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Casino Player Loyalty Programs

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Most online gamblers know a little bit about what a loyalty program is and how they work, but not really enough to be cashing in on frequent customer rewards like they should be. What those same players fail to realize, however, is that most online casinos intentionally leave gamblers in the dark when it comes to casino loyalty programs so they will not have to pay out nearly as much money and comps. This article will fill in the blanks for our readers so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to qualify for great rewards.

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There are well over two thousand online casinos in cyberspace and every single one of them makes mention of some type of loyalty reward program. On websites that are not legitimate, these descriptions are usually vague and misleading…which is why you should avoid those types of online casinos all-together. Reputable online casinos post everything you need to know about what perks and comps are available, how to earn them, and when each benefit level will kick in.

Our staff recommends three frequent player casino loyalty programs to our readers because of the transparency found at each of their websites. Titan Casino, Win Palace and Rushmore Online all have excellent customer rewards programs that pay out cash money every month, plus they hand out thousands of other comps, gifts, and VIP prizes.

Once you’ve decided on which online casinos loyalty programs you’re going to participate in, it’s time to do a little bit of math. Before even placing a single wager, it is important for you to find out exactly how many bets will be required to advance to the various VIP levels within each online casinos customer rewards program.

For example, Casino Titan has five customer loyalty levels and only the top two tiers pay out real cash. Of course, loyalty points can also be redeemed for a small cash conversion but that’s peanuts compared to their VIP program, so do not be fooled by thinking that getting some free electronic gear or tournament entries is as good as it gets. Instead, use the betting chart on the Casino Titan website to calculate exactly how many wagers are required to hit the fourth loyalty tier…which will completely depend on how much you are willing to wager per hand/round.

Planning to do something is easy; actually doing it is something else all together. If the world was good at sticking to goals then we’d all look like super models with 3% body fat, plus we’d all have fat retirement accounts, multiple Master’s degrees, and vacation homes all over the globe. The reality is that meeting long term goals can be very difficult at times, but your online casino loyalty account has to be the exception.

Think about it; once you reach a certain status level at Casino Titan or WinPalace, they are going to give you cash rewards every single month that your account remains active. Now, it may take you several months in order to reach this goal, but at the same time it is going to provide you with pure profit that you can use for whatever you want for the rest of your life. While we may not be talking about retirement money here, few people would complain about a completely free, no strings attached $1,500-$2,500 per month.

Even before you achieve the cash-back customer reward level on your casino loyalty program, it is important to contact customer service and let them know that you’re for real about being one of their elite members. Once an online casino sees that a certain player is steadily betting on their website every day, they often provide immediate incentives to keep that person interested. Things like custom deposit bonuses, free gifts, and VIP sponsorships will suddenly start showing up at your home almost every week…and that’s on top of all the other exclusive bonuses and perks that you’ll receive. The only way to receive this treatment, however, is to let your online casino know that you expect to be treated to a certain standard.

Believe it or not, online gaming sites will literally go out of their way to keep their most loyal customers happy, even if it means that they will have to lose money or give special incentives that is not usually part of the company’s VIP policy. Some of our readers that are considered to fall into the “elite” status have told us about receiving paid vacations in Hawaii, access to private celebrity events, and even a private jet loaned to them on the spot. The only reason that they received these things was because they asked for them, and the online casino granted their wish because they knew that their competitor would do it just to steal a true VIP client.

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