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Blackjack equipment to host your own blackjack night

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What equipment you need to host your own blackjack night? The world's most desired blackjack playing cards are from Kem. Kem last longer which makes them the least expensive cards on a per play basis. Average life of Kem cards in social card playing is estimated at 5 to 7 years. Kem are the only cards made of cellulose/acetate, a strong, tough, yet flexible plastic. It takes 3 months to make each deck of Kem cards. Excellent for gifts!

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
Play at Casino Adrenaline

The 'Cut card' is used in a card shoe to mark the break in the cards where the cut was made. The Blackjack Dealer cannot deal beyond this card. It is made out of flexible colored plastic.

These cards have been used sparingly in a Las Vegas Poker Room. Guaranteed, in good condition and carry the same Kem Card 5 year Guarantee.

Washing your Kem Cards will make them perform like new for years if you follow these simple instructions: (A) Use cold water, mild soap and a soft cloth only. Never use hot water, detergent, or put them in a washing machine. (B) Rub very lightly on both sides and rinse quickly. Dry thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. (C) Spread Kem Cards on a table and allow up to one hour on each side to dry; avoid direct sunshine or any other source of heat. Never put cards away damp, either from washing or perspiration and never store near direct sunlight or any heating elements.

If one or several cards from your Kem Deck get lost or accidentally damaged, send a sample of the card to allow proper matching and specify which card needs to be replaced. Mail directly to: Kem Blackjack Plastic Playing Cards Inc., 2 Beck Place, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601. Include $0.25 for each card, plus $0.50 for postage and handling. This unique service is available for five years from the production date, often longer. (That's like having an extra card up your sleeve.)

We also have authentic Blackjack casino cards that have been used sparingly in casino play. These cards have been cancelled by way of a cut corner on both opposite corners of the cards. The corner cut measures approx. 1/16" and is noticeable, but the cards are all cut identical and still work well in play. These cards have various original casino logos printed on the back. The last of the real casino cards from the Dunes. America's four most popular card games are: Poker, Rummy, Bridge and Pinochle in that order.

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