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Boobs Too Big to Gamble?

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Helen Simpsons’ dress that she wore all over Europe without a single complaint was considered unacceptable in the Christchurch Casino, New Zealand. After Helen, 33, from Nottingham, and her partner spent an hour in the casino, she was approached by the female staff and asked to either change or leave the premises. She was told that her revealed cleavage was too much for some patrons, who considered themselves offended by the look.

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"She just said you're causing offence because you're showing a lot of front, you need to cover up or you need to leave," explained Helen.

Despite the fact that the woman admits to having a large frontal area, she couldn’t believe that some would be offended by that and ask her to leave. She feels it is very unreasonable, as she has been all over Europe in that dress and never had any issues with it. "This is a year-old faithful - never had any problems before. In fact I've got comments on the dress - your dress is lovely, it's really nice, it fits you, it suits you...never had any offence ever," said Helen.

Instead of leaving she borrowed a zip-up top from a friend, feeling disappointed, shocked and embarrassed. "She said I was wearing too low a top, which people found offensive. I was highly embarrassed – humiliated, absolutely humiliated," said Simpson.

That’s what Chris Oliver, her partner had to say on the issue: "I suppose you will get this by the minority; the majority of the people are lovely but what happened was a bit of a nightmare really."

Helen has written a letter to the management compaining about the discrimination, and is still waiting for the response. Chef Executive, Brett Anderson, questioned Helen's motives about contacting the media and said he will answer to everything personally. There has been no direct response from the casino management, as Brett Anderson said that he is not going to explain anything to the media, but is working on a letter to Helen directly. Whether it will be an apology or a dress code sheet, we are left to guess.

Many gamblers feel that she should get a written and preferably public apology from the casino, as it looks like discrimination towards women with large cleavage. What about all those skinny girls in the casino whose skirts nearly reach their waist area? "There were girls at the casino wearing short skirts that I think are nothing more than belts. I feel like I've been discriminated against for having big breasts," sais Simpson: "Unfortunately you do get people with big boobs and small boobs I mean if you don't like the look of them, don't look."

Helen is a business manager in McDonalds and a third year human resource student, so she feels that she knows what she is talking about when she sais the matter has been hangled unprofessionally. "All the staff were staring and the group of guys that complained – I'm sure it was them – were smiling," sais Helen.

Helen has two days remaining on her New Zealand holiday, which she is planning to spend down the beach or by the pool. Well, let’s hope no one will ask her to remove herself from the pool area for being a size larger than the acceptable norm.

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