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sic bo

Online Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is very commonly played nowadays in casinos throughout the world. Most of these Sic Bo games rely solely on number combinations. However, in Macau, a variation of Sic Bo is played called Yee Ha Hi which relies on picture and color combinations as well.

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How is Macau Yee Ha Hi played? The Yee Ha Hi variation still uses the standard three dice. However, the dice have a different picture on each of their sides which is considered equivalent to a particular number. The colors of each picture, or symbol, also has value when it comes to determining a particular combination.

For example, a fish symbol may be considered color red and equivalent to the number 1.

A scorpion has the color green and is equal to the number 2. A goard is colored blue and equivalent to the number 3 while a coin symbol carries the color blue and deemed equal to number 4. A crab is green and amounts to the number 5 while a rooster is red and 6 accordingly.

The betting combinations used in traditional Sic Bo apply to the Macau-style of Sic Bo. However, Yee Ha Hi has other rules based on the color that comes up:

  1. All the same color – You win the round if all three dice show the color you selected. The payout odds are 7:1. Interestingly, you and the casino have the same probability for winning at this betting option (11.11%) so the playing field is quite level.

  2. Exactly two of one color – If the color you selected comes up on just two dice, your payout is 3:1. Your chances of winning at this betting option are higher (22.22%) compared to that of the casino (11.11%.)

  3. Exactly one of one color – If you chose a color and it comes up on just one dice alone, you win – with payout at 1:1. Your chances of winning here are quite big (44.44%) and chances of the house winning stays at just 11.11%.

The popularity of table games such as Sic Bo in Macau casinos have helped transform Macau into one of the fastest-growing among the gaming markets of the world. In fact, casinos in Macau provide the biggest array of casino games among casinos in the world (including Sic Bo.) Macau is the only Chinese territory that can legally operate gaming facilities such as casinos, and is expected to serve more Chinese in the future whose disposable incomes are growing exponentially. One factor that may influence the growing popularity of Macau table games such as Sic Bo is the entry of new players in the casino industry, many of them from Western countries.

Sic Bo payouts can be pretty large as the highest odds are 180:1 for a certain triple (. At the lower end of the different payouts of 1:1 are for betting on just one single die. In the same way Small bets pay out 1:1, a bet that the total of the three dice will be between 4 and 10 (even though this will not pay out for triple 1, 2 or 3), and Big Bets, which need the total of the dice to be between 11 and 17 (not including triple 4 and 5).

Online Sic Bo game is played on a table on your computer screen that shows all of the bets you could place through pictures and their related payouts. Players place wager on the necessary area of the table in very much the same way as Roulette. The dice are shaken around in a basket by the dealer (in the case of an online sic bo game, the computer program), who’ll enter the results on the table, and the winning combinations are then lit up. The dealer then pays out the lucky winners and removes the unsuccessful bets.

Sic Bo is a game full of history and tradition, so find a casino that offers this thrilling game and give it a try! Even though it’s migrated to the internet, and you can now play a free sic bo game whenever you want, the years of play speak for themselves.

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