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Online Keno

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Keno is often said to be just like the lottery. Any lottery is exciting, but the problem with lotteries is that they’re only offered certain days of the week. The prize in a lottery can be enormous, but your odds of winning are miniscule. While the prizes for keno might be smaller than the average lottery, aside from a progressive jackpot, they’re much larger than any other game in the casino. Also, you’re much better off playing online keno than live keno. Most people don’t know this, but the payout ratio for live keno is usually around 79 percent, which is extremely low compared to other casino games. The payout ratio for online keno is often around 94.90 percent. This is above average for a casino game, yet the reward potential is much greater.

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You can play online keno with comfort and ease at Music Hall Casino, Canada’s leading casino.

Basics of Keno

With the advent of technology, Keno playing is no longer restricted to the casino halls. In fact, you can play anywhere and anytime you wish in an online casino.

Keno combined the features from both the lottery and bingo. It is a game of randomness and depends entirely on pure luck. You do not have much if any control over the outcomes. If you are familiar with the state lottery, then you are knowledgeable enough to start playing Keno. This is a good place to start learning about Keno if you do not know much about this game.

Keno is played with a field of numbers, usually but not always from 1 to 80. The player will choose his or her numbers and place a wager on them. A “Spot” is what the selection is called. You are playing a 10 Spot game if you have selected 10 numbers.

It is as simple as that. Once the wager is made, all you have to do is look at the winning numbers. You can select 1 to as many as 15 numbers (15 spot) on the Keno card. Your winning is based on how many winning numbers you had matched.

When the play begins, the Keno number generator shoots out 20 balls with the winning numbers printed on the balls. You win if your selected numbers match all or some of the numbers on the balls. The winning amount is based on your wager as well as the payout schedule.

A “hit” is a winning number that you have selected. Your “hits” are highlighted on the Keno board with red. When the draws is completed, you win more if you correspondingly have more “hits”.

You can bet from $1, $5 to $10 and it is the same amount regardless of how many numbers you have selected.

As in bingo, the winning numbers of Keno are generated randomly by the casino and with the case of lottery, the players get to choose the numbers. There is a slight variation in the game of keno from casino to casino but the basics rules apply.

Keno software

Payouts are based on the amount of money a player wagers, multiplied by the amount of selected numbers that are drawn.

The popularity of Keno is somewhat peculiar to the outsiders. Most non Keno players failed to see the attraction of a game with the worst house edge. The odds are heavily stack against the player winning in Keno. However, only seasoned Keno players know the great feeling of striking it big in a Keno game.

When you play on a desktop, you’re doing much better than playing at a live casino, but it’s not as good as playing mobile keno. The biggest advantage of playing at a desktop is not having to get in your car to drive a long distance to the nearest casino. You can also play at any time of day as long as your home. The latter part of that previous sentence is the key. The ‘as long as your home’ tells you a lot when it comes to playing at a desktop versus playing on a mobile device. Think about how many times in your life you have stood somewhere waiting.

Think of long lines at the grocery store. This can sometimes take up to 30 minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to play keno while waiting? What about when you’re waiting at a doctor’s or dentist’s office? These can be times of great stress. Playing mobile keno is a great way to ease your mind. Who knows, you might even hit big. This, in turn, could also bring your blood pressure down. If you have a child and you take him or her to the playground, do you often spend your time counting the minutes? If you had keno on your mobile device, then you would have something to do. What about during your breaks at work? Playing mobile keno is like taking an instant trip to the casino. It’s also possible that you will want to play mobile keno during your work. That’s up to you and your situation.

Whether you choose to play the game of keno on a desktop machine or on your mobile device, Challenge Casino is where gamers start their casino comparison quest.

If you want to play the best keno available today when it comes to payouts and convenience, then you should strongly consider playing mobile keno. There is a very good chance that you will fall in love with this format. Once you do, tell your friends and family about it. As long as you keep the risk small, you won’t get yourself into trouble. By having more friends and family play, the odds of a large win are greatly increased. You can then share those wins with one another.

History of Keno

Keno was originally referred to as Chinese Lottery, and is said to have originated from the ancient Chinese poem called The Thousand Character classic. This poem has more or less a thousand different rhymes which never repeat themselves. When the Chinese used to play Keno back then, it was used to teach children about the thousand characters that they had to be able to read and write during that time period.

Over time keno began to be referred to as the White Pigeon game. Those who play keno know it was called this because white carrier pigeons were the most convenient way of getting the results sent to all the provinces in the country. As the game gained popularity, so did the military. Cheung Leung’s army was soon restored to its former glory using the profits he gained.

Keno Strategies

There are many people who believe that it’s possible to use some sort of strategy to win when they play keno. As keno is a lottery system, and there is no way anybody can predict the future, this seems unlikely…but after all, anything’s possible! Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find a way to help you win with keno online.

Keno Rules

Keno is an exciting game that requires no special strategies. It is a game of chance and any number from 1 to 80 have the same chance of coming out as a winning number. Now, to be able to play Keno well, you have to know the rules.

In this page, we will discuss some of the rules that govern in a Keno game.

  1. As the player, you have to mark your Keno card and exchange it with the official Keno ticket. It is the numbers in the official Keno ticket that will be the basis for the Keno payout.

  2. There is a paytable where the payout will be based. There are different paytables in every casino or gaming establishment. Thus, you have to check it out before you play.

  3. You have to pick numbers in the Keno card. The marked numbers are called spots. You can guess a minimum of 5 spots to a maximum of 20 spots in your Keno card.

  4. The Keno machine will randomly draw 20 balls from the Keno machine. These are the winning numbers.

  5. If you are able to match the winning numbers with the spots in your bingo ticket, you will win. Again, the reference of the payout is the individual paytable from the gaming establishment.

  6. It is valid to use the quick pick number for the Keno game.

  7. You can cash in your winning right after each game or you may also request to be paid at a late pay window. However, there is a specific time allowable in the late pay window and you have to check the rules of the gaming establishment before you play.

These rules are the basic rules of a Keno game. As mentioned several times above, before you play Keno in any gaming establishment, you have to check the rules that govern. Otherwise, you may end up not being able to play it profitably.

Now, there are myths that surround a Keno game. We will discuss a bit about them in this page to help you play it properly.

This is a false belief. All numbers in the Keno machine have the same probability of coming out. In fact, all balls inside the Keno machine have the same weight and the same size. Thus, there is no way to tell which number will hit and which will not.

Because many players use the quick pick numbers to play, some people think that the quick pick is rigged. It is not and there is not way to rig it. Quick pick numbers come from the random number generator. If you do not want to use it, you can manually choose your numbers and that is fine by the Keno gaming establishment.

Numbers do not hit back to back

This is another false belief. Again, all numbers have the probability of coming out and there is not way to check the numbers that previously come out.

Now, that you know the rules of Keno. You may want to check how to play Keno before you jump on to play at Keno casinos online.

Keno is quite similar to lotto in nature. Keno is usually played in casino halls designed specifically for this game. But you will see the “Keno runners” who collect your ticket and deliver the winnings if the players wish to play anywhere outside of the lounge area. Television monitors are set up around the casino to inform the players of the latest winning numbers.

Keno References

The original numbers game that paid for the stones in the Great Wall of China! The Books, Video Tapes and Games we have listed will help you understand this ancient game. Keno Hardware located HERE!

PLAYING TO WIN KENO - Informative gaming guide done in a light humorous way. Great basic book for the beginner. 48 Pages, paperbound. (60284) $ 4.00

BASICS OF KENO - J. Edward Allen: A step by step outline on how to play and win. 48 Pages, pb. (60112) $3.40

EXTRA STUFF - Peter Griffin: Peter Griffin teaches mathematics and statistics at California State University, Sacramento. Now he teaches you. 176 Pages, paperbound. (60495) $13.75

KENO: THE ART OF PLAYING AND WINING- Stinson: Learn how to calculate combinations, probabilities, odds and house percentages. 32 Pages Pb.(70181)$4.50

BASICS OF KENO - J. Edwin Allen: A step by step outline of how to play and win. 48 Pages, pb. (60112) $3.50

FACTS OF KENO - Walter I. Nolan: The information you need for confident play. 109 Pages, pb. (60217) $5.75

LADY LUCK: THEORY OF PROBABILITY - Warren Weaver: The best non-technical introduction to probability ever written. In accessible language and drawing upon the widely diverse writings of great thinkers who explain such concepts as permutations, independent events and probability distributions. 392 Pages, pb. (60547) $9.25

KENO 11-2 SYSTEM - Richard Lane: Acquired knowledge to help develop your own winning system. 88 Pages, pb. (81124) $7.95

BEAT THE ODDS - J. Edward Allen: Over 250,000 have bought this book. Learn to beat the odds at blackjack, horseracing, craps, poker, roulette, slots and keno. 320 Pages, paperbound. (60110) $6.95

HOW TO WIN AT KENO, SLOTS, MONEYWHEEL - Jimmy: "The Scott" Jordan Learn the secrets of how to win at Keno, Slots and Money Wheels.1Hr.(90025)1Hr. $39.95

Take your best shot at winning $10, $100, $500, $12,500 up to $100,000 as "The Scot" explains payoffs, all odds, all ways, all combinations plus all his favorite tickets. (92088) $39.95

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