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Brushing Up One's Casino Vocabulary

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Are you ready to take your chances in casino games? Then, before heading towards the hottest casinos in town, prepare yourself by reviewing the common casino terms that you could encounter while inside the casino house. You might never know this term could affect your chances of getting the jackpot tonight.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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All in- This means that you are betting all your chips in that poker game.

Banker- The banker is the dealer. There are card games which enable some players to be the banker.

Barred- This is the status that you would never let yourself into. Barred is the same as banned. You would not be allowed to step into the casino ever.

Beef- This term refers to any disagreement between the player and his dealer which was caused by suspicious-looking outcome or play.

Bet- Bet also means one's wager or how much you are going to financially risk yourself in a game.

Betting limits- Your betting should be within the minimum and maximum amount of bet that you are allowed to give.

Buy in- This refers to the process of exchanging your cash into casino chips. So, before joining any casino game, be sure to do a buy-in.

Call- In a poker game, when you make a call that means you are matching the existing bet.

Chips- Chips refer to the plastic tokens that you use when you bet.

Deal- This refers to the distribution of cards among the players in a game.

Down to the felt- This phrase means you have no money left.

Edge- When you have an edge over another player, this means you have more advantage of winning the game.

Firing- Firing is the act of betting a large sum of money.

Grease- When you grease, you are bribing someone.

Hard Hand- Hard hand in Black Jack means you don't have any ace on your hand.

Open- Open refers to the player in poker who wants to bet first.

Pass- When you opt not to bet, you say "pass."

Pigeon- Pigeon refers to a new gambler who is yet to be educated.

Racinos- Racinos is the short for Race Track Casinos.

Shiner- A shiner is any device usually a mirror or any shiny item that can be used to cheat as it exposes the cards that have not yet been revealed.

Soft hand- A soft hand, in Black Jack, means the presence of an ace card in one's hand.

Suit- The suit refers to any of the clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

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