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Crazy Vegas Casino Bonus $500

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Crazy Vegas Casino offered me a selection of 100% bonus offers up to $500 with my first deposit but had a very high play through rate of 32x before any withdrawal could take place. I kindly declined. After my quick deposit I entered the slots and chose a few games, I did notice that my first game was very twitchy during game play, the reels did not drop down smoothly but in steps which become rather annoying to watch. I quickly changed games. The signup process was very smooth, I was not required to verify any of my email details or phone number so I was able to get straight into the action once I had passed a few of my details over. We rate the bonus offer 8.6 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

I did manage to hit a few bonus games using my $500 on a couple of the games with my highest bonus amount of £4.65 on Wolf Run, managed to drop it into place on my first spin, lucky me. One thing that really bothered me about this site was the lack of information it provided regarding the payouts of the machines and their respective line combinations. Players were expected to guess how wins came out of the machine from a trial and error, at the users expense.

I managed to keep around £8 of my balance left to check out the table games. Straight to blackjack and managed to bank myself back up to £12 before being hit with a run of three blackjacks. Nasty stuff. The tables were nicely presented and betting was very simple but the tight selection of games lacked a full set of features. Apart from the regular Blackjack and Power Blackjack, very little was offered outside the norm.

Time to give the support a go, the live chat facility was very simple to find, I was instantly connected to Jennifer and we began chatting about the bonus requirements. She was very polite and answered all of my queries very quickly. I was also asked to provide answers to my security questions via the live chat to prove account access, nice. First name terms would of been the icing on the cake, but still a very respectable support option.

It would of been lovely to see a rapidly growing community on Crazy Vegas, the lack of a forum and any chat facility made the whole experience a very lonely one, that coupled with the lack of anything unique made it feel like a bit of a bore.

Overall Crazy Vegas Casino was a fairly alright place to play, did it offer anything totally new and exciting, no. Was their gameplay any different from other casinos, no. It felt like a very standard place without much enthusiasm to bring their players anything new. Sorry Crazy Vegas, you failed to impress me this time.


The site gave away 4 bonus games from my initial £20 stake.

I managed to hit a profit level with a highest balance of £23.84


Some of the slots seemed very twitchy during gameplay. These included a few of the Monopoly machines.

Does not display paytable information anywhere so users were expected to know the payout information for symbols already.

Not a huge variety of games compared to other online casinos.

The site had nothing new or unique, very standard.

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