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Casino Affiliate Programs

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Upon joining an Affiliate Program of an online casino you will receive a constant and stable source of income. To start gaining money you need to find and attract new players, who will be playing for money at their casino. You profits will be calculated on percentages from profits that the casino gets from those players from your Affiliate Program.

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An affiliate Program is a partnership with an online casino. Place links to the casino on your website and start receiving a percentage of profits from players that follow your link and start playing in the casino.

If you have a website, mailing list or if you are an entrepreneur, you need to register first, so you can choose a link in the form of a banner for a merchant of your choice to place at your site. You can also e-mail these links to a mailing list. This will make your site work for you. Check How to start section for additional information.

The Affiliate Program uses your site's traffic to help you earn additional income. When a visitor to your site clicks on the link you have provided, then that visitor will go to the casino site. Once there, if the visitor registers and starts playing, you earn a percentage in the form of a commission.

Registration in Affiliate Program is absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is to register, and you are ready to receive additional income.

You can choose only one plan of Affiliate Program. However, you can switch to another program after the full month of participation in Affiliate Program, only after the 10th business day of the month. You can open only one Affiliate account.

Taking part in our Affiliate Program, you can receive up to 50% of profits received by casino from each player that has come through links from your site. Check Commission for more information.

You can receive your money upon request within 72 hours. To make a request, you need to log in with your Username and go to Money Withdrawal section at Members desk. Please, note that we only process amounts that exceed $50. Affiliate payments are processed by one of the payment methods (Click2Pay, NETeller, Moneybookers, PrePaidATM, Wire Transfer, Check/Bank Draft) chosen by registration. Information is available at our casino. Click here for more information.

As often as you wish provided the amount requested exceeds $50. If the due amount of affiliate profits is less than $50, then the funds transfer is postponed until the due amount of affiliate profits is equal or greater then $50, or should be paid out in case of the Agreement termination. You should be receiving your money within 72 hours.

Yes, the minimum amount should exceed $50. If the due amount of affiliate profits is less than $50, then the funds transfer be postponed until the due amount of affiliate profits is equal or greater then $50, or in case of the termination of the Agreement.

You can check How to start for additional recommendations and pieces of advice we provide. Besides, you can always reach us using Contact us page. Please, note that it is best to communicate with us via e-mail since most issues such as transactions, deposits and withdrawals, etc., require our staff to conduct some queries into our backend system to give you a comprehensive answer. Such inquires may take our staff some time to address. ?>

In addition, you can also create a team of webmasters and receive you part from the profits from players, attracted by those webmasters. You will receive you money regularly in check by post or by wire transfer. If you want to join an affiliate program, you will need to register first. Please pay attention when filling in the registration form. The information, which you provide, will be used in future to contact and transfer funds to you. All provided information will be used exclusively for the purposes of the casino affiliate program. They guarantee confidentiality of the information provided. Under no circumstances will this information be disclosed to a third party. For more information on privacy policy, please refer to the Terms & Conditions or the Privacy Policy sections.

The e-mail will be with specially generated for you and contain affiliate links and banners. The affiliate links and banners are for you to place on your website. In addition, the necessary instructions on will be included in the letter. Please be careful to control the integrity of affiliate links and banners, because they contain your unique identification code. The code is used to identify visitors that have reached their site from yours and are then assigned to your affiliate account. If the integrity of the affiliate links and banners are broken, your account may not receive any profits from your visitors. If your visitor was not be assigned to your account, it could be due to the broken link.

You can control efficiency and statistics of your links by using their statistics system at member statistics section of the casino. Efficiency of their friendly advice is much higher than of any other ad's type. Please, try to inform as many of your contacts as possible about your new gambling link and ask them to visit you site, to receive some additional information about the casino and its games. If there are other web masters taking part in your affiliate program, you will receive profits from the players attracted by those webmasters as well. Don't forget to help them by sharing advice or ideas. Since your profits depend on how good their business is. Usually banners are placed ether at the top or at the bottom of the page. If there is a choice between two locations, the top of the page is a better place for a banner. It is very important that you banner attracts the visitor's attention. It should "show itself" on the page. Don't forget about banner and surrounding text ratio. If your casino banner is too small, it can be lost in the surrounding text or vice versa. Don't create too big (heavy) banners. They must download quickly, without trying your visitors' patience. So your banner should be located in a harmonious area, which will help in attracting your visitors' attention to click on it and to follow the link. It is absolutely clear that any information is getting old.

It is believed that casino banners becomes obsolete (out of date) after 200,000 - 400,000 shows. At low traffic sites casino banner becomes obsolete even faster. So, don't show the same banner to the same user more than 4 times. You can always use their Links & Banners collection to refresh your banners regularly. Don't forget to provide the newest information for your visitors. If you have a news section, it should be updated it regularly. It would be an ideal to place the casino news to inform your visitors about promotions and bonuses. Don't forget to tell them about the newest proposals and services. USE TEXT OVER AND BELOW THE BANNER Text can be used to call attention to the click banner (for example, sign "Click here" placed outside banner), or express opinion, advertise various pages, or services. Text can be added to improve the attractiveness of the banner. When you place banners, check that the banner suits the area in which they are placed. This is important to create an audience oriented ad campaign. Thus, the banners placed on your WebPages are oriented toward the audience that would like to visit those sites. If you place ad from any of their resources, please check that by clicking on a link that user will go exactly to the page, which he was promised. By checking this, you will decrease possibility that users will leave without finding what they were looking for. ?>

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