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Poker is a game which is played in hundreds of different ways at casinos. Although Texas Hold’em is the most talked about version, there are many other types of poker games. In all of them, generally the value of your hand, measured against an elaborate ranking system, is what determines whether or not you win.

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Poker Basics

Learning how to play poker is much like learning how to ride a bike in that once you've learned how to do it, you'll never forget it. Here are the basics of the game.

Poker uses the standard 52-card deck of playing cards. Four players make up a game, but it can be played by as many as ten players, too. Any of these players may be designated as the dealer. Cards are then dealt out to the dealer's left. The pot is also prepared to hold all bets.

All poker players need to know the poker hands and their rankings. If these are not yet memorized, have a list ready and post it beside the poker table. The rankings, from highest to lowest, are described further below. For the same hand categories, rank is measured by the highest card in the dominant combination.

Bets are placed by poker players depending on their hand. Players attempt to bluff each other to make it seem like they hold the highest hand in the game, in the hope that their opponents are intimidated into folding.

In the course of a round, each of the players have a turn in which to call, raise or fold. To call a bet means to make an equivalent bet. To raise the stakes means to make a higher bet. To fold means to quit the game, leaving all previous bets in the pot.

By the end of the round, remaining players have a show of hands to determine the winner. If a sole player remains and all others had folded, that player wins the pot.

These are the basics to learn in poker. It's as easy as learning how to ride a bike. Like learning how to ride a bike, learning poker also requires you to keep on practicing. With the bike, you need to keep your muscles trained. In poker, you need to keep your mind trained and ready for greater challenges.

For all types of poker games, players bet into a pool, called the pot, that the value of their hand will beat all others. Variations mostly differ on how the cards are dealt and the methods by which players can improve a hand. Generally, “casino style” poker games are played against the dealer instead of other players.

This is a casino game with rules similar to five-card stud poker. However, unlike standard poker games, players play against the dealer, not against the other players. To play, every player places his ante before the dealer calls out “no more bets.” Each player examines his five cards and decides whether to fold or call the dealer. If a player wishes to continue playing, he must place a bet that’s double the ante; if he wishes to fold, he forfeits his ante. The dealer plays only with an ace/king or higher, and he compares his cards to those of the players. The hand that beats the dealer’s qualifying hand wins.

Let it ride is another variation of casino poker, played against the house rather than against the other players, you can think of it like a live version of Video Poker. This is another variation of five-card stud where the players bet on a poker hand consisting of three cards in the player’s hand and two community cards in the dealer’s hand. Here is the standard payout schedule used at most casinos:

This game consists of two separate games: pair plus and ante-and-play. Pair plus is very easy, all you have to do is get a pair from the three cards you’re dealt, and you’ve won. You’ll win even more if you get a straight flush: with a 40-to-1 payout. Straights, flushes, and all the other usual poker hands pay out with good odds.

With ante-and-play three card poker, you can raise your bet and challenge the dealer. You don’t even need a pair to win: you just need a higher hand than the dealer and the better poker hands still pay out with odds. Unlike most other types of poker games, with only three cards, a straight beats a flush, since it’s easier to get a flush with three cards than a straight.

Whether you decide to play Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker or let it ride poker, always ensure you play within your financial limits. Start out at smaller tables, and be selective with the hands you play. You can also practice at. If you start losing too much money, it’s usually a good time to walk away from the table. Don’t forget all types of poker games involve some skill so study properly so you know when to fold and when to go for the win.

You can try these and other poker games at the poker room of your preference, the poker download is for free, usually.

Poker Hands

  1. Royal Flush - It is the highest hand in a game of poker. It consists of 10, jack, queen, king and ace, all in an identical suit.

  2. Straight Flush - 5 playing cards of an identical suit in order.

  3. Four of a Kind - 4 playing cards of the same value, such as four queens. The 5th playing card may have any value. This combination is often called "quads".

  4. Full House - It contains 3 playing cards of a single rank and 2 playing cards of some other rank, for example three 7s with two 10s.

  5. Flush - Five playing cards of an identical suit.

  6. Straight - Five playing cards of varied suits in order.

  7. Three of a Kind - Three playing cards of identical rank in addition to 2 other cards. It is also called Trips or Triplets.

  8. Two Pairs - A pair contains two playing cards of the same value. In a hand of two pairs, the two pairs are of different ranks (or else youd hold four of a kind), and theres an extra card in order to make the hand 5 cards.

  9. Pair - A hand with two cards of equivalent rank and three other playing cards that don`t match them or one another.

Poker Game Variants

Joker Poker is played with 53 cards instead of 52, the additional card being a wild card which is joker. A wild card serves creating a paying poker hand by substituting any other card. Thanks to the wild card, players odds of getting a strong hand increase, however, these odds are also reflected at the pay tables.

Jacks or Better is based on 5 cards. Once the player is given his 5 cards face-up, he can either keep them or replace in order to enhance his hand. In Jacks or Better the payouts are dealt according to the standard hand-rankings for this poker game. The highest hand is the Royal Flush and the lowest one is a pair of Jacks which does not provide the player with any payout. The player may use the bet max function to qualify for the major jackpot if he manages to draw the Royal Flush, which would give him 4,000 coins. The maximum amount of coins allowed per hand is 20, and the lowest units allowed begin from 0.05 to 5.00 coins. Jacks or Better is one of the most popular and appreciated games among the online players.

Deuces and Joker is played with 52 cards. Before the game starts, cards are being shuffled in order to be dealt randomly. The deuces cards in the deck are wild without any exceptions and therefore each of them can be replaced by any other card for the purpose of completing the winning combinations. Cumulatively, there are five wild cards in the game – the joker and four deuces. Wild cards serve the player to achieve the best winning combinations. Remember to take advantage of our best casino Bonuses!

Deuces Wild contains the four deuces in the deck, which can be exchanged by any other card, and this is why this poker game is so exciting. For instance, a deuce of spades could serve to be a fifth card in the straight flush in diamonds. So that the player should never discard a deuce.

There are 5 different variations of poker that are played in HORSE poker at pre-set intervals.

Texas Hold’em – Each player is offered with two cards at the beginning of the game. This is followed by a round of betting and then three community cards are dealt on the table. Another round of betting takes place after which the fourth card is dealt. The process goes on until the fifth card has been dealt. Once the fifth card is dealt, a final round of betting ensues. Players need to make the best possible 5 card combination using their 2 hand cards and the 5 community cards in order to win. Omaha– Omaha is quite similar to Texas Hold’em poker. The only difference is that players are dealt with four cards and they must use two of their hole cards in the combination. Seven Card Stud High – Each player has their own hand cards at the beginning with two cards facing down and one card facing up. Three rounds of betting ensue. Once the third round of betting is completed, players are offered an up-facing card. Players then receive a final down-facing card after the fourth round has been completed. Thus, they get a total of four upward facing cards and three down facing cards. Razz Poker – In this variation, the goal is to make the lowest possible set of cards. Ace is considered to be a low card in Razz poker and the best possible hand is 5, 4, 3, 2, A. Seven Card Stud High-Low Eight or Better – This variation combines the Seven Card Stud’s procedures of dealing cards to the split hands concept of the Omaha Hi-Lo. The pot is split between the best high hand and the best low hand.

The first and foremost thing that you need to ensure is that you have a clear-cut understanding of all versions of poker. Pots are known to be smaller and draws are quite common in Horse poker. Bluffing is normally non-existent, as high game changing hands are rare. The key to winning at HORSE poker is to play according to statistical advantage. All variations of poker are limit games. Therefore, the only way to increase the pot is to go for the max bet on as many turns as you possibly can. Players are less likely to fold in HORSE poker because of the betting limits. Understanding the variations that your opponents are strong in and the variations where they are weak can be used to your advantage.

There are many websites that provide people the opportunity to play online poker twenty four hours a day. A person who has never played poker or never played online poker will find that the options, bonuses and incentives can be a little challenging to figure out. The UB BONUS offered at a website provides a player with 111% up to $1100 bonus when they use referral code: UBALLIN during the sign-up process.

When you are looking for the best online poker website there are a few important steps to take to be sure that the site will be able to provide you the kind of pleasant playing experience that you are seeking. Checking the reputation and reliability of the website will be important. You will also want to find out what their pay-out policies are before you make a deposit to begin playing.

Some online poker sites make many promises about the services they provide but often these sites do not have a history with players that gives them the credibility you want when you are making a deposit to play poker on their site. There are many forums and blogs on the Internet that are focused on poker players who play online. The players who chat on these forums will usually point out poker websites that are reputable and will discuss strategies and methods for playing online.

In many cases the bonus or incentive payout is tied to the level you are at when playing. New players often must get at least 50 status points per month to qualify for a 2:1 ratios on the bonus payout. In other words, you must have won 2 status points for each 1 bonus dollar you receive.

The payout is often based on the levels of players. These levels are directly related to the amount of play that a person has on the site and the number of status points they earn. For some sites a person must earn 50 status points each month to begin achieving the number of points that are required to take advantage of the bonus or incentive. There are several levels between the player designation and the Icon level where a person is earning 10,000 status points per month.

Technical support and customer service is very important when a person is first starting to play online poker. If there is a problem with the system, questions about pay-outs, or problems with a game, you need to be able to get customer service immediately. The support team will have a thorough knowledge of the policies and procedures of the site as well as be able to provide the kind of technical assistance needed to work through any problems that occur with the system.

The customer service representatives will also be able to provide you information on resources that are available to make you more successful when playing. These individuals will know about playing poker and the differences between playing in a land based game and an online game. They will also be able to provide assistance when you want to make changes to your account.

An excellent online poker site will have many tutorial program and training materials to help you get started successfully with online poker. These materials also contain important information about how to calculate odds and make knowledgeable decisions when betting. The site will have a virtual poker room where you can play with virtual money until you are comfortable to start making money at a real game. In addition, they will offer a UB BONUS that gives you 111% up to $1100 bonus when they use referral code: UBALLIN when you begin playing.

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