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Casinos in South Dakota

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Do you know that there are more than 40 casinos that you can find in South Dakota? That is how popular gambling is in the state, which dated back to the days of the Gold Rush. Most of the cowboys, outlaws, and miners would spend most of their free time betting on each other. Soon, casinos started to develop in the towns of Deadwood and Black Hills. Together with their rise were the many slots machines and casino games that the new generation of South Dakota residents and foreigner enjoy today.

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South Dakota acutally has a very peculiar law when it comes to down to owning slots machines. While most of the states allow you to own those that are at least 25 years old, when you are in this South Dakota, you have to make sure that yours is manufactured in 1941, there is no other year that is legal. This could be a way to ensure that the ones residents possess are truly collectible or antique. They do not have to worry about their residents gambling on slots in their homes.

When you want to get your hands on slots, make sure that you can check out those that are found in Mineral Palace. This casino-hotel once stood in one of the oldest but bustling establishments in 1876. Today, the casino houses more than 300 different kinds of machines, a good number of them slots. They have wide variety of options for you. You can play a nickel up to 25 dollars. You can also increase your take-home prize by trying their Progressive slots. They offer 95 percent payout. And if losing gets the best of you, you can have some wine and steak in their restaurant before you call it a night.

Besides these huge and well-established casinos, there are also gaming halls that are being put up by the Native American tribes in their area. They function just like the usual casinos, where you can play bingo, slots, and even blackjack. You can just choose among the interesting accommodation options, such as RVs and camp grounds. The residents are also fond of betting in lotteries.

South Dakota is famous for it's numerous monuments and parks, giving you enough reason to immerse in outdoor activities while you are here. You shouldn't miss Mount Rushmore (with the amazing-sculpted faces of 4 presidents), Badlands, and Wind Cave. Exercise a bit at Lewis and Clark Historic Trail. You can also rent a boat and fish in the fresh waters of Lake Oahe. It is very rich in walleye.

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