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Blackjack Rules

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No online casino introduction would be complete without a lesson on blackjack. If you want to make sure money off internet gambling, you want to sink your teeth into this game. Unlike games like bingo and lotto which depend almost entirely on luck, blackjack can be influenced by strategy. Play it poorly and the casino wins; play it smart and YOU win.

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The Blackjack Rules are relatively simple to grasp. The basic aim of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over, better known as going bust. The only opponent you face at the table is the dealer and regardless of what any one else around your table holds, it is the dealers hand you must beat. In order to beat the dealer you must have a higher value than they do at the end of the round. The simplicity in the Blackjack Rules makes this one of the easiest casino games to play.

The play starts with each player getting dealt a card face up in front of them and the dealer a card placed face down, this is known as the hole card. Then each player including the dealer is dealt another card face up. The play then begins with the player sitting furthest to the dealers left. Each player in turn decides if they will draw another card, hold or stick on what total they have, these decisions are made on what card the Blackjack dealer has showing and according to the Blackjack Rules for the given table. (note: blackjack rules may vary slightly between casinos)

Once all the players have taken their turns, it is then the turn of the dealer. The dealer reveals the face down card and proceeds to finish the hand according to the Blackjack Rules of that specific casino.

The dealer must pay out to all players who have a higher total than them, but have not bust. Any player drawing with the dealer causes what is known in the blackjack rules as a push and you neither win nor lose any chips. All players who have either bust or have a lower total than that of the dealer, lose and forfeit their bet.

The Dealer has very little choice when it comes to them playing their hand and the blackjack rules they play by are generally the same across most casinos with a few minor variations. The dealer must draw another card if the total of their cards is less than or equal to 16 and must stick if there cards total is 17 or more.

The only variation to this is that in some casinos should the dealer hit a soft 17 (a hand consisting of an ace) then they are required to draw another card. If you are unsure which blackjack rules are being played then ask one of the pit bosses that are always on hand at the casinos.

You have a few more choices than the dealer to consider when it comes to your turn and your player specific Blackjack Rules. You can Draw another card, Stick with what you have, Double Down or Split. You keep on making a call on either of these options until you decide to stick with what you have or you went over 21 and therefore have gone bust. When you stick the play will pass on to the next player and so on until it comes to the dealer which is when you find out if your choices were the correct ones.

When you draw another card, the face value is added to the total that you already have and you make the next choice on how strong you believe that total to be. You may draw as many times as you feel necessary to improve your hand as long as you adhere to the Blackjack Rules provided by the casino.

You may Double Down at the beginning of your turn if your hands total is 9, 10 or 11 and does not consist of an ace. When you double down you effectively double your original bet, but you will only receive 1 additional card and you must then stick on whatever total you are then left with. The blackjack rules of Doubling down varies a little from casino to casino for instance some may only allow you to use the option should your cards total 11 and not 9 and 10, again if you are unsure of the casino policy just ask the dealer or pit boss.

Splitting can be done when you are dealt 2 cards of equal value. You will then be playing 2 hands which will cost you the price of your original bet. You will then be dealt a card onto each of the split cards and will play the hand on your right first. Once concluded you will play the remaining hand and then play passes to the next player. Any pair can be split but in some blackjack rules splitting aces will result in only 1 more card being dealt.

The only time you don’t get a choice is when you are dealt a Blackjack, this is when you’re dealt a 10 or picture card and an ace. This usually pays out 3-2 so sit back relax and get that huge grin on.

These are the general Blackjack Rules, for views on how best to play various hands please visit our Blackjack strategy guide and if you wish to see how the blackjack rules have changed over history we have covered that too.

As well as the normal game of Blackjack, casino games also covers three other ways to play. These are Blackjack 5 hand, Blackjack single deck and also Blackjack Double Exposure. Although the strategy may differ from game to game, the blackjack rules are all basically the same. The only notable changes are that in 5 hand Blackjack Rules you are the only player at the table and take control of each of the hands. When playing Double exposure the only slight change in the Blackjack Rules is that the dealer will have both hole cards showing, apart from that everything else will play out the same way.

Blackjack card combinations

Blackjack pits you one-on-one against the dealer. Your goal is to get cards with a total value of 21 or as close as possible. Numbered cards have their face values. Face cards are all 10. Aces can be either 1 or 11, whichever gets you closest (but not beyond) 21.

To start, the dealer gives you two cards, facing up. Dealer also gets two cards, but one is hidden. If your two cards total less than 21, you can ask for another card by choosing "hit." When you're happy with your cards, you "stand" with them and not draw again. If you keep on hitting and go past 21, you're "bust" and the dealer automatically wins.

If you don't go bust, it'll be the dealer's turn to hit. Dealer will keep on hitting if their hand total is 16 or less. The dealer stands at 17 and higher or bust. They never have a choice on how to play.

If the dealer's score is bust or lower than yours, you win. If their total is higher than yours, the casino wins. If your score is the same, there is a draw or "push."

At the beginning when you hold two cards, you can double your bet and ask to be dealt a third and last card. This is done when you feel your two starting cards are close to 21 and the next card won't result in a bust.

If you get double cards - two 10, two 8 - you can split your hand into two. You double your stakes as well, playing as if you were two players. You can win or lose with either or both hands.

If the dealer's known card is an ace, you can get insurance if you think you can't beat them. You bet half your original wager at 2:1 odds that the dealer's hidden card has a 10-value, and thus a blackjack. If they do have a blackjack, you lose your original bet and win the insurance. So you break even. If they don't have a blackjack, you lose the side bet and also have to play the original bet as you normally would.

This option is only available to you at the start of the game before you hit, split or anything. If, for any reason, you want to quit your hand (or "fold" as they say in poker), you can surrender. You then pay only half your original wager.

Surrender is not always available. It depends on the casino. Also, in many casinos, the dealer first checks if they have a blackjack. If they do, you can't surrender!

When you have an ace and any 10-valued card for your first two cards, that's known as a blackjack.

The casino edge varies depending on the player's strategy. When the right strategy is used, the house edge is only about 0.5%. That's what you want to take advantage of. But master the basics of blackjack first.

Like any game of chance, the soul of a blackjack game lies on getting the perfect winning hand. In blackjack the goal is to get a sum of twenty-one. As any casino game, the goal is therefore - to win. But analyzing the permutations and combinations of getting a perfect pair, though it is always possible, not everyone is lucky enough. Most players end up with several cards in their hands and still lose the game.

In simple terms, as for starters, how is black jack really played? First, there should be a dealer and a player. (In a casino game, one can expect a multitude of players betting.) The dealer is the one who gives the cards to the players. The player is the one who bets. Each card has a corresponding numerical worth. Cards 2 to 10 are worth the amount written on its face while jacks, queens and kings are equivalent to 10. An A or Ace can be used as either 1 or 11, depending on the option of the player.

From a deck of cards, the dealer then draws two (2) cards for each player. (In casino games, a dealer has several decks of cards.) He then deals 2 cards to each player. Every player will be given a chance to draw more cards to arrive at a sum of 21. To take a hit is to draw one more card. If the player hits and exceeds the sum of 21 his hand is called busted and he loses his bet and is out of that hand.

The following are the other options a player may choose: stand, double down, split or surrender. To stand is to take no action. To double down is to draw one more card before making a stand. When both cards have the same value, the player may opt to split the hand and draw two cards for each. This allows him to choose which pair to bet for. The player may also choose to surrender or forfeit half of his bet although most casinos nowadays do not allow surrendering.

The primary goal is to have cards with a sum of 21 or less which will have a higher sum than what the dealer has dealt themselves.

If the dealer's hand busts, all the players automatically win. (Blackjack always favors the dealer). If the dealer and the player arrive with exactly the same sum of cards, it is called a push which is a tie. If this happens, neither wins. The player may take his money back or stay in the game and take a chance on winning twice the amount of his bet.

In all games, the dealer always reveals one card to the players and keeps the other one unknown. The player then is given the chance to take his move. After the player has been given the option, the dealer then reveals his other card. But if the dealer's hand does not sum up to at least 17 he has to draw more cards until he reaches that point value 17 or higher.

In casino games, blackjack bets are independent of each other. Winning bets are paid on a one-to-one ratio. But some other casinos give more, depending on their promo or who the players are.

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