining in or falling for it.

Take, for example, something as simple as social networking. Even on a website like Facebook, loyalty marketing is everywhere. The hook is to let you talk to everyone you’ve ever met, including people from high school that you never really talked to anyway, so you can hear about parts of their daily lives as it happens in real time. Facebook is not really giving you anything that you couldn’t do on your own, yet study after study shows that people participate in droves to advertising all over the Facebook website. As long as you make the CEOs money, they will develop new games and let you enjoy them with your friends…sound a little bit like online gambling loyalty programs all of a sudden? Switch out new friend contacts with casino perks and it’s the exact same thing.

People often forget that the World Wide Web is actually still in its infancy; many families around the globe have been online for less than a decade now. As online casinos find new ways to connect to new customers and offer them exciting new services, the loyalty rewards should grow to a much larger scale. How big? That depends almost solely on you and how fast your friends embrace online gambling.

Think about it; imagine playing in a $50 poker tournament over your cellular phone against only your co-workers and other people within your company. The time is set up to coincide with everyone’s lunch hour, the poker room sends over a complimentary lunch spread, and the employee who organized it automatically gets a 10% cut from the pot. Someday soon online casinos will be able to provide that level of personal service on just about any scale, and when it happens there will be hundreds of thousands of competing website owners.

Just like back in the stone ages and throughout our brief history on Earth, the key to the top online casinos succeeding will fall solely to loyalty marketing. We don’t know about you, but we’re very excited about what this industry will bring us and how it will change our everyday lives.

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