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Best Ukash Casinos on the Internet

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Most online casinos accept Ukash deposits these days, especially the Euro online casinos. Ukash is an easy to deposit option that allows UK players to purchase a Ukash card from a local retailer and use the card to deposit online. Ukash casino deposits are both safe and secure, while at the same time providing a great alternative for players who are hesitant to use a credit card for online casino deposits, or possibly don't have a credit card. Below you will find additional information on using a Ukash card online, funding your Ukash casino account and the best online casinos accepting Ukash deposits .

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Before you can fund your Ukash casino account you will need to visit a Ukash shop and purchase a voucher. Ukash shops advertise the PayPoint, Payzone or ePay logos. You can also opt to purchase a Ukash voucher by visiting the online website and initiating a bank transfer. Once you have your Ukash voucher you can login to a Ukash accepted casino and initiate the payment transfer. The payment is near instant and you shouldn't have to pay any fees for using this method. Ukash casinos don't allow withdrawals back to your Ukash account. Any winnings you want to withdraw will be sent via check or by setting up a separate method.

Ukash casino payments are made via a pre-paid debit card available exclusively in the UK, South Africa and Europe. There are two main benefits to using Ukash. The first is that you don't need to have a credit card or use a credit card to receive a Ukash card. You can pay for your Ukash card via cash at one of the local shops. Secondly, you can use your Ukash card to make purchases online, including deposits to online casinos. You will need to find a store that advertises the PayPoint logo to purchase a Ukash. Ukash vouchers are available in a wide spread of denominations starting at £5.00 up to £500.00 and each purchase is valid for 12 months from the date your voucher was activated.

The Ukash vouchers have a fixed value with a minimum of £5.00 and a maximum deposit of £499.00. The Ukash system is a simple and safe way to make a poker deposit. In case you need to know where you can buy the Ukash vouchers you will be able to locate a store that currently offers the vouchers on Ukash website. Another important thing is that you have to make sure to spend the amount of money on your Ukash voucher in less than 12 months, since it's going to be valid just for that period.

Ukash casinos do not charge any fees for initiating a deposit. Nor will you see any fees charged for using your voucher to make purchases online. Ukash is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, guarantees that your funds are available immediately following the purchase of your voucher, and because your provided with a 19 digit code, your voucher is safe and secure from fraud.

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