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Useful Roulette References and Books

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Now, books are not only available in bookstores. Due to the emergence of high technology, books can also be purchased on the Internet. Perhaps not all books are readily available on the Internet. Nevertheless, thousands of books can now be availed online. Even books about gambling can be ordered via the Internet! To be more specific, books about roulette can be purchased from several Web sites that sell books. Two of these roulette books are the following.

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"Playing Roulette as a Business: A Professional's Guide to Beating the Wheel," by R. J. Smart.

This roulette book, that contains one hundred twenty pages, was published by Lyle Stuart. Unfortunately, this book is not for beginners because it aims to target professional roulette players. Smart is definitely smart enough to provide effective strategies to help professional players augment the level of their plays. In fact, Smart teaches readers how to treat this gambling game as if it were a business. He teaches readers how to commit themselves to the game. Some players admit that they have never lost a game ever since they read "Playing Roulette as a Business: A Professional's Guide to Beating the Wheel." Due to the success of their roulette plays, some of them are even thinking of quitting their jobs and instead play roulette professionally. The system discussed in this book is very effective and can definitely be applied by players that visit big-time casinos located in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

"American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down - My Wild Twenty-Five-Year Ride Ripping Off the World's Casinos," by Richard Marcus.

This book, which of course can be obtained online, is very extensive with three hundred thirty six pages. It actually relates the life of Marcus as a casino cheater. He recounts in this book how he lost his possessions due to gambling and how he became a member of a group composed of thieves and gambling cheaters. The book, in most cases, mentions the strategy known as the Savannah, wherein low-value chips hide high-value chips. Marcus also relates in this book how he and his groupmates got involved in other forms of cheating inside casinos or gambling facilities. This roulette book is interesting although readers who will really find it entertaining are those who are featured in the book, such as the members of the group that stole and cheated. The way Marcus has written the book, it does not seem like he feels any remorse or guilt for what he has done in the past. We also hope that casinos and other forms of gambling facilities are aware that crimes such as this one actually happen within their premises. Of course, this book can be considered entertaining, but definitely, this roulette book is not for players who want to learn legal strategies and techniques.

We advise roulette players to simply search the Internet and look for these books if they are interested in availing them. If not, there are more books available online. For sure, they will find the right roulette books for them.

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