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Roulette tips and strategies

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Are you interested to learn how to play online casino games such as roulette? Well, if you want to learn how to play online casino games like roulette, it's time to learn a few things about the game.

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It’s not so easy to win the Roulette games. But the tips and tactics listed below can help you to win a good sum of money when playing Roulette.

Tip 1

You should always consider playing a Roulette game that’s free. Also, considering placing your bet on the outside tables.

Tip 2

Consider placing the bet on outside tables, whether Odd/Even, Red/Black, Columns or Dozens, High/Low . This strategy will give you marginal returns helping you to win the game.

Tip 3

Make sure to keep a track of the previous sessions or rounds of the Roulette as they’ll help the player in making right predictions in each round. For example, if a series of 5 red figures were meant to be spun, the player prefers placing the bet on the red ones always. This Roulette Tip is one of the most important factors/tips of a number of Roulette Systems and is used by several players who are consistent winners.

Tip 4

Indeed, practice brings in perfection. You should always start playing with at free tables to clear the doubts and get hold of the game. And then when you’re confident enough in playing a winning game, place your bets on a table that may bring you loads of winnings.

Tip 5

Just reserve all your winnings. For instance- You start playing with the sum of $50. After a few hours of playing the total sum increases to $100 that means there is the addition of the profit of $50. It’s wise to withdraw the sum/amount of your winnings. This is one of the most important Roulette strategies that must be followed by every casino player. Always keep the sum you win in reserve and put the original amount at stake. Remember, it’s always best to place the bet of an amount that you think you can easily afford to lose.

Tip 6

Make sure that you check your table before playing. Concentrating on the game is another most important thing that will help you in wining huge sum of money. To win huge sums of money consistently it’s not wise to compete with the casino. Just maintain your focus on earning profits.

Tip 7

Never play the American Roulette Table , play only the European Roulette Table. This is because, the double 00 of the American Table will lead to increased profit margins, but at the same time your chances of losing too will also increase at the same rate.

Tip 8

If you’re playing online, you need to play even more carefully . Make sure the one you’re playing with is a reputed casino which publishes it’s payout percentage.

Tip 9

Before spinning the wheel a number of times make sure to check for the biases. It’s quite possible that the wheel you chose to play on generates more number of odd numbers and less of the even or vice versa.

Tip 10

Always keep the Roulette tips in your mind to get ensured winnings while you play. They can prove to be of great help while you’re playing the game and may also you to win a huge sum of money.

Roulette Strategies

Roulette strategy is mostly based on probability more than anything else. This is due mainly to the fact that there is no real history to the spins that have gone before. The previous spin will have no impact on the next spin making roulette strategy hard, unlike blackjack strategy which is based on cards that have been recently dealt. The only real roulette strategy is one of money management, trying to ensure that you keep the bulk of your bankroll for as long as possible. There are many different sites out there all claiming that they have the perfect roulette strategy to beat the casino and make you rich with a lucrative income from the comfort of your own home, but none of these will ever work on a regular enough basis to be true and often ask the reader to pay money for the privilege to having these secrets. Many people over time have come up with books on roulette strategy, again claiming that their years of experience have enabled them to share with the world how they beat the tables and became very rich, but again you have to ask the question that if your already rich why bother writing a book about it, its more likely they became broke and are trying to make a living out of the proceeds from the book itself. The biggest mistake made by many of the roulette strategy guides out there is simple, they all work on the probability that if one set of numbers or colours have come in together then its most likely that its time for the other. For example lets say you take the roulette strategy that says let five Reds come in then start betting on black because by laws of mathematics and probability that will be the most likely outcome – WRONG!! As we mentioned earlier the ball travelling around the wheel has no memory of where it has been and has no machine telling it that over 37 rolls it must visit each number once to make it fair and to this note no roulette strategy can be built on it because the outcome of every single roll is completely random. You can say that it is more likely that after landing on a Red number it may then hit a Black but you can never be sure. It is not unknown to see over fifteen Reds in a row just by complete luck. Another claim some roulette strategy sites make is that if your betting on Red or Black, it’s a 50/50 bet. This is not true, the actual odds are about 48% Red 48% Black an 4% Zero (rounded to the nearest full number). So even if you only bet on the outside using Red/Black, Odd/Even or under18/over18 the payout is evens which means that in theory you will lose 4% of your original bankroll. This is the reason the casinos have a Zero on the wheel, it is where they gain their edge over the player, although you can bet on it, it does a lot to ruin any roulette strategy. Another mistake is to trust a roulette strategy based on betting patterns such as the famous Martingale System. Although this betting strategy looks flawless at first glance it is one roulette strategy that will have you leaving the table very quickly and usually broke. There are a lot of roulette strategy sites that will use this system to lure you in, but don’t show you the whole picture. This roulette strategy works like this, first we see a string of say five Reds come in (sites vary on the number of the same colour coming in before applying this betting system) now according to probability it is now more likely we will see a Black in the next couple of rolls so we start to apply the martingale betting system. We start by putting $5 on Black, we then see another Red come in and so we double our previous bet to $10, another spin and we see another Red and so we place another $20 on the Black and hey presto the next spin is a Black and we win, what a great roulette strategy. The maths works like this we start with $100 we place the $5, $10 and then $20 which totals $35 and when we win on the $20 we get $40 so we are $5 up. Basically we just double each bet until our colour comes in, which in theory it must do at some point. What the roulette strategy sites fail to tell you is that casinos caught on to this from the very beginning and put a limit on tables. For instance you can play at one casino online that states minimum stake is $1 and maximum stake is $1000. This will mean that should you wish to play on the numbers in the middle it will be $1 a bet but if you wish to play on the outside it will be $5 per bet, this varies between casinos but this is the general rule. This is where betting strategies like this go out of the window. Lets go back to the roulette strategy we were using we had bet after 5 Reds that Black would be soon so we started our pattern $5, $10, $20 ok lets say the Black never came and doesn’t for a few spins, lets see what happens to our stake from here…..$40, $80, $160, $320, $640 now because of the table limit we cant place a $1280 bet and that’s after 8 spins with no black. You would have just lost $1,275 and bearing in mind that even if the $640 bet won you would still only be $5 up overall. If you watch the wheel long enough you will see that it occasionally throws out up to 15 of one colour in a row just by chance, with the previous roulette strategy it waited for 5 Reds and spun Red another 8 times that’s only 13 in a row before the player was busted out. Although there are a lot of roulette strategy scams out there, you can see that this is a game of pure chance and so should be played as such. You can go with probability in that it is more likely that something will happen than something else, you can also go with gut feeling or your favourite numbers. There is still no roulette strategy that sticks out more than any other and its down to the player how they wish to play. The best roulette strategy is about your bankroll, managing this is probably the most important part of the game. There is no point throwing it all on and crossing your fingers because a few misses and you will be walking away with nothing, play slowly and for fun, see what numbers are good for you and make your own roulette strategy. You see, the game of roulette is a popular game on casino halls. To a novice, it may look difficult to play at first. But, when the player gets to understand the fancy wheels and huge game board that it uses, and will also learn a few good strategies in playing the game, playing this won't be that hard anymore. The thing that you have to remember first is that this particular gambling game calls for all the players to make a bet on what figure they think the small ball will rest on when the revolving wheel comes to a stop. Sounds easy, right? Well, there are still a few things that you have to learn. * As much as possible, don't go for zeros, or double zero. That's the house's advantage. You won't get anything much from that. So, stick with the other betting schemes. It doesn't have to be hard to learn how to play online casino games such as the game of roulette. When you stick to these simple tips, you'll see that you won't have a hard time with [Online Roulette](/casino-games/online-roulette.html). Roulette can be considered as a complicated game. If you aren’t playing it carefully, then there increased possibilities of losing focus in the long run. You will need to focus on certain aspects that may take you to your winnings. If you are a focused player you’ll likely make multiple winnings depending on the game’s structure. Likewise, if you fail to build concentration into the game, you can make significant losses. Your plans and strategies are the gateways of eliminating the inconsistencies within the strategy. The strategies you build should ensure that the unpredictability level kept by you is quite low. Lucky numbers form core part of the mythology that makes online gambling very attractive. But overall, there isn’t any rational basis for this sort of assumption. Instead being a player convinces you with the fact that Roulette is completely a game of chance. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have repeated chances. A particular number might come up several times. If it’s not a case of biased wheel, then it’s likely that the chances of winning may get reduced. Also, you can make decisions on the basis of the myths but you shouldn’t expect to get consistent good results out of them.
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