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Casino Markers: Defaulting

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Each day casinos in Las Vegas issue casino markers to gamblers who gamble at their casino. Casino markers are lines of credit that gamblers can use to buy chips to gamble with based upon the gambler's prior credit application with a casino. Casino markers are issued to anyone who has the ability to pay the money back. Contrary to popular belief, casino markers are not only issued to high rollers but casino markers can be issued to anyone who gambles.

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More people are being arrested these days for defaulting on their casino markers than ever before. Casinos are trying to recoup their losses and the cases are being referred to the District Attorney’s Office to collect the debts through the Bad Check Unit. Defaults have increased because gamblers are experiencing money problems. When a gambler is extended a casino marker he or she basically says he or she is good for the money and the casino expects to be paid. The down turn in the economy has certainly played a role in the upward trend of arrests for defaults on casino markers. However, the law that makes it a felony to default on casino markers has been in place since 1983. Once a casino marker is issued, they have to be paid back. Gamblers have a certain amount of time to make good on their debt. Gamblers who pay back their debt have nothing to worry about. Gamblers who have borrowed $250.00 or more and defaulted on their casino marker have many things to worry about. Many people think that not paying a casino marker back is not a serious matter. They figure they'll be contacted by the casino or a collection agency to resolve the matter. That may very well be the case, but what most people don't know is defaulting on a casino marker is a criminal offense in the State of Nevada.

Once a person defaults (fails to pay) on a casino marker valued at $250.00 or more, that person has committed a Class D felony pursuant to the laws of the State of Nevada. The law is plain and clear. Whether you owe $250.00 USD or millions of dollars, it is a crime to default on a casino marker valued at $250.00 or more in the State of Nevada. If you have defaulted or think you will default on a casino marker, you should contact a licensed attorney immediately. Failure to resolve the matter may result in your arrest, jail time, imposition of penalties and fines. The personal facts and circumstances of each case are different. No matter what your personal circumstances are if you have defaulted or know that you will default on your casino marker, you should consult with a licensed default casino marker attorney right away. By taking action, you may avoid arrest and extradition if you live in another state.

Las Vegas lawyers will negotiate with the Clark County District Attorney's office to help resolve the matter. By dealing with the matter promptly, you are letting prosecutors know you are serious about resolving the matter. Even if you don't have money, you still need to deal with the problem. The Clark District Attorneys office will work with anyone who wants to resolve their debt. No matter how long it takes, prosecutors want to know that you are making some effort to pay the debt back.

The fact of the matter is if a warrant has already been issued for your arrest it is only a matter of time before you will see the inside of a courtroom or jail. If you live outside the State of Nevada and a warrant has been issued for your arrest by the State of Nevada, you may be extradited back to Nevada. People who live out of state will definitely see the inside of a jail cell during the extradition process.

The truth is no matter where you live, you don't want to run from your problems. Dealing with your problems will help you in the long run. The earlier you deal with your problems the sooner you will be able to sleep at night and stop worrying. Don't think you have options? You may be surprised to learn that there are many options. This is true even if you are unable to pay back the casino marker or need to pay it back slowly. The facts and circumstances of each case are different. Before coming to any conclusions on your own about your case, you should contact and discuss your case with a marker attorney. By contacting a default casino marker attorney, you will be taking the first step in the right direction. Attorneys who handle these default casino maker cases work with both the casino and the District Attorneys' office in resolving the matter. Whether you can pay back the casino marker or not, you should contact a casino marker attorney to discuss all the options available to you. There are always options for everyone. Failing to take any steps to resolve your problems can result in greater consequences.

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