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A Low Rollers' Slot Machine Strategy

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There's one thing that's frustrating about slot machines: There is a limit to the number of coins and the amount you can bet per spin. Because of that, you can't use a betting system like the Martingale (even if you could afford it) to cover your losses. However you do get to choose between one to five coins for each spin. Here we will show you a strategy that uses this option.

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Because slots involve little to no skill at all, they are very hard to win. Chance alone always makes the house win. The less skill there is, the lesser your chances of beating the house. The only strategy you can really use are betting strategies and betting systems. Now here is a simple betting strategy for low rollers. First, buy 200-300 coins. The denomination is up to you. A slot machine will go through hot and cold periods in turns. With enough coins, you will be able to pass through the cold periods safely. After a string of losses, you should be able to break even with a good payout.

Now bet one coin at a time. If you lose, bet only one coin again. If you win, bet what you won plus one more. If you keep losing and then you win, and your win does not cover your losses entirely, bet only one coin. If the win covers it, then bet the excess coins plus one more. You will never bet more than one coin except when you have more than what you started with. This is a slow and cautious way of playing slots. But it is sure to make you last longer than if you bet max every time. When you make a big win, set aside what you won PLUS a portion of your bankroll. Better yet, if you are ahead by a significant number of coins - say even 50 coins - it is better to quit.

The longer you have been playing, the sooner you should quit if you make a big win. This is because the house advantage takes effect most when the slots are played for a long period. But even if you have been playing only briefly, you should quit when the win comes. You may ask about progressive jackpots. Progressive Slots generally are not safe to play for low rollers. This is because progressives pay best when max bets are placed. But for the low roller, max betting is to be avoided. If you are a low roller and you want to play tight, it is better to avoid progressives altogether. Remember, slots are dangerous to play with if you have a limited bankroll only. This slots strategy is for low rollers who have the discipline to protect their bankroll and winnings. Good luck beating the slots!

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