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Casino Table Game Statistics

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As interesting as I found the information on the slots, the data and statistics on the table games was even more illuminating.The report covered not only blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat, but also mini-baccarat and the Big Six Wheel. "Other games" encompassed Chinese games such as Pai Gow and Sic Bo as well as "Fast Action Hold 'Em" and Keno.

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To my astonishment, the biggest percentage winner for the casino—in every casino—was the Big Six Wheel. The percentage of the win is so outrageously high that the casino owners should be arrested for thievery.

I always knew it was a rip-off, but only by reading the report did I discover just how much of a rip-off it is. Both the Sands and the Tropicana won more than fifty cents out of every dollar bet on that infernal Wheel! It was 52.9 percent and 50.9 percent respectively.

No casino had less than a 38.6 percent win, and ten of the twelve casinos netted better than 40 percent profit for the month.

Anyone who bets on the Big Six Wheel is a Class-A schmuck. Spread the word. Do your good deed for the day. The casino "fix" is in when it comes to the Big Six!

Though statistically you get a bigger bang for your buck at craps than at blackjack, seven of the twelve casinos showed a better take on craps, percentage-wise, than on blackjack.

Roulette is always a casino's gold mine, especially games with the double-zero wheel.

Baccarat is the fishnet for whales in all casinos. It is the big money game, and sometimes lucky players can damage the bottom line. Many of the big bettors are Asians, whom the casinos take great pains to accommodate in every way possible. It is not unusual for a whale to win or lose sums in the millions during his junket to a casino city.

Looking over the baccarat wins (and one loss) for the casinos in April, 1998, no pattern emerges. From the large 33.5 percent win for Harrah's—which amounted only to a small $35,774 in dollars—to the 6.0 percent loss for Trump Plaza—which translated into a big $157,041 loss in dollars—baccarat remains the wild card for the casino. And the win percentage has no relation to the amount earned or lost. The percentage refers only to the "drop." The Hilton, which had a very low 7.9 percent win, ended up with $384,000 in the till. Bally's 13.4 percent—almost double the Hilton's, yielded only $7,000 more in revenue.

Caesars, with a comparatively modest 10.3 percent, banked a cool $1.2 million. And the Taj, with the lowest percentage win of any of twelve casinos, ended up on top of the heap, with an impressive $1.65 million win for the month.

Mini-baccarat, is a comparatively new table game for some casinos. It showed some surprising statistics. Usually perceived in the crowded casino as just another table game on the floor, it doesn't have the aura of the baccarat pit. Yet to my astonishment, the figures show that mini-baccarat sometimes equals or even surpasses the grosses and losses of its big brother!

Three of the twelve casinos had bigger grosses on their mini-baccarat tables than on their regular baccarat tables. All three had more minis action than regular games.

The monthly baccarat grosses of the casinos were quite varied, from an impressive $2,642,000 high for the Taj, to a minuscule $59,000 for Harrah's (and that was the grand total for both baccarat games).

It is interesting to note that, although the Casino Control Commission has given its okay to fifteen "Other" games, most all of the casinos opt to run only five, usually three Chinese-oriented games, along with Caribbean and "Let-It-Ride" poker. The report also lists regular poker, which, for all its pop culture fame, only half the casinos offer. Of the ones that do, only the Taj had a take of more than a million for the month from that game.

The "Other Games" are also winners for the casinos, with percentages that run from a high of 22.9 for the Taj to a low of 9.8 for the Showboat. The Showboat was the only casino with a percentage win for "Other Games" that was lower than their win on both blackjack and craps.

Curiously, seven of the fifteen "Other Games" were shunned altogether by all the casinos, and four "Other Games" were offered in only five of the casinos.

Mini-craps was offered by three casinos, with win-percentages ranging from 7.5 percent to 22 percent. Mini-dice, a game separate from mini-craps, was offered only by the Taj, which reaped a fat 36.9 percent profit on it. "Fast Action Hold 'Em" was just at Harrah's, which netted a hefty 31.8 percent profit.

Keno, the last entry on the "Other Games" pages listed by the casinos, is a game heavily weighted percentage-wise in the casino's favor. Even though it has a better than 25-percent house edge, only six of the twelve casinos offered the game.

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