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Craps Game Variations

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Craps is without question one of the most popular games in a casino, and it’s also a game with a very long history. In fact, it dates back to the time of the crusades and was then much later adopted by the French who went on to transform it into the high energy game it is today.

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There’s no doubt that traditional craps game remains the all time favorite, but there are also a number of variations that add additional twists to things like betting options. These variations also tend to have their own distinct rules, but more interesting is the fact that they tend to be region based. With that having been said, almost all variations can be played in online casino. If you want to add some color to your gambling routine, then you should seriously consider try a few craps variations, including what is known as “Private Craps” or “Street Craps” and which isn’t discussed in this posting.

This variation of the craps game tends to be most prevalent in Mississippi as well as in online casinos. The most noticeable difference between this game and the traditional game is that players can’t lose a Pass bet on the Come Out roll. This of course also means one cannot place a Don’t Pass bet. Additionally, a Come Out roll of 11 is not a sure win and any number can become the Point other than a 7.

With this variation of the craps game you lose 11 which is a sure winner but you also lose be 2; 3 and 12, all of which are sure losers. Because of this many people think they are getting a good deal but there are a few things to consider regarding the odds of these rolls. You only have a 1 in 7 chance of making a Point on the 2 or 12, while you have a 1 in 4 chance of making a 3; 4; 11. In other words you’re not really getting as much as what you might believe and you’re also losing 1 of your biggest chances of a win. Basically in this variation of the game the house has a Pass Line edge of 5.38% compared to 1.41% with regular craps game.

In this version the shooter only gets one chance with the dice. If you roll 2; 3; 4; 10; 11 or 12 you win. If you roll 5; 6; 7; 8 or nine then you lose. House odds are 2.8% so not all that bad, but you could still do a lot better if you play traditional craps game instead.

This variation is very popular in the eastern United States and is played on a different style of table known as a Double-End Dealer. This version doesn’t allow for Come bets; Don’t Come bets and Place bets. Instead, players can only bet on boxed numbers 4; 5; 6; 7; 9 and 10. Players get true odds but the casino typically takes 5% of all winnings which in effect gives the house a 5% edge.

As you may have noticed, variations of craps have two things in common – they are simpler than traditional craps, and the odds are worse. Of course this by no means a coincidence either. After all, why would any casino make different versions available if it can only result in them making less money? Nonetheless, these variations can be a lot of fun, and they are quite often a great option for those who are new to the game.

This is a very simple version of the craps game but it varies considerably to the traditional version. When the shooter first rolls the dice, a 2 or 3 will be ignored completely and the dice are returned for another throw. If the player gets 11 or 12 then they win automatically. Any other number rolled becomes the Point. In that case a player must roller any number which is higher than the point in order to win. Payoffs are even but with a house edge of 2.35%, odds are worse than in traditional craps game.

Unlike other variations that use two dice, this version uses only one, which is also why many beginners like this variant of the craps game. Roll a 6 on the Come Out roll and you’re an instant winner. On the other hand, if the Come Out roll results in a 1, you’re an instant loser. Any other number rolled on the Come Out becomes the Point, and the player then has three chances to roll the same number. If they fail, the dice are passed to the next player. The odds and payouts differ depending on when the Point number is rolled. If the Point number is a 4 and you get a 4 on the first roll, you get even money; on the second roll it’s double money and on the third roll it’s even money. Proposition bets can also be placed, in which case you have to bet on the exact outcome of the roll. This bet pays 4:1.

Pass Line Bet

Odds on the PASS LINE (OR COME): Odds or "free-odds" betting is the best way to lower the house advantage in the game of Craps. You take odds after a point is established by clicking on your Pass or Come Bet. The applet knows you want full odds (depending on the odds option you selected) and will subtract the appropriate amount from your bankroll and put it just below your Pass Line Bet.

If point is 4 or 10: Payoff on odds bet is 2 to 1

If point is 5 or 9: Payoff on odds bet is 3 to 2

If point is 6 or 8: Payoff on odds bet is 6 to 5

Without free odds the house has approximately 1.4% advantage on all Pass Line or Come Bets. With double odds this advantage is reduced to 0.6%. Making this the best bet on the table (except for Don't Pass/Come Bets which when double odds are "laid" here the house advantage is also 0.6%).

The reason the house advantage drops when taking double odds is because the house has no advantage on these bets they are paid at the correct odds as shown above.

For example, say you have $10 on the Pass Line and the 4 becomes the "point". You click on your $10 wager and see that the applet has placed $20 just under it (hence the meaning of "double" odds - you take twice your original bet as odds). If the 4 is repeated before a 7 is rolled, you win $10 for your original Pass Line Bet at even-money and $40 for your odds bet at 2 to 1.

Any payoffs on the Pass Line will appear just to the right of your bet. You may pick them up by clicking here again. If you leave your winnings and/or bet on the PASS LINE, the applet assumes you want to "Press" or let it ride. The applet will combine all this money into a single PASS LINE Bet.

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