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A Beginner's Guide to blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most popular table game in a casino. If you are new to blackjack, you should find out as much as possible all the related information, tips and strategies of this game. The pro players are well versed on the requirement of being a successful blackjack player. But the beginners should start at the basics.

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Blackjack basics

The aim of the game of blackjack is to draw your hand to as close to 21 as possible without crossing it. A blackjack is exactly 21. A “bust” happens when your total is more than 21. Alternatively, you will win even if your hand is only 13 with the dealer going bust. After every player is dealt with 2 cards, you have the option to draw another or stop at what you already have, which is called “stand”. The more advance terms and ways to play blackjack include, doubling down, splitting, insurance and surrendering.

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular casino games there is. Its pure simplicity and easy-to-learn rules make it playable by almost anyone. No online casino would be complete without the inclusion of this particular table game. The basic idea of the game is to take cards, one at a time, add up the totals and try to get as close to 21 as possible without busting (going higher than 21). Once you have reached your total then it is down to the rest of the players, one by one to take their turn until everyone has played. Next the dealer will turn over their cards and play their turn. Once the blackjack dealer has played out their hand you will be able to see if you have won or not, this is determined by who has the highest total without going over the 21 and you get paid accordingly. Basically all you really need to be able to do to play blackjack is count up to 21, with this in mind you can see how easy the game is to learn and to play.

Players can find various ways in which to play blackjack when visiting the online casino, the most traditional is on your own against a computer generated casino game and dealer or with other players against the same dealer. These games use what is known as a random number generator to randomly decide which cards you, the other players and the dealer will be dealt. This way of playing is probably the most common but can sometimes feel just a bit too much like a computer game, which is why some casinos have now introduced live dealers. Playing live blackjack means that you will sit at a table usually with other players and you will have a live dealer sat at the table turning the cards from a shoe just as in the land based casino. This is all fed to you through a live feed straight to your pc. This technology is very new and has brought a fresh way to play many casino games. Playing blackjack online really couldn’t be easier as the game will keep track of all your chips, show you what moves are available to you and play out each hand, all at the click of a button. If you have ever played blackjack at a land based casino you will be familiar with the layout of the table, which except for maybe the colour, will almost be identical in every way. This does not change online as with most casino games the blackjack table will be replicated as close as possible, making you as comfortable as you can be with your surroundings when playing.

Out of all the casino games, blackjack is widely considered to be the most beatable game available. The odds still favour the house, they always will, just not as much as other games. The use of a basic strategy will also help to boost your odds of winning to very nearly 50-50 (49.98%) to be exact. That compared to such games as roulette which at best has a 47.8% win percentage. If you add into this the possibility of counting cards you can get the percentage just in your favour. With the fact that you sit at the blackjack table an equal with the dealer, the game is an exciting battle of wits, guts and a little bit of luck. This is what has been bringing punters back to the tables for years and making blackjack one of the most popular casino games available today.

If you have never played blackjack before and would like to learn we have included a whole section on the rules of the game, history and some interesting strategy guides for you to use and get you started. We also have a free demo of the game that accurately recreates what you can expect to find at the online casino. Using what you learn from these pages you can try out your blackjack skills for free without the risk of using real money until you are comfortable with how the game plays out. There are also many articles on the various tips and tricks that can enhance your play and make your own game much tighter and stronger enabling you a better chance to win when playing for real money. The most important thing about playing blackjack online is that you have fun doing it. If you have a good understanding of basic strategy your game will be a much more relaxed one as many of the decisions that you make will almost be automatic leaving you to enjoy the experience, chat to other players or even the dealer. When your comfortable and relaxed you will also be less likely to make rash decisions or outrageous bets, which could easily damage your bankroll. This is probably the best reason to play casino games at home from your pc. You can relax in the surroundings at home in the comfort of your favourite chair and play blackjack undisturbed.

What happens in a tie? Who wins?

A tie is also known as a “push” and the wager is return to the player. Both side did not lose. There are rare cases whereby the player is considered as lose in a tie situation. You are well advised to check the house rules before settling down on a blackjack table. It is not worthwhile to play in a casino where the player loses in a push.

What are the odds of winning in a game of blackjack?

As a rule of thumb, the house edge is usually about 8%. The house, represented by the dealer is the last to draw after all other players have been dealt with. The run of play offers the players a chance to go bust before the dealer’s turn. Even so, the house advantage can be reduced to a minimal by learning the advanced playing methods. Understanding and anticipating what are the cards left in the shoe and the possibile combination of the dealer’s hand is another proven method to shift the advantage toward you.

How much should I budgeted for playing blackjack for an afternoon?

You must only allocate an amount of money that you are comfortable of losing in a day. Also, you will have to consider the minimum bet of that particular casino. Dealer play their hands in a fast way, 25 hands in 15 minutes on a full table is not uncommon. With the minimum bet set at $5, it will work out to be $125 for the very least. Wins have not been taken into account with this example. If your main purpose is to spend as much time as possible at the blackjack table with minimal bankroll, then you should select the $1 minimum bet table. For $50, it is good enough to last you for about half an hour even if you lost all your hands. Of course, your playing time will be extended if you win some of the hands.

What the dealer said after a deck is cut?

It is hilarious that even experienced players cannot get what the dealer say after the deck is split. It is not surprising since the casino is noisy and it happen so fast. The truth is, the dealer is calling out to the pit boss to “shuffle check”, which indicate that the cards have been cut. The intention is to show that the deck is not rigged.

The following is the most basic strategy that you can learn to begin playing blackjack. If you have 12 to 16 in your hand or the dealer with 2 to 6, this situation is called a “stiff” hand. In case both you and the dealer have a “stiff” hand, you should always remember to “stand”. Alternatively, if your hand is a 17 or higher, or the dealer has a 7 and an Ace, this is called a “pat” hand. You should “stand” too if you have a “pat”. You are advised to “hit” if you have a stiff hand and the dealer is with a pat.

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