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Best Way to Play Craps: Overview of Strategies

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Craps strategy articles and online simulations provide answers to the key questions about this game. What is the best way to play Craps? This is the most common question, but the real questions should be what are your goals and which craps betting strategy should you use to achieve these goals?

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Experts in mathematics have joined their forces with software developers to build free interactive online articles with strategy simulations. This page contains a list of all craps strategies with a brief description of each strategy. You can find a link to a specific article at the end of each description. Each article consists of several key sections, including mathematical expectations and four simulations: Single session result, Multiple sessions result distribution, Earning chances and Survival chances.

Feel free to join our forum and ask a question or post a comment about these articles, or about anything related to Craps and other casino games. This list is far from being finished. We are constantly publishing new craps strategies. Do you have your own strategy? Share your thoughts with our open forum community and our experts will test your strategy. We can work together to find the best way for you to play Craps.

Craps is a fairly complex casino game with a number of different betting options available on each roll. There is a high correlation between these bets. Some bets will win or lose together and some bets can completely or partially "cover" other bets. To add even more to this complexity, most of the bets may require more than one roll to be resolved, and during these rolls you are allowed to place other bets. Furthermore, some multi roll bets can be removed before they get resolved, while others cannot. The latter ones are bets with the lowest house edge, which makes them good candidates for various strategy combinations in spite of the fact that they are the most complicated of all individual craps bets.

Craps strategy is a system of play where you are constantly repeating the same betting pattern during one session. Betting pattern is a small algorithm that specifies what you should do over the course of one or several rolls. Betting pattern execution is a series of steps you will make while playing, following this algorithm. It can be linear and pretty straightforward, but there are also patterns with conditional or variable steps, where your next move might depend on the outcome of the previous rolls. Betting pattern descriptions will clearly define when one execution begins and when it ends. After the end of one execution you should proceed with another execution of the same pattern, and so on till the end of your session of play.

How to evaluate a craps strategy? There are seven key parameters which values will be calculated for each particular strategy:

Sound too complicated? Open any of the interactive strategy articles below and enter your bet amount and session length. You will get the exact expectations and online simulations for that strategy to clarify these parameters.

Which craps strategy should you choose? It depends on your goals:

Follow these advices and pick a craps strategy now. Experiment with the number of executions and your single bet unit amount. You might want to increase your standard bet unit for strategies with low Risk Index, or to decrease it for strategies with high Risk Index and/or high number of average units per one execution. Use strategy parameters as indicators for your goals, to narrow your search. Detailed Craps Strategy articles will allow you to configure values to explore mathematical expectations with real numbers and to run online Single session result simulations to see an example. Multiple session result distribution simulations will confirm the mathematics used for expectations. Earning chances simulations will give you the probability to earn a desired amount of money with a configured bankroll. Survival chances simulations will provide you the probability to finish a desired number of hands with a configured bankroll.

The individual pass line bet has one of the lowest house edges of all individual bets in the Game of Craps. It is also one of the lowest compared to all casino games, especially when we take into consideration that it needs more than 3 rolls on average to be resolved. You wouldn't expect that a fundamental bet played by many gives only 1.41% on average to the house, just 0.42% of your initial bet per roll. With such a low House Edge and low Risk Index even a new player can easily win in the short term, without much risk. If this is the only craps bet you know, you are still not doing much wrong. Just follow a simple advice in this article.

This looks more like a simple pass line bet than a strategy, but it is a good starting point to learn some mathematics and become familiar with our simulations.

This is the individual bet with the lowest house edge of all individual bets in Craps that you can make on the come out roll. Resolving process is completely same as with the Pass Line bet, while the outcome is opposite, except in the case of 12 which is a push (returned bet) instead of a win. The house has to retain its edge, but it is still slightly lower than the house edge for the Pass Line bet. Most craps strategy articles will advise you to bet on the Don't Pass instead of the Pass. Mathematically, it is a good advice, this bet is indeed better. However, the majority of Craps players still prefer betting on the pass line. That means that you will win when everybody else at your table lose, and vice versa. In the long run, you are expected to have a better overall result. But, is it really worth that much?

Find out with the real numbers how much this bet is actually better than the "right" Pass Line bet and run an online simulation that compares "right" bettor's final result with "wrong" bettor's final result after the same rolling session.

  • This is still a new site. Last strategy was published on the 3 of November 2013. We are currently working on new strategy articles. All of our content will be absolutely free. Join our forum and give us support.

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