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Bingo equipment to host your own bingo game

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The Biggest Little Game in America. Everybody plays Bingo at least once or twice, but how many know the secrets of how to win at Bingo? Whether you are looking for fundraising equipment or more information on how to set up your own Bingo Game, have a close look through our Bingo Equipment Article. We are working closely with several of the worlds largest manufactures of Bingo Equipment and Supplies to expand this page to cover Bingo Equipment ranging from small social Bingo Equipment to Commercial Bingo Systems. For now, we write about the following: Bingo Equipment - Bingo Systems - Chuck-A-Luck - Bingo Supplies - Tickets - Fundraising Library on Bingo, Raffle Drums & Electronic Raffle Draw.

Bonus LadBrokes bingo
Play at LadBrokes bingo

We found two of these units in our storage facility on the back shelf.  These are brand new units but shipping dates show they were made back in 1990, you know when companies made things to last!  We are offering these units for sale as used although they have never been used for only $800 or your best offer?  Cost of shipping to your location at buyers expense.

ECONOMY BINGO CAGE: Suitable for home, church or clubs, 8.5" metal cage with lead ball cup, 13" X 14" Base to prevent tipping. Master board and 75 easy-to-read balls included. Smooth turning handles, weight 8 lb.(BW-CAG01-4) $159.95

ECONOMY BINGO CAGE: Suitable for home, church or clubs, 9" metal cage (coated for quiet operation) with lead ball cup, 13" X 14" Base to prevent tipping. Master board and 75 balls, easy-to-read balls included. Smooth turning handles, weight 8 lb.(BK-1000117) $99.95

CELLULOID BALL CAGE: A larger cage that has the large easy-to-see table tennis balls. Speeds up your game. Large (15 In. diameter) cage. Extra large (15 1/2" by 15 1/2") base is made from heavy duty steel and finished in brass. Big (19" by 19 1/2 ") plastic master board. Comes with 75 white table tennis balls with large easy-to-read numbers and letters. BK-1200103 $275.45

All you need to get start your own Bingo Game!  Bingo Flashboard With Game Number, Last Ball Called and Letter Display

We are also offering a RENTAL or LEASE program for this equipment, for more details clink on arrow:  

Professional type bingo cage.  Automatically selects one number at a time! Embossed Plastic Number Balls, Master Tally Board, 30 Bingo cards and 75 Bingo Markers.  Price $48.95

Let the big winners pick (catch) their prize in this wind machine - what they grab is what they get. The maximum amount of prize money is placed on the floor of the machine. The winner then steps inside and you turn on the powerful blowers. Make the player wait a few seconds to allow the money to really start to fly. Winners grab as much as they can in the period you have pre- selected on the automatic timer. The real trick is that in order for winners to keep what they have caught, they must slip the bills through an approximate 1/8" by 6 1/2" slot into a catch tray. Sounds easy -- it isn't, but it really is exciting as the rest of the crowd cheers! Fast action -- floor- mounted blowers really swirl the money. Modesty blowers that swirl the money but do not raise skirts. Timer allows selection of time from zero to 5 minutes. Whirling beacon on top of the machine along with strings of chase lights on the frame add to the excitement. The spotlight inside the machine highlights the player. Handy controls allow independent operation of fans, beacon, timer, lights and adjustment of chase light speed. Convenient, safe floor level entrance -- no steps to climb. Available as shown or in several alternate models. $7,995.00  Shipping is not calculated in shopping cart price total and is charged extra depending on your location.

Super Jumbo Brass Drum, 24" X 36"X 50.5 ", wt 80 lb. (DU-5019-1) $545.00 Must Be Shipped by Truck (No UPS Shipping on This Item)

Make that entertainment more attractive and faster!  Save time and effort. There is no need for folding draw tickets or keeping counterfoils. Just use roll draw tickets that are so convenient to sell of the reel.  Just key-in the start and finish numbers of the tickets you have sold, press the button on the remote hand-held plunger and the machine will do the rest.  Would you like to introduce EME Electronic Raffle / Draw / Tombola Machines onto the and Canadian markets? Thousands of theses have been sold in the ! Even more can be sold in US and ! These machines are reliable and fraud-proof with full check-back facility. There is also a model that not only draws numbers, but also selects prizes!

TUMBLING TOM: Finger Tip Bingo Set Includes 25 shutter cards, with 75 call number bingo deck finger tip master board. Great for small church and senior citizen groups, wt. 5 lb. (9022) $39.95

Blue canvas bag, plenty of room for your daubers, lazy zipper closing and handy carrying handle, wt. 1 lb. (9042) $4.35

Vinyl bag, different colors, several side panels to hold daubers and winnings, wt. 1 lb.(9043) $18.95

This "Ticket Reel" makes it easy to dispense either the double or single admission ticket rolls. Saves damage and waste. DU-7100 $18.00

Hand tally. Press lever to count. Counts up to 9,999 and resets to zero instantly. Comes complete with ring holder. Can be used for any occasion where a head count is needed.

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