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Live Roulette

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You can play roulette live in casinos. Then a live dealer shuffles the cards. Also, "Live Roulette TV" is an interactive gaming show that lets viewers place bets in real time, while they watch the show online or on one of the TV channels it is available from.

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The game itself is just like a normal roulette game with fixed odds, but it is the only live roulette show that uses the real casino wheel. It has the standard single zero European wheel rather than the American double zero version. Each game is open for three minutes and a new number is spun with a space of around four minutes.

Chips are placed on a table through the telephone or online menu. All other game shows are charged premium phone rates, whereas Live Roulette is at a standard UK rate, which is 10p with BT landline.

You can also get a premium players account, which lets you partake in the game at any time and make bets under a specified Live Roulette house limit, the same way you would do in a normal casino. Premium players can play online through the website, get an entry into the "la partage draw", which happens twice every night at 11am and 12 am, when the lucky VIP member's name gets picked randomly out of the hat. The lucky members gets half his stake back for bets made on even chances, when the ball stopped at green "0".

There is also a T-shirt draw that happens every night for the premium players at 12 am, for those who put their bets on mystery number which gets picked at random by the machine.

Lastly there is a monthly Grand Prize draw for VIPs, who played at least once in that month. Two names, picked at random get a weekend break for two at the Grange City Hotel in London and an additional £100 spare cash with an opportunity to visit the studio.

There is also a free play available with 500 chips available for anyone from any country in the world. The chips are irreplaceable and have no real value.

There are also gold VIPs, 120 most loyal players, who have a chance to win a random draw that happens once in three months and gives 1 lucky winner a day trip to Vegas.

The game is completely interactive so you can e-mail live to the show your comments, questions and suggestions.

You have to be a UK citizen to play Live Roulette and be over the age of 18-years old.

The show was launched in June 2005 and it's popularity has been escalating ever since.

Users place bids through online or alternatively phone service available, with the phone number demonstrated on the screen.

The first ever show was called Vegas 24/7, which was broadcasted 23 June 2005 on Sky Digital channel 274 for 8 hours from 3 pm onwards.

Initially the show was an experiment to find out if this sort of interactive gaming program could work on TV, as nothing like that was ever tried out in the world before.

After a short period of time, following some player requests, the show moved to the later time slot and was now aired from 6 pm to 2 am.

The show was becoming increasingly popular, fast; and by the end of September 2006 it extended to additional 2 hours, which meant it would now finish at 4am in the morning. The format of the game changed a little too, as the focus went from being on the presenters to the spinning wheel and a rolling ball.

The show was moved to Sky Channel 847 on February 28, 2006, where it is broadcasted today.

The very important change occurred when Live Roulette TV launched a web site and made the live game even more interactive than before, which was in August 2006. Now the users could play Live Roulette online watching the live action that TV viewers were watching.

Due to this major development, which would now attract every possible techno-gambling group, the record number of players was reached in September - 06 on a show hosted by Rebecca Nasir and Chris Ditchburn.

In December that year the company which owned Live Roulette TV, Vegas 24/7 Broadcasting Ltd was taken over by NetPlayTV P

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