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Casinos Apps For Your Mobile Phone

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Are casino web apps as good as App Store apps? Yes, thanks to rapid advances web app technology, casino games that are downloaded directly from online gaming websites are every bit as good as good as casino games that can be found in the iPhone or iPad app store.

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Back when the iPhone was first launched native casino apps had the advantage.  They ran smoother, they have better functionality and they sported richer graphics.  Nowadays, web apps developed using HTML5 and Javascript are identical to native casino apps. 

There are many mobile online casinos. Many would argue that web apps are now better than native apps because you don’t need to update them.  Since web apps run from the mobile casinos web server, you are always using the latest version of their software.  This means there are less security problems and less bugs.

The other advantage is that web apps run from any country while Apple have restricted the used of casino, sports betting and poker apps to certain countries and jurisdictions.

What is the difference between iPhone casino web apps and native apps? Sometimes our readers are a little confused when we talk about casino games that are either web apps or native apps.  Basically, native apps are apps that you find in the Apple App Store.  These apps are downloaded and installed onto your iPhone and the particular mobile blackjack, slots or roulette applications actually runs on your phone.  These native casino apps have been specifically developed to run on iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Web apps on the other hand are browser based applications that run from the iPhone’s Safari browser.  A part of all of the application is download and run from the web every time the app is run. 

Apple will only allow native “App Store” casino apps into their app store providing the gaming company in question has an online gambling license in that particular country.  You won’t find any native gambling apps in the United States App Store for this reason.  Mobile casinos are legal in the United Kingdom so you can download a range of real-money Progressive Slots, bingo, Texas Hold’em and French roulette apps from the U.K. App Store.

Because it is difficult to get real wagering gaming apps listed in the iPhone App Store, online gambling companies are increasingly turning to web applications that can be played from any country.  As long as you’ve got WiFi or 3G coverage you can play a range of casino games from your iPhone’s browser.  Because of huge advances in HTML5 the difference between the capabilities of native casino apps and web app has really narrowed.  Most browser based casino apps for the iPhone are now identical in form and function to native casino apps The iPhone 5 was released this week to much fanfare.  The latest smartphone from Apple comes with a larger screen, a thinner frame and a processor that is twice as fast as last years iPhone 4S.  Despite all these impressive new features, the greatest change to the iPhone has nothing to do with the phones hardware.  For many people the ability to download native casino apps from the Apple App Store is the greatest improvement to the world’s favourite smartphone.

When the iPhone was launched 11 years ago, Steve Jobs was pretty adamant that gambling, controversial or pornographic applications would never be allowed into Apple’s sacred app store.

Although Apple have stuck to their guns in relation to pornographic apps, they have begun to allow a small number of blackjack, slots, bingo, poker and roulette apps into the App Store.

The real-money casino app to feature in the App Store is called Big Fish Casino.  Big Fish currently only have a gambling license in the United Kingdom so the app will initially only be available to download from the UK app store, although they are currently in the process of applying for gambling licenses in other jurisdictions.

The new Big Fish Casino app for the iPhone will be free to download and will feature a wide variety of real-money games, including blackjack, slots, texas hold’em, roulette and Video Poker.  An iPad version is also currently in development.

With the mobile gambling industry expected to be worth $50 billion in 3 years, a number of other large gaming and sports betting organisations are currently developing iPhone compatible casino apps that support real wagers.  At the moment the United Kingdom is a testing ground for many mobile casinos because of their progressive online gambling laws.  In the United States, where online gambling is prohibited, a number of states such as New Jersey and California are considering legalising mobile casinos for iOS and Android phones and tablets in a bid to raise additional taxes to help their struggling economies.

With the mobile casino market growing so rapidly there is a desperate scramble on to get real money blackjack, poker, slots and roulette apps into the Apple App Store.  Paddy Power, William Hill, Bwin, Bet365 and Ladbrokes are all currently working on their own casino games for iOS devices.

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