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Blackjack dealer card scanner

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The card scanner for Blackjack dealers that we present is easy to use. It is from Scanjack. With a possible Blackjack, the dealer's cards are slipped into the scanner. At the touch of a button, the scanner lights red for blackjack (stop) or green for "Deal" (continue the game). Everybody knows at the same time. Players cheer for the "Deal" to continue.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
Play at Ikibu Casino

Uses standard casino playing cards

No dealer peeking, no mirrors

Does not change normal card handling by dealer.

Increases number of hands played

Readily accepted by both dealers and players.

Straight Outright Purchase - No Lease - No Rentals to Pay.

Can be customized with your own casino logo.

With a possible Blackjack, the dealer's cards are slipped into the scanner. If an Ace is showing, the "A" button/indicator is touched.  If a Ten Value is showing, then the "T" button/indicator is touched.  If the alternate "A" or "T" red indicator is lit, there is no Blackjack and the game continues.  Both dealer and player know the game status at the same time.  Experience shows that players  hoe for .. cheer for .. love to see the green "DEAL" indicator come on.


Uses standard playing cards

Only standard casino formatted cards are required - no extra symbols or unsightly marks.  No special cards need to be ordered or controlled.  The scanner can be customized at the factory to read non-standard cards.


uses state of the art imaging technology.  It operates on standard AC power or from a disposable battery pack that lasts approximately one year.

Scanjack can be self-tested at any time.  Simply touch the "DEAL" button with no cards present and the scanner will self-test. When all 3 indicators blink in sequence and finish with 3 green blinks, the unit is operating properly.  If only the red indicators alternately blink, then the battery pack power is low and is ready for replacement.  If green and red indicators blink alternately when cards are present, it means the cards are not placed in the unit properly.

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