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Casino Strategy and Statistics

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Some casino games such as Video Slots and progressive jackpots are based on pure fun, luck and chance – meaning they can simply be played with a sensible wagering strategy. In essence, there is no need or benefit from 'getting strategic'. However, if you decide to become a casino table gaming regular – then it makes explicit sense to use elements of casino strategy. However, strategic gaming doesn't have to be brain draining – and basic strategic game-play can be applied even by novice casino players. The coolest casino games for applying basic strategic game-play are Video Poker, poker and blackjack. In fact – by simply following the basic strategy sheets freely available on the web, you'll significantly reduce the house edge and make it much easier to get good casino results. It's simply crazy to play any game that can be approached with simple statistical power, with zero strategy!

Bonus Ikibu Casino
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Casino staking plans

Whether you want to play the latest casino slots or hit the tables with strategic intent – your staking could play a serious role in your success, even if it's simply prolonging your entertainment by a few hours per week. Many recreational casino players make the error of placing random stake levels – such as 1.00 followed by a bet of 0.50 and then 5.00 on their third wager, and so on. While this strategy can potentially deliver cool rewards when you're hot – in the long run it's very likely to lead to harsh losing sessions! You run the risk of losing when you bet big and winning with your small stakes – in fact you could even hit a casino jackpot when playing with a smaller wager than your typical bet! The solution is to use a level stake approach to you casino betting – a sustainable and realistic value that's geared depending on the size of your bank and budget.

Casino budgeting and game time

Naturally – it makes sense to use a strict leisure budget when playing in online casinos – a sum of cash that you're essentially willing to spend/lose having fun! Of course, you shouldn't expect to lose – but you must be willing to accept it as and when it happens! Simply view your casino gaming as another paid-leisure pursuit – like the cinema and socialising with friends. One effective way to budget your casino gaming is to set a strict number of weekly sessions, with a max bet number or wager limit for each session. For example, you could play 3 casino sessions per week, with a max bankroll of 50.00; essentially, once you've placed 50.00 in bets, you should quit.

Compounding casino winnings

The safest and fastest way for casino gamers to play with higher stakes and potentially scoop bigger payouts – is through the art of compounding. In simple terms – compounding means increasing your level stakes as and when you bank increases. For example, if you wager 2% of your bank per bet, then you'd use 2.00 for a 100.00 bank. However, if your casino bank increased to 400.00, you'd progress to 4.00. The compounding effect works to turn small sums into serious money. However – do remember to skim a percentage of your winnings or bank a lump-sum when you reach a personal target – because you do not want to lose it all!

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