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loyalty program

Casino Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty Programs are offered by almost every casino online today. The reason these programs are offered is rather simple. They are in place to reward players for their loyalty to the casino. They are also offered as a way to keep players playing at the casino versus moving on to another casino.

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How to Use Loyalty Programs to Your Benefit "Some people are so fond of ill-luck that they run half-way to meet it.."

A loyalty program is offered referred to as a VIP Program or Players Club. The loyalty program will reward players based on their play at the casino. The rewards vary with the most common reward being casino credits applied to a players account.

A Loyalty program will award players points for each dollar that is wagered at the casino. The more that is wagered will increase the amount of points earned but will also increase a players Loyalty level at most online casinos.  Loyalty Programs will allow the player a number of benefits:  Loyalty Programs will allow the player a number of benefits: Many online casinos will offer both a Loyalty Program as well as a VIP program.

The two are operated separately from each other with the loyalty program awarding free casino credits and the VIP program being the one to reward loyal players with extras including trips, gifts and more. Many VIP program are by invitation only and only offered to the loyalist of players. The standard loyalty program will award players with one point for every $10 wagered at the casino. This may not seem much but the points tend to add up quickly. This is in part due to the fact that online casinos offer lucrative deposit bonuses but also offer a higher rate of return from a payouts perspective. As you build in points and loyalty levels the rate will increase allowing players to earn points at a faster rate and therefore receive rewards at a faster rate. One thing to understand is that points earned may vary depending on the games you are playing. Slots will always pay the maximum rate however other games such as table games may only earn .5 of a point per $10 wagered. This is because table games allow players a greater ability to affect the outcome of each hand played. This allows for extended play time and a players ability to wager a substantial amount on a minimal deposit. When it comes to loyalty programs that offer a more specific program it can be a little trickier.

Not so far as the way you earn points but more in the added benefits that are not always advertised to the general public. As with land based casinos online casinos reserve their best VIP treatment for a small exclusive amount of players who tend to be high rollers who deposit tens of thousands each month and spend a considerable amount of time at the casino. These players generally will receive luxury trips, tickets to sporting or music events in their area and much more. They will have dedicated hosts who may be contacted at any time of the day or night in order to cater to the players need. The level of treatment is comparable to that found in Las Vegas.

This is not to suggest that the average player is unable to enjoy some nice benefits as most responsible casinos will reward loyal player’s period. Another way Loyalty programs benefit players is that they tend to offer exclusive deposit promotions on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of those offers are geared towards each level within a tiered loyalty program therefore meaning the higher your level, the better the promotions received. The latest trend is to offer players exclusive online Slot Tournaments. The tournaments will come with a predetermined prize pool and can see players walking away with some decent play money. One factor is winnings from tournaments often are fully cashable. The benefits that are offered to loyal players through loyalty programs are endless. The days when only the high rollers were treated like kings are long gone. The addition of online gaming has seen casinos understand the value of treating players to extras to keep them happy and that is a gain for all players to enjoy.

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