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The Iron Cross Craps System Explained

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Before reading about this, or any other craps system, you should thoroughly understand craps basics and know the craps bets involved. The Iron Cross system is one of the most popular betting strategies in the game of craps. It definitely can be a lot of fun to use, but as with all betting systems, it is statistically flawed. To learn why, read our article about the failure of craps system. To try to combat these statistical shortcomings, the 'Unbeatable' Iron Cross was invented. Here we examine how the Iron Cross, and it's most popular variation are used, why they've become so popular, and what they do have to offer. How to Use It The basic Iron Cross Strategy simply says to make a field bet in conjunction with place bets on the 5,6, and 8. All of these bets should be approximately the same size, but some people will tell you to vary them in a specific way. When a bet loses, you simply replace it and keep on playing.

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Lets see how this system deals with the different possible outcomes. If the dice show 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 then your field bet wins even money and your place bets remain unchanged on the table. If the dice show a 5 your place bet on 5 wins and is paid out 7:5, but you lose your field bet. The other two place bets remain unchanged. If the dice show either a 6 or 8 then the respective place bet wins and you get a 7:6 payout, but you lose your field bet. The other two place bets are unchanged. If a 7 is rolled you lose the field bet and all three place bets! As you can see above, the only way you can really lose with the iron cross is when a seven is rolled. While 7 is the most likely number of all, it should only appear about 1/6 of the time. For the Iron Cross to be profitable in the long run, you need to have enough winnings from the non-7 rolls to outweigh the large losses that 7's bring. Statistically, this cannot be achieved (in the long run) because you are only combining a series of bets that, independently, are at a disadvantage. Place bets on 5 have a house edge of 4.00% Place bets on 6 and 8 have a house edge of 1.52% When you run the numbers, the casino still has a 3.87% house edge if you spread your bets equally. Even when the casino pays double (or triple) for the 2 and 12, the house edge is still over 2.49%. Even if this traditional Iron Cross System doesn't interest you, there are different varieties of this system such as the Iron Cross with a pass line bet and the Unbeatable Iron Cross Variation.

The Unbeatable Iron Cross isn't as perfect as the name suggests but it is a legitimate system and it can be a very engaging way to play the game. Win big with the Iron Cross at Cherry Casino! The Unbeatable Iron Cross Variation has gained a lot of hype on the internet mostly because of the enticing name, but it does deserve an explanation. To start with, wait until the come out roll has taken place and the point is set. Right after the come out roll, this is how you would bet (using a standard 5 dollar bet for the example): As the rolls progress, you keep on reloading your lost bets as you would normally, but there is one major difference with this variation. Since you are betting at the same time as the pass line players at the table, you are avoiding the same 7 that they are. When the table gets its point, and the pass line bets win, this system expects that a seven is due at any moment, and you stop betting until all of your bets have finally lost. Some of the more 'sophisticated' craps gurus don't follow the table's point, but instead employ their own 'counts', which supposedly can predict future rolls. These counts assume that each non-seven roll brings you closer to the inevitable 7. Craps counts require you to keep track of past rolls and then use that information to attempt to predict when a 7 will be rolled again. When the count predicts that a 7 is iminent, you can stop putting your money on the table.

Whether you are watching for the point or using a special 'count', you are falling into one of the most common traps in gambling. The belief that past rolls will affect future ones makes sense to the human mind, but the truth is that every roll is an independent event. This is a common 'gamblers fallacy' that you need to avoid at all costs. Even if you see one hundred sevens rolled in a row, the next roll is as likely to be a seven as the first. Statistically speaking, the Unbeatable Iron Cross still has a 3.34% house edge. It's Not All Bad Sure the Iron Cross doesn't magically swing the odds in your favor, but that is no reason to dismiss it. When you look at a 3.34% house edge, this system is a pretty fair way to bet when compared with many of the sucker bets found in craps, and it gives you a faster, more exciting experience than the line bets. Every roll either brings a win or a loss, and you are constantly engaged in the game. This might be one of the most fun ways to play craps without losing too much money too fast. There is a reason that Cherry Red Casino is our #1 online casino for craps players. Everything from their hefty welcome bonus ($777) to their outstanding customer support catapults Cherry Red Casino to the head of the pack. When you're ready to start winning with the Iron Cross, good luck!

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