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Blackjack Practical Examples

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Now that I've given you all the standard rules, and some variations of mine that have served me well, let's show it all in action, with chips in play. You're at a blackjack table, the only player. It is a "No Mid-Entry" table—nobody can enter the game until the shoe is finished. You are betting $10 on just one hand. (Casinos will let you play two hands. Some will even allow three.) You're dealt two 8's, and the Dealer has a 6 showing, the worst card-up he could have. You immediately split your 8's, placing a second $10 bet next to the second 8. Now you're dealt two more cards—and one is another 8. The other dealt card is a King. You "stand" on your King/8, as you have a playable total of 18. You now split the third 8, putting another $10 bet next to it. Again, the Dealer deals you two more cards, one each for the two 8's. You get a 3 and an Ace. Now you have a total of 11 (8 + 3) on one hand, and you "double-down," placing an additional $10 on it. As for the other half of the second split, it now shows a total of 9 or 19, Player's choice (remember, the Ace can be 1 or 11). With the dealer showing a 6, you promptly "double-down" again on the 8/Ace hand—you play it now as a total of 9—and place still another $10 bet on the cloth next to it.

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Okay, time out. Let's rehash that last paragraph and see exactly what happened, and what the wagering was, on what started out as an ordinary pair of 8's and one simple $10 bet.

You started with that lone $10 bet. Upon splitting the 8's you added a second $10 wager, for a total of $20 on the table. Of the two new cards dealt, one was a King, which gave you a comfortable King/8 total of 18, with which you stood. The other card was yet a third 8, which enabled you to split yet again, so you put down another $10 bet. Your bets down now totaled $30.

Two new cards were dealt to you; one was a 3 and the other an Ace. With an 8/3 count of 11 you doubled-down, and bet still another $10 on the hand. Total bets down now: $40. Here's that last (and controversial) move, your doubling-down on the 8/Ace count—normally a comfortable 19—gambling on the dealer going bust with that deadly 6 as his up-card.

With this last $10 bet you now have parlayed your original $10 wager to an impressive $50—on a table situation where the odds are in your favor. Here you have the dealer sitting with the worst possible up-card a blackjack dealer can have.

This is a perfect example of taking advantage of every opportunity you are dealt. The strong odds were in your favor, with the dealer's deadly 6 as his show card. Of course there is no iron-clad guarantee that you would win the hands, but you must always keep in mind that in gambling you always must take full advantage when the odds are in your favor. If you expect to leave the casino with their money, pal, that's the only way you can come out ahead in the long run.

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