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Online Blackjack

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Would you like to learn how to play an online casino game like Blackjack? Well, this is another gambling game ruling the Internet. Blackjack is not as hard as poker, if that's what you are thinking about. But, of course, you still have to know its basic rules to learn how to play an online casino game like this.

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Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack proves to be one of the world’s favorite casino games because it is a game of skill but also because of its entertainment value. This is, by far, the most popular casino table game in the gambling industry today because it has a house edge of less than one percent when played correctly. What sets blackjack apart from other table games is that your actions can make a huge effect on the house edge. This is just one of the few games where your decisions can have a huge impact on the results of the gaming session.

The Dealer is also dealt two cards, but one of them face down. The covered card remains so until the players have completed their hands. Then, the Dealer inverts the hole card. If the hand’s value equals a hard 17 through 21, the Dealer must stand. If it totals 16 or less, the Dealer must take another card. This situation repeats till the Dealer’s hand is over 16 or over 21, which is called ‘bust’.

One thing to bear in mind: This is not an ability-and-mathematical-probability-based game as a whole. Although this is also important to take note of, you also have to understand that sometimes, luck is also something you need to have.

To those who are not so familiar with the game of blackjack, well, blackjack is actually a card game. It is also called twenty one (21) which is a very popular game on casinos and Internet game rooms.

Although this is also a card game, this isn't a very complicated game to learn unlike other card games that some beginners are having a hard time with. A player's main objective with this particular game is to defeat the dealer.

All you have to remember is to always have the highest card that wouldn't exceed the value of twenty one (21). You see, if your cards bear a value that is higher than twenty one, you lose automatically. This losing situation is oftentimes referred to as a bust.

Additional things to remember, before you play this game, are below:

  • A blackjack is an ace plus any card with a value of ten (10). When a certain player has this, that player automatically wins the game.

  • When the dealer and a player both has a blackjack hand, or has the same kind of hand, it is called a push - where the bet of the player is given back.

  • Hit is asking for more cards to get the hand or value that will satisfy them.

  • All face cards like the King, Queen, and Jack bear a ten-digit value (10).

  • A player is allowed only to ask for at least nine (9) cards. Whether or not the player is satisfied with the cards, a stand must be made. To make a stand means to stop drawing more cards from the dealer.

  • A double down bet is when you think you can beat the dealer if you'll ask for one last card then make a stand.

  • To split means you bet another value for the game. This kind of bet can only be done once for every game. But if you'll win the split bet you'll surely get more money.

In order to learn how to play an online casino game, it takes these simple things about blackjack to learn from. That is why we would recommend that you take note of these things and remember them well.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of those games that moves moderately, but can be quite confusing. Table etiquette is a big part of the game, but some individuals are prepared for the backlash, because they are simply trying to win their own money. Today we would like to focus on two areas of blackjack; the rules, and the etiquette.

In order to win a hand, your cards must beat the dealers. Each player is dealt two cards once all players have placed their bets. The game moves from the dealers left to right, and it’s important to understand that one card is dealt at a time. The dealer also receives two cards with one of them face up.

  • Ace – 1 or 11 points

  • 10 thru Kind – 10 points

Always remember; if you go over 21 points it’s an automatic loser. Avid players know this as the “bust.” Once a player busts, they are removed from the hand. However, if you wind up with more points than the dealer you win. If you and the dealer have the same amount points, it’s a tie.

While every player has a different strategy with the way they bet, most blackjack players utilize the same type of basics with their game play. Here are a few things to keep in mind when sitting with other players:

  • Aces and Eights – The rule of thumb is to only split if you have a pair of aces or eights. If you have two 10s, jacks, queens, or kings, it’s wise to stay. Splitting these cards usually creates a travesty for the rest of the table. Sometimes it can end up hurting your chances as well.

  • Twelve thru Sixteen – If the dealer is holding anything from 12 to 16, it will have an affect on how you play the cards in front of you. There is a good chance the dealer is going to bust (all he/she needs is a ten thru king), so a lot of people will stay. Unfortunately it might not help out your hand though.

If you’re the one holding a twelve through sixteen, check and see what cards are out on the table. If a lot of face cards are shown, it increases your odds that the next card you are dealt will be lower.

In the end, the rules of blackjack are simple. The hardest part is sticking to a system without straying from it. Those who are patient are usually the ones that win. Even if they lose, it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been.

Online Blackjack Tips

Do you want to earn big bucks from playing the game of Blackjack? There are lots of Internet casino tips to help you learn how to play online casino games such as blackjack. However, to be a very wise player, you need to learn how to choose the best ones.

Blackjack is certainly one of the most loved games not only on land based casinos but also on Internet casinos, too.

To learn how to play online casino games such as blackjack, you have to learn the simplest rules. Simpler, actually, compared to the other card games. However, although it is easy to play, it may take a while for you to master everything if you don't learn the basic secret strategies of the game that pros use.

If you'll master Blackjack someday, perhaps you won't be playing it as a form of pastime only, but you may even think of making it as your full time profession. Isn't that great? You'll have fun and earn money at the same time.

Before you make that happen in your gambling life, better remind yourself always of the main objective of the game - to expertly beat the dealer.

In the game of blackjack, you have to make the dealer lose by monitoring and maintaining a hand that has a value close to twenty-one (21). Be sure that you won't exceed this value or you'll get what is known as a bust, and lose the game. You also have to place your bets before the dealer gives you your hand.

To help you win, here are some of the secrets of the blackjack pros:

  • Choose to play Blackjack online. Why? Well, Internet casinos give players like you more benefits like bonuses and free play anytime you want to practice your moves. This means that you can earn more bucks online, and make your moves reach a certain perfection that is similar to the pros. So take advantage of that! Play online!

  • Being aggressive - and yet, calculating every move you will use - is a very good attitude for gamblers, as long as you know how to implement that type of attitude on the halls. If you've got a hand that has a value of seventeen (17), it may be better for you to hold the card, and prepare yourself for what will happen next.

It's not wrong to try this tip for yourself. Besides, seventeen (17) is a very strong hand, and you may want to see if you can use this value to your advantage.

  • Another strategy that you can do is to proceed with doubling down your bet. It will surely add lots of money to your account if you continue to play your cards right. Caution though: Don't use this anytime you please. Be sure that the dealer has a weak hand, and you think that you can put that situation to your advantage.

  • When you make a hit, or you ask asking more cards from the dealer, always aim to have at least a value of seventeen (17).

  • To quit a playing session isn't a sign that you are a weak player. When your cards have a value of twelve (12) or fourteen (14), and you notice that the dealer has an ace or any other value that is higher than your hand, go ahead and end the game when you think that you wouldn't want to gamble on those values.

In order to learn how to play online casino games like Blackjack, practice and perseverance are important. You may also use the tips above when you play next time, and see if one or two of these things will work for you.

Playing Blackjack online in casinos

How do you play blackjack in online casinos? First, place your bet. The size of your bet will be shown in the 'Bet' field. After you have made your first wager, the same amount can be wagered on each hand by simply pressing 'deal.' You can increase and decrease your bet by clicking on the Grey buttons in the "bet range" field. This amount is how much you are betting on the next hand.

Blackjack Scoring

In blackjack, the value of each card is the same as its rank, except for face cards and aces. Face cards are worth 10. Aces are worth either one or eleven, whichever is more favorable to the hand.

The goal in blackjack is to hold the hand that is closest in total to 21, without exceeding 21. If you or the dealer is dealt a total of 21 in the first two cards, the hand is a blackjack and beats any hand except another blackjack. If you have the higher hand, you receive double your bet on that hand. If the hands tie, you get your bet back. If the dealer's hand is higher, you lose your bet on that hand.

Playing Blackjack

To begin play, press the 'deal' button. Two cards are dealt to you (the player) and two are dealt to the dealer. The first dealer card is face down. Unless your hand is a blackjack, you now have the opportunity to hit (draw another card), with the goal of bringing your score closer to 21, or stand, if you think that hitting will not improve your hand. In some cases, you also will be able to split, double down, or take insurance.


If you are dealt two cards of the same rank, you may lay down your original bet again and split the hand into two hands. The dealer hits each hand immediately, and then you play each as a separate hand. You may split up to a maximum of three hands. If you split aces, you may not take additional hits.

Doubling Down

After the first two cards have been dealt, you have the option of doubling your original bet and taking one, and only one, hit.


If the dealer is showing an ace, you may buy insurance against a dealer blackjack. Insurance costs half your original bet. If the dealer has blackjack, the insurance bet pays 2-1, offsetting the loss (usually) of your original bet. You may continue to hit until you reach 21, bust (exceed 21), or decide to stand.

Dealer Rules

The dealer stands on a hand of 17 or better and hits up to 17. The dealer stands on a "soft" 17.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a very popular casino game because it is possible for the player to utilize strategy and intelligence to beat the house. There are just 14 land-based casinos in the Netherlands. However, if the one closest to you is far, turn to online casinos. While players have little control over the first two cards they receive, from that point on they can utilize their knowledge of the game along with observations about the cards on the table to increase their odds of winning each hand.

Pairs on the first hand present additional challenges and opportunities. For a pair of Aces or 8s the player should always split the pair and play two hands. A pair of fives should be treated as any other hand of ten. The player should always stand with a pair of tens.

The rise of online casinos has allowed people around the globe to play blackjack from the comfort of their home or office when it is convenient for them. When choosing an online casino it is worth taking the time to do a little research. Read reviews from other patrons and professional reviewing sites. Look for endorsements from professional gamblers and for casinos that are publicly traded in the stock market. It is helpful to contact their customer service department in order to find out how quickly and efficiently they respond to requests. Mobile casinos like Slots Expert offer more games than those on other internet platforms. This explains why Holland has many online casinos. Take advantage of free trial opportunities so you can try some of the games before making a financial commitment.

Blackjack Glossary


The player requests to be dealt an extra third card. In case the player’s hand is worth 10 or less in total, there is nothing to lose while requesting another card. Still, the total cards’ value cannot be higher than 21.


This is a situation when the player does not want to request an extra card, as they are content with the cards they have been dealt.

Double Down

Once the player is dealt the first two cards, they can always double the initial stake by clicking the “Double” button. Then, the third card must be dealt to the player. The total hand of the player will consist of three cards, without exception.


In case the player is dealt two cards with the same value, they can split them and play with 2 separate hands. The player is dealt another card to the first card from the split pair. Once this hand is played out, another card is dealt to the second card from the split pair. All the regular rules apply to both hands, including the Double Down option. The initial hand may only be split once and cannot be changed. After splitting cards, two new wagers equal to the initial one will be placed for each new pair. A split hand Blackjack pays out at 1:1, unlike the regular 3:2.


If the first card of the Dealer is ace, indicating high chances of Blackjack, the player can request an insurance against Blackjack if they believe that the Dealer’s hidden card is 10. The insurance price is half of the stake wagered by the player. If the player was right and the Dealer’s hidden card is 10, an insurance at 2:1 will be paid to the player. It will reconcile the player’s wagering balance on this game. Similarly, if the Dealer does not get Blackjack, the player loses their insurance and the player’s stake is settled by whatever the Dealer gets.

Blackjack Payoffs

The Blackjack game is won if your total hand is higher than the Dealer’s hand but does not exceed 21. If your hand is “bust”, the Dealers wins, even if the Dealer’s card is still covered. The situation when both the player’s and Dealer’s hands are equal in value is called a ‘tie’ or a ‘push’. The player’s initial stake then leaves the table. In case you have Blackjack, you are paid out at 3:2 and not the normal 1:1.

The Blackjack Rules are easy, aren’t they? Do not waste any more time! Choose one of the most popular casino games and start playing right now!

What’s interesting about blackjack is that the fundamentals are straightforward but, the way you win the game will depend on how you play. Understanding the basics of blackjack is very easy but using a strategy to beat the dealer is the complex part. The main objective of the player is to beat the dealer by getting a hand value that is either equivalent to 21 or closest to it. By using a basic strategy the player has to decide on how to play his hand by basing it on the up card. This is where he can choose to stand, hit, double or split his cards with the purpose of getting a winning hand. Learning how to play the game is really straightforward and won’t take too much of your time but, learning how to play your hand correctly with a good strategy is the tricky yet interesting process. This is a game that is dependent not just on the cards but also on the player’s actions.

Blackjack is not just for those who are ready to be challenged but it is also for players who want to be really entertained. If you easily get bored with other casino games then 21 is your best choice. This game is never boring. With a very fast-paced movement, the excitement can easily build up as the cards are dealt and results are shown. This game is very rewarding for those who will take it seriously. If you play with a long-standing blackjack tactic, you are guaranteed to win as you bring down the house edge to less than 1 percent, a value that is impossible to reach and can never be achieved in other table games in a casino.

This is a game that not only offers a lower house edge compared to other casino games but also offers a more fun way of wagering. There are plenty of set bets and options to choose from, and along with these side bets are other prizes that can be won if the right decisions are made. Another reason why gamblers are interested in blackjack is that luck is not just the main factor for winning but also skill. Sure, it may be fun to win instantly by playing roulette or slot machines but, winning in blackjack is more fun and totally more fulfilling. It is a more satisfying experience knowing that you have beaten the dealer and won your prize not just by fate or luck but also by making the right moves and choices. It gives you that sense of fulfillment as a more experienced player and with that accomplishment; you will be more confident and challenged to try out another game. This is the advantage of blackjack among other casino games in the market today. You become better and better and you develop more skills as you improve your gambling strategies while playing blackjack compared to games of luck where you simply press a button or choose a bet and wait for a result.

And just as they say that practice makes perfect, you do have to practice playing in order to be good at it. You need to master how the hands are dealt, what the probabilities are and how close you can beat the dealer by playing over and over again. You can choose to practice in a casino but that would be very tiresome and really expensive since you need to risk real money. However, you can take advantage of the demo games at an online casino, and practice as much as you want. And once you believe you have developed your own blackjack gambling skills, you can try out the real money games and challenge yourself for real money prizes.

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