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Casino Game 7 - 27

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Casino 7-27 is played on a Blackjack style table with seven seats and one spot for the dealer. The dealer deals one card face up to each player, followed by one card face up to the dealer. The dealer will then deal a second card face up to each player. This style is similar to a traditional Blackjack deal. The players have the option of playing a low hand or a high hand against the dealer. Each player in turn has the opportunity to take additional cards to their hand with the goal of getting as close as they can to 7 without going over, or as close as they can to 27 without going over. Once a player goes over 7, they must play a high hand. If they go over 27, they forfeit their hand altogether (bust).

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The game is played with traditional Blackjack style cards with all 52 cards in play.  No jokers are to be used in Casino 7-27.  The game can be used with 6 or 8 deck shoes, however it is likely that 8 deck shoes with prove most beneficial to casinos due to the small increase of cards used each hand compared to Blackjack.  Cards have values similar to Blackjack with Face Cards being worth ten, Aces worth 1 or 11, and all other cards worth their face value.  

Once the dealer completes the deal, each player takes their additional cards in turn.  If the first two cards to a player total less than seven, they have the option to stay on a low hand and play against the dealer’s low hand.  The dealer will play his first card or cards that total a value of 7 or lower, as the dealer’s low hand.  For example, if a dealer has a 3 followed by a ten, the dealer will play 3 as his low hand and push those cards slightly up from the rest to signify the low that he is playing.  Any players that have a low hand between 4 and 7 will win the low.  Any players with a total of 3 will push, and any 2’s will lose.  If the dealer’s first card is an eight, then the dealer will not play a low and any players with a total of 7 or less for a low will win the low hand automatically. In playing a high hand, a player may take cards until the total of their hand is not more than 27.  The dealer will take additional cards until he hits a total of 23 or more.  The dealer will stand on all 23’s, and will hit additional cards for totals of 22 or less.  For example, if the dealer has 21 and hits for a ten card, the dealer will have too many and all high hands will win.  If the dealer hits additional cards to the point of having 25, all players with totals of 26 or 27 will win, all players with 25 will push, and all players with totals of 24 or less will lose.  The dealer will play a both a low hand and a high hand each time if the cards dictate thus.

All players winning a high hand pay even money.      

All players winning a low hand will pay 3-1.       

All players that have a hand representing both 7 and 27 will pay 25-1.*  

  • 7-27 can be achieved by having 2 Aces worth one or eleven and any other combination of cards that total 5.  For example, Ace-Ace-5 is a total of 7-27.

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