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Best Books on Gambling and Casinos

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Aside from the interesting and attractive aspects of gambling, this premier form of quality entertainment opens wonderful opportunities and chances for people to earn a lot of money. For years, this practice has transformed numerous people from mediocrity to instant millionaires. For those who want to know more about gambling, particularly its various interesting aspects and other important facets, they can easily consult gambling books for highly reliable and credible information. With the increasing popularity of gambling among people all over the world, it is but right for the depth of gambling literature to improve as well.

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Currently, numerous outstanding books are available for everyone to procure and use in enhancing their knowledge as well as their gambling skills. Some of the highly recognizable books about gambling include "Gambling for a Living," "Gambling Wizards," and "K.I.S.S. Guide to Gambling." As a joint effort between gaming experts Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky, "Gambling for a Living" tries to recount how some very successful individuals have used gambling as a solid means to earn some serious amount of money.

Both authors also try to impart some valuable information for the readers on how they can profit the most from such decent and fun means. In the first chapter, the book tries to delve on blackjack, which is one of the most popular traditional table games ever invented. In the next few chapters, the book tries to cover horse betting and sports wagering, which are two of the most lucrative forms of gambling. Additionally, it also covers poker, casino promotions, as well as casino games that many experts deem unbeatable. In the meantime, the book "Gambling Wizards" tries to zero in on the lives of some of the most successful and productive gamblers in the whole world. In this premier gambling resource, author Richard Munchkin provides valuable highlights of the various interviews that he conducted on some of the most respectable and highly influential gamblers of today including Doyle Brunson, Cathy Hulbert, and David Reese. It also features the likes of outstanding gamers Alan Woods, Stan Tomchin, and Billy Walters.

Finally, "K.I.S.S. Guide to Gambling" is a book that specifically caters to beginners. Written by John Marchel, this resource tries to simplify some of the basic aspects and facets of gambling. At the same time, it tries to be as comprehensive as possible by covering various casino games including poker, blackjack, and roulette. At the same time, this book covers other popular games like bingo, keno, and race and sports betting. Another advantage when purchasing this book is the ample information that readers can get about some of the top casinos and gaming facilities all over the globe

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