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How to pick the right casino game

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Gambling is fun. Anyone with an ample supply of money can do it. But if you want to profit from your gambling, you need to do more than just playing mindlessly for hours in front of your computer. You need planning, discipline and perseverance.

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So at this point, what do you need to do? You have to choose a game to play. Why? Well, because if you play several games in one night (or day), you'll never master any of them. To profit from a casino game, you've got to know it inside and out. Know it in your gut. And to do that you've got to focus on that game and explore it through and through.

How to Pick the Best Casino Game? Now how to choose a game? Well, if you're the type of gambler who wants to win, then the obvious choice is play those games that you CAN win!

See, there's this math stuff called the "house advantage" in the casino world. Those are odds that make it impossible for you to beat the casinos in the long run unless you play the best strategy in combination with bonus money (read: insanely obsessed with winning in gambling). So when selecting a game to play, check its house odds first and how optimal play and bonus money can help you overcome it.

A good casino game to play is blackjack. With bonus money and a flawless strategy sheet (you can find it anywhere), you can make sure money with it. The only drawback is many casinos don't make bonus money available for blackjack anymore. (They aren't stupid; they know what we're thinking and doing.)

Another good choice is Hold'em poker, Omaha and other player versus player games. They are an exception to the house odds thing. The house, represented by the dealer, never plays in these games. It just takes a commission from the winnings while the human gamblers slug it out. In poker, the only thing that stands between you and the money is your skills versus your opponents'.

Other games, such as roulette, are designed so that it's impossible to make a profit no matter what. So the smart gambler stays away from them.

There's another type of gambling you can sink your teeth on: sports betting. You bet on the winner of a sports match, or any other aspect of it like what shirt who will be wearing and so on. Actually, you can bet on ANYTHING, not just sports. You can bet on whether Britney Spears is going to win her custody battle or not (like you'd care!). But that's way beyond the scope of this article.

Don't forget about the fun. Your casino game of choice must be one you enjoy. If it's not fun, don't do it. For most people, the whole point is to enjoy oneself. You may be after the money, but you can't do that if you don't like what you're doing.

Once you have chosen a game, commit yourself to mastering it. Read as much as you can, know the odds, familiarize yourself with the optimal strategy for that game, and above all, practice! Play it for fun first, and only when you're confident in your skills should you move on to real casino play.

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