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Online Backgammon

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With a lot of gambling enthusiasts now trying to control the market of backgammon, it is unlikely to discover secret pointers that will improve your game as a player. We all desire to win over friends, families and even the players we play with online. Fortunately, there are a lot of backgammon rules and recommendations when you are beginning to like the game. Here are some points to remember in learning backgammon.

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Backgammon Basics

A player loses the game if he has only half the amount of points needed to win the backgammon game. The game should be played at a reasonable speed. The directors may appoint a monitor to watch the backgammon game. Monitors protect players from rule-breaking of the opponent in backgammon game. To write to the score, each player keeps the current score and compares it with the opponent at the start of the backgammon game.

The doubling cube is at the beginning of every game in the middle with the “64″ upwards. In the event of a dispute affects the current position and the level of the cube, the decision of the Director. Gammons and Backgammon are always counted.

A backgammon player may double when it is his turn to throw the dice, but not after he has thrown them already. In order to double or reinforce, the backgammon player moves the cube with the higher number in the direction of the opponent and says “double”. To answer, push the backgammon players the cube in the direction of the enemy and says “accepted”. The cube should be used as verbal and physical actions could be seen as a cube action.

The Crawford rule applies to all backgammon games. When a backgammon player plays the match point (e.g. 12 points from 13 points or more), the doubling cube is suspended for one game. In the following backgammon after the Crawford rules, the dice are thrown at the first opportunity. Backgammon games must be played until the end, except when the following conditions exist:

• By rejecting a doubling or reinforcement

• It can be canceled and no game is repeated, or fixed. Games must be played until the end.

  1. If you are drained from playing backgammon, you can download it online. With online backgammon, you can link with others and meet other players worldwide. This is a fun way to add some spice in to your regular play. Likewise, you may discover more opponents on the web, because you will be playing with people from various levels of skill. A lot of sites provide free online backgammon, as long as you register with your e-mail address. It's an excellent solution to boredom. In addition, it's fun downloading backgammon without any cost at all.

  2. The most crucial thing in backgammon play is to have a strategy at all times. You need not hold on to it entirely, but you should have alternative options. The last thing you desire is for an opponent to discover what you are doing and ruin your plan.

  3. Hit the other player, even if you have the chance to score on your end. Conversely, if you are losing considerably, you need to discover if the attack will be to your advantage. For example, if the other player's checkers are already on the bar, it would be wiser to take advantage of the scoring opportunity on your end.

  4. Observe each move of your opponent. You may not only discover special moves, but you can control and duplicate their technique likewise. If you are willing to copy the same thing, it will expose their scam and chances are you will have control of the situation.

  5. Exert more effort in building primes. A prime is six consecutive points thereby "capturing" your competitor. The key is to continue the strategy so that your competitor cannot find a way out. The bad news is as the game wears on, you will find it tougher to maintain your position.

  6. Backgammon is assumed as one of the easiest and most thrilling games. Particularly with online backgammon, it is likely to compete with players from around the globe. So have fun.

History of Backgammon

There is no historical proof that would tell how people started playing backgammon. This game seems to be a part of the early history of civilization. A variation from Rome called Tabula is one of the reasons why backgammon has ancient roots. It should be noted however that this game was played by gamblers. Tabula is still very much popular today. It is still played in Turkey. They have called the game,Tavla.

The Romans were fond of any kind of game using dice. A set used for the Tabula game resembles the modern set for backgammon. In ancient Rome people liked watching sports showcased in the coliseum which mostly are fights between gladiators. Backgammon could have been the other game that catered to the peace loving Romans. However people can still fight over a backgammon game.

Since the dawn of the internet, backgammon has taken wings. It may be considered as the oldest board game in the world. Now this game has now adapted to modern living and is found in the internet. Let's see how is backgammon played online.

It seems that by the end of the 1980s backgammon has been made playable on computers. Since the game offers the elements of strategy and luck, it fascinated programmers who can adopt it using random number generators and algorithms for decision making. It appears that backgammon is quite comparable to chess in some respects.

Backgammon may be played online either for free or for a certain fee. There are dozens of free sites around where players play backgammon for free. And of course there are sites that allow online betting at a backgammon game. But as a note of caution, there are states and territories where this is not allowed. It is safer to check out if online betting is legal in a particular state before making bets online.

An online backgammon gaming site would usually post rules, tips, and strategies to help beginners. If you're new, better start with these. The first step to actually play online requires a player to register. Some sites would offer bonuses (like bonus codes a player gets when a registered online account is validated or activated).

Players can match wits and luck with other players from anywhere in the world. There are also sites that allow you to play against a bot (i.e. a backgammon program), and other sites allow players to download free backgammon software to practice on. Games with other players online can be played for fun or for money.

If players feel they are up to it, they may participate in online backgammon tournaments. These online tournaments are often sponsored by gaming sites. Players will compete in different series of matches with other players. Backgammon rules apply during these matches, including doubling.

BackGammon Tournaments

Backgammon games are played at specified areas for backgammon tournaments. Backgammon games start on time. Each player must make a 5-minute break between the backgammon with a length of 13 points and fewer. With a score of 14 points more breaks are allowed. Delay shall be punished with penalty points. The first penalty awarded 15 minutes after scheduled start time. For each delay of 5 minutes, there is a penalty point.

Like any tournament, online tournaments will be divided into different levels or phases. Matches during each phase or level will have varying points per game. The first would be Eliminations or Quarters. These would have the lowest value of points per match.

For instance, in this stage of the tournament a match might amount to 5 points. Players who make 5 points first are declared winners. Each game would have its amount of points, and would be influenced by doubling. When a double is made, the winning player gains more points a lot faster for just one game.

Often players will have to agree on what day and time they will play their games. A deadline is usually imposed for every match.

The succeeding phases or levels would be semi-finals and finals. Each would have higher game values of course. The winners in these tournaments will usually be posted on the site. Some sites also include records of the game that other players can review.

With the help of the internet, backgammon has now gained a global following. Beginners have an avenue to practice, learn the game, gain experience, and improve their skills through online backgammon.

Backgammon Rules

The rules for backgammon were mostly based on the reason for the game' setting. The game involved the number of checkers used and from there started the rules on which moves are legal and which are not allowed. This then allowed gamblers to place their bets as their opponent accepts. In 1740's the rules for this game was first written down and then published. However this game has been passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. This game was taught by fathers to their sons and grandfathers to their grandsons.

The connection between a gambler and this game has its basis to provide more fun to the game by adding bets. There is more eagerness for each player to win to avoid becoming the loser and lose money. The interest on the game increased as bets were being placed. People seemed to play their best when there is a prize or reward in the end. Fear of losing money can also be another motivation for doing their best. This is the reason why the cube used for doubling stakes was created in the twenties. It increased the bets and increased the enjoyment of the people watching.

There are people who consider the adrenaline rush more fun than playing the game without it. Most players who also learned many skills tend to be competitive and want to prove he is better than the other player. There are some who use this skill to earn money by playing professionally. Today backgammon is also played via the web with bigger prizes for the winner. The competition becomes global as anyone from the world can practically join.

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