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Video poker

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Video Poker is one of the most complete casino games in the world. This is because it contains elements from various games, elements that combine to ensure your time spent playing is nothing short of brilliant. Video Poker players can enjoy the simplicity of the Online Slots Machine and the complexities of playing Poker, making decisions and to an extent, determining the outcome of games which adds a dash of excitement that is not usually found when playing Slots.

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Video poker is one of the few casino games where diligent study and preparation can consistently yield a real profit. Unlike chance-based games like roulette and slots, mastering video poker requires a great deal of skill and concentration. While there is a degree of luck involved in the dealing of the cards, once the cards are on the table a good video poker player knows what to do with them. With a bit of training, you can learn how to profit at the game of video poker. Who knows, maybe you could be the next big winner. If you want to be a successful video poker player, you need to first master the basics of the game. At the most basic level, you are trying to get valuable hands, like a royal flush. It’s impractical, however, to expect many of these hands. When playing video poker, your bread and butter will be the more common but less valuable hands like a full house or a straight. They don’t pay big like a royal flush, but they hit far more consistently. In order to win big at video poker, you have to bet big. Like slot machines, video poker machines allow you to vary your wager between a minimum and maximum bet for each game. Payouts are based proportionally on your wager, so if you can afford it bet the maximum every time. Of course, not everyone can afford to bet aggressively all the time.

To receive your cards, press the 'deal/draw' button. The cards will appear left to right as they are dealt. After all five cards have been dealt, you will have the option to receive up to five new cards. You must click on the cards you wish to 'hold.' As you do so, 'HOLD' will appear across the card. Click on the card again to remove the 'HOLD.' The cards that are not held will be discarded for new cards. When you are ready to receive the new cards, press the 'deal/draw' button. Your new cards will be distributed and the result of the hand will be displayed under 'last win' on the bottom-center of the machine.

Video Poker Wagering

If you have a winning hand, you win the corresponding amount shown above in red for that hand. If you do not have a winning hand, you lose the total amount bet on that hand. The bigger the bet, the more you can win on each hand.

Video Poker Game Variations

There are a variety of video poker games available. Although the objective of all games is the same (to make the best possible poker hand), the presence of wild cards (cards usable as any card in the deck) changes the game by requiring better hands to win and paying out less on winning hands.

Jacks or Better

In this game, there are no wild cards. To win, you must finish the hand with a pair of Jacks or higher.

Joker Poker

In this game, there is a single Joker in the deck. A Joker in your hand can be used as any other card in the deck. To win, you must finish the hand with a pair of Kings or higher.

Deuces Wild

In this game, all 2's function as wild cards. A 2 in your hand can be used as any other card in the deck. To win, you must finish the hand with three of a kind or higher.

Double Joker

In this game, there are two Jokers in the deck. A Joker in your hand can be used as any other card in the deck.

Bonus Poker

In videopoker, there are no wild cards. The "bonus" is the payout for four of a kind - twice the payout of Jacks or Better. There is an extra bonus for four low cards (2-4), and a double-extra bonus for four aces!

Videpoker, like many casino games, can require a download or not. Look for a java based poker game for no-download play. But if you play for real, you will still have to establish an account. One logs into the casino, and chooses a poker game as most casinos have at least two forms of video poker.

Tele Poker-This would be full-screen when played. The lady in the center is operated by a real person. This is play against the dealer, which is play against a probability generator. But don't be tempted to sell this short, it is the second most widely played online card game after BlackJack. Some variations allow for playing more than one hand, or sometimes allowing other players (unseen) at the table. The removal of humans from the circle of information (and money) makes this a very secure form of online gambling.. This poker is great fun, and is similar in concept to the handheld poker games that have sold in the millions across the planet. Millions of video game players can't be wrong! If you have ever liked a video game, this is the place to be. This particular cardroom is from's casino

Poker.Com is the 400 pound gorilla of the Online Poker world. There is always a game here, but you may have to wait (still worthwhile)! Poker.Com is the 400 pound gorilla of the online poker world. There is always a game here, but you may have to wait (still worthwhile)!

Poker.CC is a sister site to The cool thing about this site is that it has everything gambling technology can offer. It has a live poker cardroom, a casino (with video poker and slots poker), and a sportsbook. This is nothing but fun! Poker.CC is a sister site to The cool thing about this site is that it has everything gambling technology can offer. It has a live poker cardroom, a casino (with video poker and slots poker), and a sportsbook. This isbut fun! List your favorite poker room!

Play Video Poker

Want to play poker in a more simplified way? Then video poker games are your best option. This is the more abridged version of the original poker game wherein you will not be competing with other poker players and you alone will be competing against the dealer.

The game takes place on a computer screen with the same rules as the classic poker game and precisely what the name implies, it is played on a video screen and not in a traditional poker table anymore. The machine is usually mistaken to be the same as the one in slots but, the fact is, these two games are completely different. If you take a closer look at these machines you’ll notice that the slots have spinning reels while video poker has cards.

Another major difference of these two popular casino games is that slot machine results are based on pure luck, while skills play a major role in winning at video poker. With slot machines, a player simply pushes a button in order to wager. Later on the reels will stop and the set of symbols on the window will be the basis whether a prize has been won or not. Video slot machines basics, however, are completely different. Players are given the opportunity to choose the cards that they would like to keep or discard, and in the end this will determine the outcome of the game.

Playing video poker is as fun as playing the classic poker game. If you know the basics of the poker game then you certainly will not have a hard time learning how to play video poker since the two games are very much identical and only has a few contrasts. As a player, your main goal is to get the best hand, just like the way you play a five-card draw poker game. The game starts with the video poker machine dealing five cards on the screen and you, as the player, will decide to either discard all, some, or none of your cards. Keeping your cards means that you need to hold them and once you have chosen which ones to hold and discard, the cards will be dealt again. The discarded cards are replaced with new ones. The result of the game will be based on the final hand that you chose, and will be based on the pay table if you have a winning hand such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and Jacks or Better.

It is also designed for players who are not fond of the poker table but still have the urge to play. Instead of competing with other players and guessing whether they are bluffing or not, video poker lets you compete only with the dealer, making it a one-on-one game where the winner could either be you or the dealer. Here, there is no intimidation or pressure and you have more time for concentration compared to the classic poker where the tables can be very nerve-wracking and uneasy, especially when everyone is under pressure. It’s just you and the dealer. You’ll have a less stressful gaming environment since there will be no other players in the session but you, and there are no noisy or congesting tables that could surely affect your decision-making skills while wagering.

And if you thought that video poker games have reached their momentum then you’ll be surprised to see that there are more remarkable online versions. Now this game has come a long way and has reached the online gambling world to give you a better set of video poker games online. This casino allows you to play the game with higher payback rates not from a real gambling den but from your very own computer. And what’s more interesting is that better variety of games is available online so you don’t need to go to different casinos just to try out these varieties. In fact, you can even play video poker online to practice and sharpen your gambling skills using the play for fun versions. The game also comes in many different variations that also have better payout ratios so if the classic version of video poker bores you then you can simply switch to another variant and have fun playing poker against the dealer.

Online video poker has become recently popular. Aside from the challenge it presents, its low house edge made it even more appealing to gambling enthusiasts. Bonus for video poker are increasingly varied, however, they are equally interesting. There are two types of video poker bonus: the cashable and non-cashable video poker bonus. The former allows for bonus withdrawals, even if you are in the middle of your playing hours, as soon as the requirements for clearing the bonus are fulfilled. Non-cashable video poker bonus is credited to a player’s account almost immediately. Most video poker sign up bonus comes in the form of extra cash rewards when you register at a casino site. These are given as additional perks to welcome customers. However, to clear these plum cash prizes, additional wagering requirements may first be fulfilled.

The basic wagering requirements powered by the major software developers of different casinos are discussed below:

Microgaming – considered as the casino with the highest wagering requirement at 8% for the video poker bets and about 20x wager

• Playtech – rollover fulfillment counts as 20% and the wager makes up to 20x

• Rival – has an average of 35x wagers, as well as the best conditions for all types of bonuses for video poker

• RTG – also offers a competitive bonus terms for online video poker

Another exciting offering is the Double Double Bonus. How it works may discourage some players, however, it is one of the most popular gives the most lucrative of rewards. This casino video poker bonus works when you get four aces, 2s, or 4s, accompanied by a fifth card called the “kicker”, having the same hand as that of a four-of-a-kind. What’s special about this video poker bonus is that the payout is doubled the amount once a kicker is present.

History of Video Poker

Video poker began to appear in casinos when computer chips called central processing units (CPUs) became widely accessible. One method the inventors used to change conventional poker into a video game was to merge a computer processor chip with a video screen. Crude renderings of video poker games arrived on the scene at the same time as the first microcomputers in the mid-70s. Although the limited technology and icons employed in these first versions of the game are primitive by modern measures, they symbolize one of the earliest productive efforts to mix casino games with computer science.

Video poker turned into a profoundly established component of casino games in the early ’80s, when the number of visitors to casinos jumped to new levels. A lot of inexperienced players felt that video poker was less daunting than regular table poker since it’s a much more suited to individual play. Without the extra eyes around the game, the new player did not need to feel embarrassed by his mistakes.

Every video poker game has random number generator (RNG) software embedded in the machine. The RNG ensures that each play replicates a random shuffle and deal. Experienced poker players can track each card the game deals, so the RNG software ensures the randomness of each card and each play.

Video poker is one of a handful of games in a casino where a player can have an advantage over the house. Players with genuine talent have learned the contents of comprehensive tables that prescribe the appropriate plays to make for each hand. For instance, whenever a player has a pair of kings, he should hold them, but should throw away a pair of sixes and hope for a better hand. When players pay attention to strategy guides, they can gain a slight (one percent or less) edge on the casino.

The most popular video poker game variation is Jacks or Better. In this game, the minimum winning hand is a pair of jacks. Since this style of poker is the one most frequently seen at physical poker tables, software programmers and game manufacturers have developed nearly all video poker games along these lines.

A player who uses perfect video poker strategy on a Jacks or Better machine can reduce the house advantage to one-half of one percent. Naturally, very few players play the game with perfect strategy every time. In an attempt to bring in more business, casinos may offer machines that give a higher payout percentage as an incentive for new customers.

Winning at video poker takes some skills that players in more conventional poker games may not use. A few of the deviations consist of gambling elements that aren’t feasible in a normal poker game, one of which is the “double up” function. Many video poker games will provide the player the opportunity to double his winnings after a strong hand. During this part of the game, the player chooses from one of four facedown cards. The computer/dealer has also selected a card. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, the player wins an even-money bet on his earlier winnings. Some players take advantage of the double-up function and pad their bankrolls with the extra cash, while others continue to lose and give back their earlier gains.

Because computer technology continues to develop and grow, many experts anticipate that fresh editions of current video poker games will soon appear in many casinos around the world. Although many sorts of video poker games are going today, the expected variants on the now-classic game are confined solely by the programming expertise that makes the game viable.

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