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Roulette money management

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In any gaming activity, land based or online, money management is part of a winning strategy. We cannot over-emphasize the vital role it plays. It keeps us from being addicted to gambling, in fact. Here are some tips on roulette money management that works.

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First, we need to know our winning chances. Roulette money management is always premised on our wining odds. Of course, in general, we know that roulette gives lesser odds in favor of the player. The casino gets most of them. This is because the player has no control of any part of the game aside from betting options.

To know exactly just how much our winning chances are in the game we simply perform this operation - divide the numbers of slots our betting option has with the total number of slots on the wheel. If our betting option is a wager on the black color or even number numbers then we see how many numbers the black color or the even numbers have. This is important for roulette money management.

After performing the division we find out that we get 47.36 percent of the winning odds in our favor. The remaining 52.64 percent goes to the casino. Knowing these figures is crucial for our roulette money management. Each time we spin the wheel we know that we have 47 plus percent odds of winning. This tells us a lot about the proper betting pattern.

It won't do to wish for a hot streak of wins in roulette. At times they do happen but the odds of them happening are slim. We don't have to calculate a lot to find this out. We simply go back to the basic figures we computed above - we have 47 plus percent winning odds, the casino has 52 plus percent. Roulette money management should have this always in view.

So the proper betting pattern for a good and workable roulette money management is to bet in increasing increments up to the third betting round. After the third round we go back to our original bet amount. Say we bet $2 the first round. We double that to $4 the next betting round. Then the third time $8, Then, back to $2 again.

Incremental betting like this is good roulette money management. If we lose 3 rounds we may go back to our original bet. But if we lose another 3 rounds we quit. We go back another time. This is safe roulette money management.

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