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Online Video Poker

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On the riverboats of the Mississippi river and in the saloons of the Old West in the 19th century, draw poker and five-card stud were the standard gambling card games.

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In the 1900s, people around the nation were participating in the same poker games on Friday night along with friends and family. Nevertheless, you actually had to have experience with poker as well as comprehend the betting game completely before you could venture in a card room to participate in poker. That notion might have proven legitimate before Video Poker was developed in the late 1970s. This was a novel, uncomplicated and amusing mechanized gambling game that you could participate in alone without being pressured by the card dealers and additional bettors. It instantly became an enormous hit among casino customers across the nation.

The original video poker units were introduced in Las Vegas in the year 1976. These initial games had minimal payments but did have a $1.5K royal flush payoff for the dollar units when all five coins were inserted. As soon as the casino owners and creators raised the payouts (to levels such as 8 or 9 coins on a full house, for instance), players began to pay attention and the game`s fame began to improve. Nowadays, gaming site administrators are taking old slot machines from the floor and bringing in updated video poker units as rapidly as they can. Video poker is not just common with customers; it is also one of the greatest games in the gaming room for a gambler.

The game of online video poker exerts a numinous draw on the nations game players. It is the nations renowned frontier gambling game, including all the best factors of a slot game. That is strong stuff. In addition, webvideo poker is well-liked because it appears intrinsically fair. There is no concealed casino edge or furtively tight games. Every card distribution is out of a freshly mixed pack of cards. Every video poker gambler has an opportunity as well as a choice. Online video poker remains of the handful of gaming room events that can truly carry a positive monetary expectation. Bet on that good game long enough, properly, and video poker game will payout more than you put in.

In the event that you are acquainted with poker, then you should be acquainted with the rules of online video poker. You aim for the highest ranking hand. Beyond that, and the idea of the deal, you ought to forget anything you understand about the actual game while playing the intervideo poker. You cant raise, see or otherwise bluff a machine. The game deals you five playing cards. You can keep them, some, or not a single one. The machine at that time distributes substitute playing cards as necessary. The new combination is your hand. Good hands are paid based on a payout table posted on the unit. Inside this publication, well discuss why this topic is so significant and how you are able to gain from this information.

You aim for the highest ranking hand. Beyond that, and the idea of the deal, you ought to forget anything you understand about the actual game while playing video poker. You cant raise, see or otherwise bluff a machine. The game deals you five playing cards. You can keep them, some, or not a single one. The machine at that time distributes substitute playing cards as necessary. The new combination is your hand. Good hands are paid based on a payout table posted on the unit. Its the marginal things, for instance this knowledge about best online casino videopoker deposit bonuses, which could help you within your quest. Therefore, sit down and decide what would be the best step for you.

How to Play Video Poker Like a Professional

Video poker is foremost a fun game which provides players with a great chance to win. The goal of the game is to get the best five-card poker hand. This electronic game has been offered in casinos since the early 1970s and has captured the imagination of the casino world. Video poker is a rare game where practice and players’ mathematical skills allow them to win. Players not only win cash but also can enjoy food, drinks and other sorts of amusement the casinos reserve for the biggest winners. The players do not compete with other participants face-to-face. Instead, the Video Poker machine is their rival. The player chooses a machine that meets their bankroll. To play for one bet, the player clicks the “Bet One” button. But the player may want value of the bet to be raised. In that case, players should click on the “Bet Max” button. This is when most Video Poker machines pay the biggest amounts for the high hand. To change the bet before the machine deals the cards, click the “Collect” button. This action returns the coins to the player. If the machine has a progressive jackpot, by making the maximum bet, the machine pays the full amount of the jackpot when the player makes the best hand. The player can choose the card he / she wants to keep by clicking on it. If they want to switch out their cards, they can click the “Cancel” button and click again to re-deal the cards. When they click on the “Deal / Draw” button, the machine deals a new set of cards to the player. If this new hand is a winner, the player gets the sum of his winnings.

Some Video Poker games have a bonus game that provides you the chance to double your prize by clicking on the “Double-Up” button. In these instances, the machine shows one card face up and one face down. Players have the choice to flip the card if you think it is higher than the dealer’s card, or click the “Collect” button to cash in your winnings. Payouts vary between machines and varieties of the game. The game is set in motion by deciding on a bet level from the video poker start page. The video poker machine keeps all cards with the “Held” icon and tosses out the rest. New cards are substituted for all of the discards. When the player has settled on a hand, the machine pays the player according to the pay table displayed on the machine. This version of the game does not return the original bet with the payout. The entire payout gives the highest number of coins for a Royal Flush. The progressive machine pays a jackpot that keeps growing until it hits the Royal Flush. Players who abide by the fundamental strategy can catch the Royal Flush when they draw one or two cards for a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush. Whenever the player is one card short of getting a Flush or a Straight, he / she should try for a Flush. Our experts advocate that rookie Video Poker players should hold on to two pairs and three of a kind hands and always draw to improve a lower pair of cards instead of going for a single high card.

The Basics of online video poker

If you can’t afford to place the maximum bet on every hand, aim for a medium bet. Even if you don’t end up winning the top payouts, you’ll at least get more than if you just bet the minimum. Just remember that the jackpot payout for a royal flush is only available to players wagering the maximum bet. There are several different video poker variations, and it’s not uncommon to find two totally different machines situated side by side. Because each game is slightly different, your strategy should change depending on which variation you’re playing. The best way to prepare is to research different styles of video poker and compare them before playing. Playing free video poker online is an easy and stress-free way to do this, but be aware that there are far more video poker variations at a casino online than there are in live casinos. Whether you play video poker online or in a casino, there are a few basic strategies that can help you walk away from the machine a winner. Card selection is at the core of any good strategy. To know which cards to hold, you should first determine what the lowest qualifying hand is. On some machines, this is a pair of jacks or better, and on others the lowest qualifying hand could be two pairs or even three of a kind. Never throw away a paying hand and never keep a pair that’s below paying. If you take the time to understand when to hold and when to discard based on each game’s ideal strategy, then you can effectively beat the house edge. Video poker is one of the few games where certain strategies have been proven to be 100% effective against the casino. Before you run to the casino to try your hand at video poker, just remember that that the most effective strategies often take years to learn. Beginners should relax, focus on learning, and have fun.

If you are familiar with the video poker offered in live casinos, you’ll find the online casino versions of the game just about identical. The only real difference is that you’ll use your mouse to press the buttons for betting, dealing, holding, and drawing cards. If you are not familiar with casino video poker, here’s a quick and easy primer on the game.

Technically, video poker is not a traditional poker game in any sense. You do not play your hand against any other player’s hand, so it is a form of poker without an opponent. You win at video poker simply by making five-card hands that pay roughly according to the traditional ranking of poker hands. The amount you are paid on your wins is based on the size of your bet and the ranking of the hand you make.

Video poker is a highly simplified “draw” poker game. You are dealt five cards, with an option to discard any number of them from one card to all, in order to draw new cards in an attempt to make a poker hand that pays.

The typical poker hand rankings are used, but it is unlike a normal poker game because the rankings are very broad. In one common form of video poker, called Jacks or Better, the minimum paying hand is a pair of Jacks. A pair of Tens pays nothing. But unlike traditional poker, a pair of Aces is worth the same as a pair of Jacks. Likewise, if you make two pair, it does not matter which two pair you make. Twos and Threes pay the same as Kings and Aces. This same broad payout structure is used for all paying hands. Three of a kinds all pay alike. Any straight pays the same as any other straight, etc.

All forms of video poker accept one to five “coins” for the bet on each hand. If you do not play five coins, the Royal Flush payout is usually substantially underpaid, so the only intelligent way to play is with maximum coins.

Online casino video poker games typically accept 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, 50-cent, $1, and $5 “coins.” After you select your coin value, you hit the “Bet Max” button, and five cards appear face up. You may then use your mouse to point and click on the cards you want to keep, hit the “Draw” button, and the cards not held will be replaced with new cards. If your five-card hand is a winner, your account will be credited with the amount won.

That's the entire game in a nutshell.

With online casino video poker you can usually play for very low stakes, 5 cents or 10 cents, and you can usually find software that will play multiple hands, even as many as 50 to 100 hands simultaneously. With these programs you are dealt multiple hands with identical cards. You then make your hold decisions, and all hands will hold those cards. Each of the hands is then dealt new cards, with each hand dealt from a separate deck.

If you want to play longer, you will have many fewer up and down streaks on a multiple-line game than you would with a single-line game. That is because you will have many more chances to hit some of the higher paying hands.

The House Advantage at Jacks or Better

Each video poker game has a pay table that is considered full pay, and any variations from the standard full-pay chart make the game a short pay game. The house edge is lowest when the pay table is full pay.

The pay table is a chart that displays the payouts for the various hands. This is the jacks or better pay table you are looking for:

One Pair, Jacks or Better

Be especially careful to read all of the payouts before you play. A typical short-pay jacks or better game will pay only eight coins for a full house, and five coins for a flush, instead of nine coins and six coins for each of these hands respectively. This short-pay pay table gives the house almost a 3 percent advantage, instead of one half of one percent.

Double or Nothing

Many Internet casino video poker games give the player the option to play double or nothing on any win. That is, if you hit, say, three of a kind with five coins in for a fifteen-coin payout, you have the option to try to double your win to thirty coins by picking a card—one out of four—against the dealer’s card. If your card beats the dealer’s card, you may continue to play double or nothing on the thirty-coin win, and again on the sixty-coin win, etc., until you are satisfied, you lose it all, or you run into the house’s doubling maximum.

This feature is available on video poker games at most online casinos (though not on all games at these casinos). We like double or nothing bets because they allow a player to manufacture his own jackpots, rather than wait for one!

Easy Jacks or Better Strategy

If you use the easy jacks or better strategy in the chart below, the house advantage over you is roughly 0.5%. This simplified strategy works well and makes playing fast and easy. The hands in this chart are in order of value, from the most valuable to the least valuable.

How to Use the Jacks or Better Strategy Chart

In using the chart, you always want to keep the most valuable hand, so if you have two possibilities, look at how the hands are ranked and keep the hand with the higher ranking.

For example, let’s say the initial five-card hand that is dealt consists of a pair of jacks, a pair of queens, and a king. And let’s say that one of the jacks, one of the queens, and the king are all spades. Do you throw away the non-spade jack and queen and draw to the three-card royal flush, which has an 800-for-1 payout, or do you keep the two pair, which pays out only 2-for-1? You find the answer by looking in the chart. We see that two pair (ranked at #6) is higher on the chart than three cards to a royal flush (ranked at #9), so we keep the two pair and only draw one card (hoping to hit a full house).

Note that “High Card” always means a jack or higher, and “Low Card” always means a ten or lower. One immediate thing you should note in this chart is that if you have a paying hand already made (a pair of jacks or better), the only non-paying hands that would ever cause you to throw away the paying hand are four cards to a royal flush or four cards to a straight flush. So, if you have a paying hand, unless you have four cards to a royal or straight flush, you don’t even have to bother looking at the chart. Keep the paying hand. .

Note that there is no entry for three unsuited high cards, other than J-Q-K (ranked at #17), yet there is an entry for two unsuited high cards (ranked at #18). That’s because you should never hold three unsuited high cards if they are not J-Q-K. Any other three would contain an ace, in which case you should throw away the ace, and keep the other two. That’s because the other high cards are not only more likely to make a straight, but also have more chances to turn into a pair.

Here are a few other quick tips to remember so that you do not need to consult the chart so often:

1) If you have one or two high cards (J, Q, K, or A) in your hand, and no other made or potential hand of value (no pair, and no three cards to a possible straight or flush), just keep the high cards and throw away the others.

2) If you have three high cards and no pair, and two of the high cards are suited, throw away the non-suited high card and draw to the two suited cards. Obviously, that’s because they have a slim possibility of turning into a royal flush, but you also keep the flush possibility alive.

3) Always draw to a small pair unless you have four cards to a flush or three cards to a royal flush, in which cases you would draw to the flush or royal. Even with four cards to an open-end straight, keep the small pair.

4) Always draw to a high pair, even when you have four cards to a straight or flush. A high pair means a payout, and in video poker, a bird in the hand is almost always worth more than two in the bush.

5) If you have no high cards, no open-end straight draw, and no four to a flush, don’t grasp at straws. Bite the bullet and throw all five of your cards away so that you can draw a completely new hand.

6) If you have four to a royal flush, always draw to the royal, unless it means breaking a straight flush. That is, if you have a 9-10-J-Q-K suited, keep it. But if you have 8-10-J-Q-K suited, throw away the 8, even though you are throwing away a made flush hand. It’s hard to throw away a made flush, but if you’re this close to a royal, you’ve got to go for it. (In this case, you’ve got 6 birds in the hand, but 800 in the bush!)

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