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Casinos In Michigan

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The Casinos in Michigan are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, they have always had some allure and mystique since The Pines was opened in January of 1982. But that poker game in Dakota’s two car garage was never enough to really bring the casinos to the attention of the masses.

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Recently, though, a nationwide effort to raise awareness of Michigan’s vibrant tourist industry has thrust them into the limelight. Casinos in Michigan are growing, improving, and seeing more visitors every single day.

If you’re considering the excitement of Las Vegas style entertainment in the heart of America’s beautiful wilderness, then there’s no better place than the Great Lakes State. While Sin City is an impressive feat of American enterprise and ingenuity, its man-made structures serve as a constant reminder that the entire place isn’t natural.

That lends a feeling of phoniness to Las Vegas that sullies the entire experience. But, the natural surroundings of many Indian Casinos in Michigan give the entire experience a feeling of simultaneous serenity and excitement.

This guide was created to help tourists to the region understand what to expect when visiting Casinos in Michigan. As a tourist guide, it will teach you:

Grab your favorite drink and get ready to spend an hour or more learning about the Casinos in Michigan that are waiting for you during your next get away to the Great Lake State!

The World Class Restaurants of Casinos in Michigan

Of course, you know you’ll have a fantastic gambling experience. But did you know that some of the world’s most renown chef’s own restaurants in the Michigan casino resorts?

You can enjoy some of the finest global cuisine you could ever hope for. Your budget determines your limitations. You could experience traditional Native American cuisine, or cutting edge Italian fare. It’s all up to you.

You can also dine on less sophisticated cuisine, too. There are café’s at the casinos that serve toasted sandwiches, pizza, subs, French fries, ice cream, and soda. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can certainly find.

At many casinos, your alcoholic beverages are free, too. As long as you’re gambling at a table or slot machine, a waitress will circle the casino and deliver drinks as per your request. They do expect nice tips, though, so don’t think of the free drinks at the casino as completely free.

The Alluring Nightlife of Casinos in Michigan

There are a number of events taking place at every casino in the Great Lakes State, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to boogie down to a live band on a Tuesday night, or hear a comedian get heckled by drunken gamblers in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

You can have all of the entertainment you want when you experience the nightlife of the casinos. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Brimley, or Battle Creek, Hartford or Dowagiac – there’s something going on that you’ll find exciting.

There are plenty of microbreweries and vineyard tours, too. You don’t have to spend your entire trip inside of the casino. Take a look at the many camping excursions or national parks in the area while you’re in the great lakes state, and you’ll have one fantastic experience.

Spectacular Live Shows at the Casinos in Michigan

There are world class, award winning magicians performing on stage every night. Watch as a woman is sawed in half, and then set on fire, only to reappear inside the magician’s robes. There’s nothing up his sleeves, and you can see everything. Don’t miss these amazing shows of illusion when you’re visiting the Indian casinos.

There are also amazing shows featuring award winning show girls. Watch a live musical, or a cabaret show. Whatever you’d hope to witness as the sun sets and the moon crosses the sky, you can find. Michigan’s casinos provide a lot more than gambling. They really are the full experience!

Casinos in Michigan – Pull the Bandit’s Arm, and Take Him for All He’s Got!

Don’t forget, though, that the excitement and electricity of gambling at the casino is really what bought you here. Sit down on a stool in front of a slot machine and rip the arm off of it! See what lady luck has in store for you, as you watch the wheels spin. Will it finally be triple seven’s, or is lady luck going to smile on you another time?

You’ll never know unless you try. Experience the allure of laying it all on the line, and winning big. You can also try your hand at poker, Caribbean stud, five card, seven card, and plenty of other variations. Try black jack, where you can double down and stay on 21! And don’t forget craps, roulette, and all of your other favorites.

The hardest game to play, so the experts say, is Kino. Give it a try if you can find it! Once you get the hang of it, it’s absolutely thrilling. Your first big win will have you coming back again and again.

Hotels at the Casinos in Michigan Are a Royal Flush!

Don’t forget to plan your trip to last for several days. The hotels at and around the casinos are five star. There are bed and breakfasts for romantic getaways, and cutting edge hotels right there at the casino. Figure out which you would rather explore, and book a three night stay to get the full experience.

You could go to breakfast at a brew pub, enjoy your lunch while Kayaking in Lake Michigan, take in a dazzling show at the Casino, eat at a fantastic buffet, and then end the night with a few hours of slots and black jack. After all of that, who has the energy to drive home?

But you’re smart. You’ll book a stay at one of the hotels at or around the casino and you’ll have plenty of energy to go back and do it all again tomorrow.

At Casinos in Michigan, Who Has the Odds in Their Favor?

Just remember, like all other casinos, the odds are always in the house's favor. Of course, you have a great chance of winning during your visit, but whether or not you go home “ahead,” depends on how you define your experience.

Don’t look at the casino as a place to go and earn money. Instead, think of it as a place to go and have a good time while spending a few bucks. You wouldn’t take a vacation to a family resort and blow through your family savings. You’d allot a budget and stick to it.

It doesn’t make sense to ever really lay it all on the line. You’re there to have fun. Treat the casinos in Michigan the same way, and the odds will be in your favor.

You can also play safely. The gambling industry in Michigan follows the rules of the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

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