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Common Casino Myths

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Gambling is fun, but let's not have any illusions. Wipe the slot dust over your eyes and know some facts about gambling. The following are some common gambling myths and the truth behind them. Casinos, and particularly slot machines, have many false beliefs associated with them. This is mostly due to ignorance of how they work. Let's take a break from hours of mindless slot play and look at some widespread myths about slots.

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No, they aren't. Casinos do not fix their slot machines. Why would they bother? The odds built into the slots already favor the house! In truth, the chances of someone winning are so small and insignificant that casinos just can't lose. It would cost them more to fix the machines than to just let a few players win.

If slots are rigged at all, it is done by a few daring programmers who want to make money off the machines themselves. They program he slots they were hired to make to pay out huge sums of money if played in a certain way. Needless to say, they put you under the jail for that if they catch you.

No, they can't. The results are completely random. Probably the closest you can get to "cornering" a jackpot in a casino is to get a team of slot junkies like yourself to play the networked jackpot machines until the jackpot hits. But you'd need a big bankroll for that, not to mention nerves of steel to be willing to risk going to jail if you're caught!

We do not recommend trapping jackpot machines in this way. Please be fair to other players and consider that your reputation and safety are more important than money.

Well, casinos are always busy. Do the slots always pay out? There may be some truth to this since the busier a casino is, then the more people who play at the slots. So the long term payout percentage is reached sooner. But even if you do have the money, tenacity and insanity to play that long, it still won't guarantee a jackpot hit.

Trust us, if there were a way to predict when a jackpot would hit, we wouldn't be here writing this!

Myth: Casino staff can give you hints as to which slots are lucky.

This is nonsense! Nothing is sillier than to ask a cocktail waitress where the "lucky" slots are. Think about it: If the waitress knew which slots were generous, why would she be serving you drinks instead of playing at the machine?

Myth: Slot machines can be beaten by strategy.

There is no slot machine strategy that is guaranteed to make you win. Slot results are random, random, random! And that fact makes them immune to strategy.

For example, you can try to "test" three slot machines for generosity by playing a few spins at each one. The first machine may return you 5 coins, the second 0 coins (break even) and the third may cost you 3 coins. So the first is the most generous, it seems. But how do you KNOW for sure that the next time you go back to that machine, the results will be the same? And how do you know the other slots won't be "luckier" next time someone else plays them? You cannot know.

Even the numerous betting systems do not work with slots due to their random nature. Slots are fun to play and some games such as Video Poker can be won with strategy. But by and large, slots are random. Play them for fun but don't expect to win big.

Gambling Myth - Progressive Jackpot Slots are designed to occur on weekends.

No. Jackpots, whether progressive or fixed, occur ALL the time. Even when the slot machine is not in play. The computer chip in the slots can generate thousands of combinations every second and a jackpot can be made anytime. When someone presses the spin or start button at the exact millisecond that the jackpot is dealt, that person is said to hit the jackpot. And because more people play on weekends, the slots spin more often and the chances of someone hitting the jackpot just when it's dealt are higher.

Gambling Myth - New slot machines are looser than average to draw new customers.

Not necessarily. A new slot machine may attract enough players to not need a jackpot. This is if it has enough bells and whistles or has a popular topic for a theme. If you're the casino, why invest more in a slot machine if it's already paying? It would be better to make slots loose when they are less popular.

Gambling Myth - it is unlawful to count cards.

That's what the casinos want you to think. It is not illegal to count cards. However that does not mean casinos hate it any less. You can and will be removed from the house if you are suspected of card counting. It is their right since casinos are private property. If for some reason (like in Atlantic City) they cannot bar you, they will make play so difficult for you that it's better not to go there at all.

Gambling Myth - The machine/game has been cold for so long. I'm due for a win.

This is perhaps the most widely spread gambling myth. The odds for each hand, game, roll or spin is the same each time. Previous results have absolutely no influence on future ones. You can see the red win 15 times in a row in roulette and the chances of it showing up again do not decrease.

Not really. If you think that popular advantage games like blackjack and video poker will pave the way for riches, you are wrong. These folks make only up to $50,000 if they are really great, and that's playing full time. Not exactly the road to riches. In fact, they are one of the harder ways to make money in the world.

Gambling Myth - Casinos can't be beaten since they always win in the long term.

False. First of all, how many people play long term? Not many. If you play for short periods and quit while you are in the lead, you have beaten the house.

Second, casinos can be beaten in the long run - with perfect strategy in specific games.

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