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The different kinds of Roulette Systems

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Roulette is known as a game of chance. You don't really control the outcome. Unlike other casino games where your skills count a lot in determining how well you would fare, roulette is controlled by chance and luck. This game, however, is a fairly easy game to learn. It will not take you longer than half an hour to learn the game mechanics and rules. Winning the game, however, requires that you at least have a system for playing roulette. You can get the odds on your favor, so you have more chances of winning if you have a system.

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Roulette and Online Roulette, like most luck-based casino games, has a very high house edge, so in most cases unless fate intervenes the house wins. While good luck is your best friend at the roulette table, a good strategy can be helpful too. One of the most basicroulette strategies involves bet selection. The roulette wheel is divided into a series of numbered and colored slots. When placing your bet, you can wager on individual numbers which is quite risky, or you can wager on groups of numbers which offers better odds. Unfortunately, the bets with the best odds also have the worst payouts, making it hard to win big, but their favorable odds also keep players from losing big.

Why use a Roulette System

You have probably heard a lot about roulette systems and how they can make you rich within a few days. The truth about roulette systems are in fact the opposite, unfortunately. The roulette systems can’t make you rich in a few days, but they can make you lose a lot of money and give false hope to fortune hunters. But the roulette systems are not the only thing that can empty your wallet; in fact there are other roulette betting strategies that can do the same to you. These roulette methods are roulette betting software. The roulette software promises that it can change your life, and how you can start earning a lot of money just by letting the roulette software do the work for you. When you use the roulette betting software you let a machine make the money for you. Very nice, right? But again there is a misunderstanding with this roulette software. You actually let your income be controlled by a machine, which is not very comfortable to know, since the roulette software can’t live up to what it promises. There you have it. It is sad to break someone’s dream to become rich just by using the roulette software, but unfortunately it is true. You can’t make money this way, the roulette software only makes you lose more than you earn. It is better to realize this before you try any of the many roulette software out on the market, and risking a lot of money. If you really want to try one of the roulette software, then make sure that you DO NOT pay for it. And of cause, if you find a smart website that wants to give you a system for free just by signing up and downloading via a link, then think twice before you sign up and download. Just because it is free doesn’t mean it is good. You must follow your own instincts and think twice before you download any roulette software, since the roulette software or the e-mail could contain a virus. Even if you manage to get the roulette software without a virus then don’t use it unless it is for play-money, which most online casinos offer their players. Let us sum up the possibilities with the roulette software: - There is NO guarantee that the roulette software will work. - You risk a lot of money by entrusting a machine your money. - The roulette has not been cracked and therefore it is extremely doubtful that the roulette software will work. - The roulette betting software promises to let you know where to place your bet, but in reality it is just calculating the possibility for the next bet. The roulette has no memory and therefore it can’t be predicted. - Do not trust roulette software names like, roulette sniper, roulette slayer, roulette killer and roulette raptor. Just because if have fancy names does not mean they work, even though they claim to be able to give you a possible income of hundreds of dollars per hour. - If you have to pay for the roulette software, then stay away from it. Even if it is free you have to understand the possibilities for a virus or losing a lot of money are still reality. With all this said, there is no reason to be afraid of the roulette as long as you follow your own sanity. You can’t make a lot of money just by letting the roulette software take the control, or listen to its betting suggestions. Yes it can still be funny to play the roulette, but it is not a way to get rich fast unless you are lucky. You can consider how much you want to risk, and then at what amount you want to quit again.

There are actually several roulette systems that you will find online. Some of these systems include Five Number, European, Martingale, Red/Black, Progression, the anti-Martingale and of course the D'Alembert roulette system. This latter kind has its own derivatives which are the Contra D'Alembert system and Reduced D'Alembert System. The D'Alembert system, however, is the most popular among all these various roulette systems.

The safest bets cover the most numbers. These bets—like even/odd, high/low and red/black—are called “outside” bets because of their position on the betting table. Never bet on individual numbers. Even if you lose a few outside bets, according to the odds of probability you have an almost even chance of winning on every spin. While most betting strategies advise players to reduce the size of their wagers when they’re losing, some players will increase the size of their bets in an effort to win back their losses; this strategy is called “maximum boldness.”

Many players get more enjoyment out of their time at the roulette table by playing with a system. A system isn’t the same as a strategy. While a strategy controls the way a player plays, a system controls the way they bet. The most popular system is the Martingale, which is basically just a budgeting policy. Under this system, when you win you immediately pocket your payout and take it out of play. If you lose, however, you double the size of your bet in order to get back your lost money. In theory, if you win on the next bet, you will win back your original money, plus a bonus.

While the Martingale system seems logical, it doesn’t always translate well at the actual roulette table. If a player were on a really long losing streak, for example, they would have to keep doubling their bet under the Martingale system. If the losing streak were long enough, the required bet would quickly become unfeasible. The best plan at that point is just to walk away from the table.

Other popular roulette systems are variations of the Martingale technique. Some require that you reduce your bet when you win or track the numbers that have won successively. Both of these variations are also flawed because the odds don’t change from one spin to the next. What this means is that win or lose, you are no more likely to win or lose on the next spin. Likewise there is no such thing as “lucky numbers” at the roulette table.

Despite the many good points of using a roulette system, no system can change the odds of roulette in favor of the player. The house will always have the edge, otherwise casinos wouldn’t be able to stay in business. The best policy at the roulette table is to have fun. Roulette is a classic game that has stayed popular because it is enjoyable for the players, as well as the crowd. Enjoy the atmosphere of the game and you will walk away a winner at heart, even if your wallet is a bit lighter.

You can choose to perfect all these systems and know them by heart or you can opt for one system and stick with it. Of course, there are systems that do not work well for a particular table. So, if you are going to choose any particular system, you need to stick to the table which complements the system.

Martingale system

The Martingale system is mostly popular as a roulette system but it can also be used as a Blackjack system. It is not uncommon that the Martingale system works as a betting system for several games such as Blackjack and the roulette. The Martingale Strategy, used at the Blackjack table, uses the same system as at the roulette. The Martingale strategy is used to beat Blackjack, or at least it is supposed to be its purpose. You will need to learn the basic Blackjack Rules before you can understand the Martingale system. These Blackjack rules can be located here. Every time the player loses a bet, he raises the bet to the double of the original. - Example: The player bets 5$ but the casino wins. Now the next bet must be the double, which is of cause 10$. - If the player loses this time, the bet must be doubled again, which is now 20$. - Now the player finally has some luck and wins. This means the total profit becomes: 5+10$ = 15$. 20-15$ = 5$ profit. - Once the player wins the Martingale system will start from the beginning again, and the player will bet 5$ again. So the Martingale system is active at the Blackjack table as well, but as mentioned it is more popular as a roulette system rather than a Blackjack system. Still the Martingale strategy can’t be recommended even at the Blackjack table, since it is unpredictable what cards will come out. The player risks going through a lot of bad rounds where the bet needs to be raised several times and all of a sudden the casinos maximum bet has been reached, or the player runs out of money. If this happens, the player will have no chance to refund the money that he has lost. The conclusion is to stay away from the Martingale system and do not use it as a roulette system or a Blackjack system. The player risks a great amount of money, if he chooses to use the betting system. Another Blackjack system, known as card counting, can be found here.

This roulette system is very simple, but the method is highly doubtful since the system is very unstable. The Martingale system focuses on hitting one of the places where there is a 50-50% chance to win. You can find these in the “basic Roulette Rules” under the title: The bets. The most used bets are the black and red bets where the player chooses from either black or red and place the bet on one of them. After the bet has been placed, one of the following things will then take place: 1: The player wins the bet and gets the winnings or 2: The player loses the bet and this is where all the “fun” begins. - If number 2 happens, the player must raise the bet to the double of original bet. Let’s say 2$ (original bet) and now the bet will have to be 4$ so the player can win back the lost bet. - The player must bet on the same colour as the first bet. - Example: The player bets 2$ on red and lose. The next bet will be 4$ on red. This time the player wins. 2 + 4$ = 6$. The bet has been 6$ but the winnings are 8$ since 4 + 4$ = 8$. The total profit will be 2$ because 8 – 6 = 2$. The profit will always be 2$ when you continue to double up your bet. The Martingale system or also called the Martingale strategy could work if you had unlimited funds and the online casino did not make a maximum bet. But since none of these are reality, the roulette system is not a recommended gambling system and it is not a way to beat the roulette. The way to prove this is to give an example of an outcome if the bet keeps going in the wrong direction. - Example: The bet is 2$ and the player loses the bet. The player then raise the bet to 4$ and lose. Again the bet will go up to 8$ and the player lose again. The bet is now 16$ at round 4 and the bet is lost once again. Now the bet is 32$ and once more the player loses. If the roulette game continues for a few more rounds the bet will be quite high. We will double up every time so this means: From 32 – 64 – 128 – 256$ at round 8 and the roulette is known to be able to continue for many more rounds with the same colour. So there will be a lot of money at stake for only 2$ profit every time. The chance of hitting the same colour is 50-50% at every spin since the roulette doesn’t care of the possibility at hitting the same colour. The roulette can hit the same colour 30 times in a row. The system is not recommended and it is dangerous to use whether it is at an online casino or a land-based casino. If you really want to use this roulette system I have personally tried to spin a few times without a bet just to see what colours might appear. After a few spins I bet on the opposite colour of what had appeared the most. - Example: Red was shown 5 times in a row and then I bet black but as told, the system is not recommended at all.

D'Alembert Roulette System

The D'Alembert roulette system has been around for centuries. In fact, it was invented around the 1700s by a mathematician. It was then still known as the Pyramid. This system is perfect for players who intend to make chain wagers. The system works in a manner which allows the player to start a sequence using his or her losing or lost wager; thereby recovering losses with every spin of the wheel. By using the system, you regain your losses and you raise your winnings. You can use the system regardless of your skills. You can be the worst table player, but if you know this system, you can be good at roulette.

When using D'Alembert roulette system, you need to focus on even bets. This is where the system works best. Your bet size for the next spin will depend on how you fared on the last round of betting. If you won the last round, you reduce the bet size on your next wager. This is a wise way of ensuring that you protect your winnings while you try to recoup your losses.

Many people find the system consistently reliable. If you love roulette, you can always try all the various systems. It might be a good idea, however, to try them out on free roulette games to ensure that you don't lose a lot of money while you are trying to find the system that works for you. But if you want to cut back on the hassle, you should start with the D'Alembert roulette system.

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