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How to take your casino bonus all the way

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First he got a $10 free no deposit bonus at the online casino. With that free cash, he played roulette and won on red. Now that the $10 was his, he did it again, and won. Now he had $20. All that winning and luck, he just had $20.

He needed more so he decided to go big (for him) and deposit $1000. The online casino that he was playing at offered a 200% match bonus up to $2,000. He knew he could theoretically turn $1000 into $3,000. He had that amount but then he had to play casino games and for real money.

The biggest swings in gaming belong to video poker or slots if you can get in on a big progression. He chose to play video poker and asked in video poker forums who had gotten a royal flush lately. Not many and none in a certain game at a certain casino software suite. That was the game and the software he wanted to play.

After playing and losing for hours, doing $100 at a time, he hit the royal flush. With that money he was able to play for days longer and for higher amounts until it hit again. In the end, he got his $500k+ .

The moral of the story is to use the bonuses available from online casinos to the max. And if you go big with them, you could walk away with similar amounts of winnings. You risk less with bonuses but the winnings are real. Check out what bonuses are available by searching for bonus codes and in particular. Maybe you can find a 200% match bonus and make your $1000 turn into $500k.

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