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Casinos and Gambling in France

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It is a known fact that for many decades, the ultimate symbol of style and elegance in gambling has been the French Riviera. Hollywood has perpetuated the image and films like the James Bond series etc. that have been filmed in and around the Riviera have remained popular with moviegoers all over the world. Paris itself may not have any casinos of its own, but enthusiasts have for long made their way to these exotic locations in southern France to have their gambling fill.

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France is not only the land of smelling cheese and world-class attractions. It is also the land of famous casinos, like the casino de Deauville, among many others. Actually, there are many other little casinos, but not all which is called by that name is a real casino. We will tell you why. Let’s take for instance the Casino de Paris. Is it a real casino? Can you go here and play blackjack or any other Global live casino games? Actually, no. T

The casino of Paris is quite surprisingly indeed a very famous concert venue and it is booked all over the year by singers and other artists who perform there without gambling a dime. On the other hand, the French Riviera, on the Mediterranean Sea, counts many little casinos whose main task is to provide gaming entertainment to summer tourists, after a day at the beach. We will name St. Maxime, Cavalaire and Beaulieu, just to name a few. And of course, the very famous Casino de Monte Carlo, which is probably the most famous institution of the little Principality of Monaco (called in French: Principauté de Monaco). Differently from the Casino de Paris, these are real land casinos, and they will welcome you whether you want to play at the French roulette or a Bingo Street game. Check in advance opening hours before going there, because you will not be surprised to learn that most of them are not open the whole year long.

All these casino are regularly licensed by French authorities, which is important for rules-abiding players because the law in France traditionally gives the monopoly of the gambling games to the government run agency “La Française de Jeux” (72% of which is in fact owned by the Republic of France).

The most popular French casinos outside of the Riviera are to be found in Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo. It is an interesting fact that there are close to 200 casinos that operate all around France. Not just mainland France, French casinos are also popular in some of its overseas territories such as Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. In France itself, apart from the most famous ones listed above, there are casinos close to most of the largest cities. Gamblers from Paris are in close proximity to Enghein-les-Bains, for example. Their other choice is to try the casinos on the Normandy coast, in the town of Deauville which is drivable distance. If you are in eastern France, you have the option to head to Annecy, which is close to Switzerland and is an impressive town by a lake. If you prefer a location on the French Alps, you will want to choose the casinos in the town of Megeve.

In all, it is estimated that the size of the French casino industry is more than $3 billion and growing. Since the French government takes away 55% of this revenue as taxes etc., it is all the more incumbent on it to let this industry grow and prosper. online casinos are also catching on in France. Some of the more popular online gambling portals, such as, provide listings of online casinos based in France, in French. Gambling enthusiasts with little access to any of the casinos listed above can still enjoy French-style online gaming and slots by using the services of such portals.

The French casino industry was legalized in 1988, with the legalization of slot machines. Since then, business has boomed. By 2003, French casinos saw close to 63 million visits. While films and TV may appear to perpetuate the aura of stylized table games, it is the humble slot machine that makes more money for this industry today, which offers a of 5 reel slots. In French, the ubiquitous slot machine is called bandits manchots (one-armed bandits!). It is estimated that there are around 16,000 slot machines in France. Unlike Vegas or Atlantic City, many French casinos don't operate 24x7. Many shut table games and for the night (usually early morning) and open around noon. This is France, after all!

Online gambling in France is regulated by the "Autorité de Régulation des Jeux"

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