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roulette glossary game layout

Roulette Glossary

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Roulette is not a difficult game to learn. In fact, the hardest part is understanding the odds for each type of play. Here is a quick look at the glossary of roulette.

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Below is a list of terms you'll hear when you play roulette. Understanding roulette becomes easier when you understand the terms used in the game.

American Wheel: The type of roulette wheel that is mostly used in US casinos. A unique distinguishing feature of this wheel is the slot for the double zero.

Column: On the table layout of roulette, this is one column of 12 numbers. There are three columns on the roulette table and players can place a bet on any of them.

Croupier: This is another term used to refer to the dealer in roulette.

French Wheel: This is the type of roulette wheel that is commonly used in Europe. This type of roulette wheel is seldom found in US casinos, though it can also be found in South America and other places as well. This type of roulette wheel does not have the slot for the double zero.

Game Layout: This is area where the bets are placed in roulette. The game layout will have spaces for the different numbers corresponding to the ones you'll find on the roulette wheel. There are other spaces for other types of roulette bets since players can make bets on groups of numbers or properties of the numbers such as color, position, odd/even etc.

Inside Bet: One of two classifications of bets in the game of roulette. Essentially, an inside bet is a bet that is made or placed inside the numbered area of the game layout. In this area of the game layout, players can make stakes on single numbers or on different groups of numbers depending on how players position their chips.

Outside Bet: This is the second classification of bets that players make in the game of roulette. These bets include all the stakes made outside of the area where the numbers are on the game layout. These wagers will include the column bet, low or high, black or white, odd or even, and the dozen bets. These bets will have better odds of winning but will payoff less than the other bets.

Roulette Ball: This is the ball that is made to spin around the wheel. It is usually made of metal, plastic, or ivory.

Roulette Table: The table used in a game of roulette that contains the wheel and the layout for the bets.

Slots: The divisions inside the roulette wheel where the ball can land. These slots on the wheel will be numbered and colored in alternating black and red.

Street: A row in the roulette table layout that contains three numbers.

Toke: This term refers to the tip that players give to the dealer.

Wheel Checks: These refer to the chips used exclusively in roulette. There'll be a wheel check for each player. Each player will have wheel checks in a different color.

  1. The Chips – Each player receives a different colored chip. This is so the dealer can differentiate who has won a wager placed.

  2. The Bet – Wait for the dealer to say it’s okay to start placing your bets on the board. He or she allows this after all winnings have been paid.

  3. The Spin – The dealer will spin the wheel as players are making their bets. He then spins the ball in the opposite direction.

  4. No more bets – As the ball begins to slow, the dealer will request “No more bets” and wave his or her hand across the table.

  5. The Result – All players wait to see where the ball lands. The dealer places a marker on top of the winner and collects all other losses.

  6. The Pay Out – The dealer pays all winning wagers. During this time, no player can touch anything on the board.

  7. Rinse and Repeat – The same process begins again for the next spin.

This is about as simple as it gets regarding the glossary of roulette. When it comes to the odds, it’s a bit more complex. Here is a little more information on the various odds:

  1. Red or Black (1-1) – Picking the right color results in even money. These bets have to be at least the minimum of the table

  2. Columns (2-1) – There are 3 columns. You can place your bet down behind the 34, 35, and 36. Each column allows you 12 chances to win.

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