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The best Blackjack Strategy

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Blackjack can make you sure money if you know where to look and what to do. This is why we focus on this card game in this online casinos introduction. First, where to Look?

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The rules themselves are easy to learn, so there’s no need to hyperventilate. Most people grasp the basic goal of blackjack—to make it to twenty-one without going over. In other words, if you can count, then you can play blackjack; it’s just a matter of how much you are going to win. Since all face cards are worth ten points, if you have one of those you are in good shape. Ideally, your face card will be paired with an Ace for a natural blackjack. Regardless of what hand you get, strategy can always improve it.

Adopting a basic Blackjack Strategy when playing at the casino, online or in a land based version, can greatly increase your odds of winning. A Blackjack Strategy in it simplest term is nothing more than an easy to remember set of rules. Keeping to a these simple rules can mean the difference between losing a lot of money quickly or gaining slowly, this will depend obviously on the individual and the amount of time dedicated to learning and how much concentration they can have at the table. You could have the best Blackjack Strategy in the world but unless its adhered to perfectly every time, the hard work can quickly fly out of the window.

Famous blackjack teams like the MIT card counters have made the game one of the most infamous in the casino. While blackjack looks like a deceptively easy game to win, there are a few strategies that can help the beginner to maximize their profits at the gaming table. Before you start gambling your money on blackjack, be sure you can win some of it back by learning the rules.

The basic concept of a Blackjack Strategy is a compilation of all the possible outcomes that can be reached if played out hundreds of thousands of times. This will then show very clearly which moves, by way of percentages, are most likely to turn out in your favour. Obviously compiling such information would usually take years but with technology today it would only take a few seconds to run thousands of hands. These results can then be recorded in a Blackjack Strategy chart. There are many Blackjack Strategy charts available and they all come to pretty much the same choice for each individual situation as each other and there is good reason for this. To work out what would be best to do you first have to take the two cards you are dealt, then looking at what the Blackjack Dealer has facing up you can run a simulator to see what the outcome would be for each move possible that you can make. The outcome that wins the hand for you the most times will then be entered into the Blackjack Strategy chart. Although this does not guarantee you the win, it does give you the best chance, or best odds and the better odds we can get against the house the better.

Your first concern is to find where the money is. Without getting into the technicalities of casino bonus money, let's just say that you need to look a casino that provides cashable bonuses AND allows them to be used for blackjack. Now casinos are getting smarter so you may need to do a little digging. But there are online casino resources that can help you.

When you do find the casino you're looking for, read the bonus rules VERY carefully. Check their wagering requirements. You don't want high WR if you're playing only with small money.

If you decide that you're happy with the terms and rules, it's time to play. What you're going to do is use correct blackjack strategy that gives you the best odds. Simply deposit your money and start playing blackjack by referring to the "cheat sheet" below. This is a computer-verified system proven to give you the best odds.

Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

After dealing out the cards to the players, the dealer gives himself two cards. Here’s where the strategy comes in. One of the dealer’s cards is always face down so you can never be sure whether the dealer has a good or a bad hand. To be a successful blackjack player, you have to consider the dealer’s hand. Unless you’re card counting, the common strategy is to pretend that their face down card has a value of 10 and to then weigh your own hand against the dealer’s hypothetical hand.

If you are not one of the lucky few with a perfect hand, take a good hard look at the numeral cards in your hand. Any high cards like nines or eights? Or are you stuck with low numbers like twos or threes? Don’t despair if you have low cards, you can always hit to raise your total. Actually, while they are not a player favorite, it’s much safer to hit with low cards than with middling to high cards.

The best possible blackjack strategy is card counting, but it’s a difficult concept to master. There are a variety of different counting methods that have been proven effective, but beginners should start out with a basic counting system like the Hi-Lo system. When a player uses this system, they add up the value of cards in groups of threes. Each group of three has a value of negative one, zero, or positive one. The theory behind this counting system is that cards can be grouped by high or low values. By keeping track of the value of the groups of three, you can get a general idea of how many high cards are remaining. You can then bet accordingly, risking less when there is a greater possibility of going bust.

If you have mastered the Hi-Lo counting system, you can move up to the Uston SS Card Counting System. It is basically the same as the Hi-Lo, but instead of using groups of three, the Uston system uses groups of six. In theory, by using groups of six, the Uston system ups the accuracy of the counting system to almost 100%. It also ups the difficulty because in order to use the Uston system a player has to memorize more values than the Hi-Lo system. It can be difficult at first to memorize all the combinations, but with such good results, the Uston system is worth the effort.

If you are the kind of blackjack player who doesn’t want to worry about a fancy card counting strategy, you may prefer to use a side count. Side counts are when a player only tracks certain high value cards, like Aces, and doesn’t bother counting any other cards. Card counting this way is easy and potentially profitable without overly complicating your time at the blackjack table.

A hard hand is when neither of your first two cards is an ace. For the hard hands, a n-n for your hand means your TOTAL hand value, e.g. 5-8 means anytime your two cards total 5, 6, 7 or 8.

D n-n means the value of the single dealer card you can see, e.g. D 5-6 means if you see a five or a six.

Your hand 9: If D 3-6, double down. If not, hit.

Your hand 10 or 11: If D is A or 10, hit. If not, double down.

Your hand 12: Hit except if D 4-6, then you stand.

Your hand 13-16: Hit except if D 2-6, then stand.

Soft hands are when one of your cards is an ace. Below is your soft hand strategy.

Your hand A&2 or A&3: Double down if D 5-6. If not, hit.

A&4 or A&5: If D 4-6, double down. All other cards, hit.

A&6: Double down if D 3-6. If not, hit.

D 2, 7 or 8, stand. If D 3-6, double down. Otherwise hit.

Here's what you do when you're dealt a pair.

2-2 or 3-3: If D 8, 10 or A, hit. If not, split.

4-4: If D 5-6, split. With other cards, hit.

5-5: If D 10 or A, hit. Otherwise you can double down.

6-6: Hit except when D 2-6, where you split.

7-7: Split if D 2-7. If not, hi.

How Does It All Work?

The first mentions of Blackjack were discovered around the middle of the eighteenth century in France. In the early nineteenth century, the game came to the U.S. where it has created a space for itself in the gaming domain. Blackjack may seem simplistic, but a novice should be familiar with the flow of the game before placing any bets. The fundamentals of the game hinge on the ability to count to twenty-one. When a player takes a seat at the blackjack table, he only pits himself against the dealer, as opposed to some other casino table games. The principles are fairly elementary, where the primary intent is not to "bust" or get a hand whose value passes twenty-one. At that point, the player will be in contention with the dealer to win the bet.

Cards numbered from 2 to 10 are worth their face value, while the King, Queen and Jack are each worth 10 points. Aces are valued at eleven points unless the rest of the hand totals at least eleven point. In this situation, the Ace is worth one point. For a hand to get to the desired score of twenty-one with only two cards, the player must receive an ace and a ten-value (ten or face) card in the same hand. Otherwise, they must continue to take cards ("hit") until they either reach that number or pass it ("bust") and lose.

As explained in a previous lesson, you can play with casino bonus money. If you use basic blackjack strategy like above, the casino has only a 0.5% over you. That means for every $100, you only lose $0.5. If you add a $100 bonus money, you play with $200 total, and lose only $1. You deduct that $1 from the $100 bonus, for a net profit of $99! Your original $100 deposit goes home unscathed!

That's how it works!

So what are you waiting for? Start gambling now! Oh, but don't forget there are other cool casino games to play. Check out our tips for roulette and other games in our online casinos introduction. Have fun!

Other Blackjack Strategies include such things as card counting as depicted in the film ’21′ where a team of MIT students took Las Vegas for over a million dollars in the 90′s.(see blackjack history). Their Blackjack Strategy system worked on a simple bit of maths, for every card that comes out the deck they gave a number. Cards 2 to 6 were +1, 7 to 9 were 0 and 10 to ace were -1. The team would wait for the count to get to around 15 or 16 + indicating a lot more high cards in the remaining deck and bet larger amounts while these played through as these would add to the odds of you getting blackjacks and two picture cards dealt to you, greatly increasing the win percentage. This was only the tip of the iceberg though as the team used many other Blackjack Strategies to get the house edge as much in their favour as possible. Card counting is very much frowned upon in casinos however and you will be asked to leave if caught and usually have all your chips seized. Playing online though poses a new problem for casinos as they cant physically see you as you are sat behind your computer, so in theory you could count away without them being able to notice. You can also sit on your computer with a copy of our Blackjack Strategy chart and work from it while you play.

Beating the Blackjack Dealer

Unlike in other games, the only competition in Blackjack is the dealer, not the other players. The dealer is obligated to follow a set of criteria that govern how he plays. The object of the game for the player should be to measure the situation of the dealer during the game and make their decisions based on the dealer's upcard. This action lets a few participants at the table win at the same time. For the serious player, a "hit" means to take another card from the dealer. When players receive two cards of equal value, they have the alternative of "splitting" the hand, which they signal by doubling their bet. Once a player wants to "surrender", they will forfeit half their bet and lose the hand.

The dealer will always hide one of their cards, keeping it facedown. This card is called a "hole card". Another term used in Blackjack for a two-card hand that totals twenty-one points is a "natural". If the player and the dealer have the same score at the end of the hand, this is called a "push" and neither side wins. In the case of a "soft" hand (ace and a non-ten card), the player's Ace is valued at eleven points. Players can take another card with a "soft" hand without fear of "busting" (going over twenty-one). Dealers also offer "insurance" to players if the dealer has an Ace as their upcard. In live casinos, expert players use "card counting" techniques to beat the casinos.

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