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What are Poker Fish Players?

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In the game of poker, the term fish refers to poor players, and are also used to denote players who consistently lose money and have a hard time grasping the game. It may also refer to players that are new to the game and have not quite caught on yet.

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Almost all players have gone through the fish stages in their poker career and it is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone goes through the process. There are those players who pick up early in the game and start to win consecutively. There may be such as thing as natural born poker players but everyone moves past the learning stage and learns from mistakes. One then uses what one has learned to gain more experience and cash at the same time.

If by chance some players find themselves playing for several years and still find themselves on the end of losing money, the truth sets in that that player is really a fish from the beginning until the end of their gambling career. These fishes are the type of players that professional gamblers love to compete against for they know how to deal with the fishes on the game table. If a player discovers that they are indeed fishes, then they two alternatives: give up the game or bring ones game up to par.

How does one identify these so called fish players?

One giveaway is to look at how often the players play their hands. Players who always plays in every pot is an ideal mark for the player has money to burn and plays just a bit too much. Players who see this can easily sit around and make money of them. To start with, one should look at how often opponents play their hands. If one finds a player who is always making attempts to bet at every hand, then experienced players know that the player can easily be taken for a ride.

Another sign of a poker fish at the table is when they tend to show their hands to the rest of the group when not required to, and always make chat comments. On the other hand, the stronger players will usually sit still and completely focus on the game, and not be distracted or give the other players more information of their hands.

Poker players who get aggravated and rant about it to vent their rage and anger are signs of an ill-prepared player who does not know when to keep silent and watch the game reveal itself. These players can be expected to revert to a tilt mode over and over. These fishes would be easy prey if one wait patiently for a good hands. Remember, these fishes love to move around and play about. Smart fishes wait for the right opportunity.

What else are other fish signs?

Several more signs include players who seem to take forever in deciding whether to play or hold. This is a sure sign that the player is a newbie and should try to learn more of the game to get ahead. Newbies can be taken apart by players who closely watch their erratic style and bet against them. Weak calls and agitated calls tell that the player is unsure of how to proceed and one can benefit from their calls and playing styles.

Players who realize that they are fishes should take time out to hone their skills or else get picked on by older, more experienced players.

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