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Easiest Casino Games

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Many people believe that casino games are difficult to learn and that they will lose money while they’re getting to know how to play them properly. Some games involve a level of skill in a casino, but most are simple games of chance and usually are understandable the first time they are explained to you.

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Here’s a short list of the easiest games to learn in most casinos.

  1. Mini Baccarat is as simple as it gets. You have three bets to choose from: The bank, the player, and a tie. Once you bet, the dealer deals out the cards and payouts are made. It’s close to even odds except the house rakes each win, which the player must pay when they leave the table.

  2. Roulette is like Mini Baccarat in the sense that all you do is place bets and let the house do the rest. You receive coloured chips which are yours only during the game. You place bets on numbers and the house spins a ball that lands in a number. If the outcome of the spin corresponds with one of your bets, you win amounts determined by the bet you chose.

  3. Another no-brainer is Keno. This is a simple lottery where players choose numbers on a card from 1-80. A player must pick at least 4 numbers but no more than 10. Then random numbers are chosen from balls numbered 1-80. Your payout depends on how many of your numbers match the drawn numbered balls.

  4. Red Dog Poker is simple to learn and involves only two steps. You place a bet, and the dealer deals two cards. If they are consecutive the hand is a push. If they pair, a third card is dealt and if it’s the same as the first two, it pays 11-1. If it doesn’t it’s a push. Once there is space between the two cards, the house will then give odds on the next card being between the first two cards.

  5. If you can play five-card stud poker, you can play Caribbean Stud Poker. You play by betting an ante and then getting dealt five cards. If you think you can beat the dealer’s hand, then you bet twice the size of you ante. If not, then you forfeit the ante. Then your hand is compared to the dealer and payouts are made.

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