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Craps Systems: The Martingale System

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The Martingale System has its roots in 18th century France. This is a betting strategy and it not limited to the game of craps. In fact the Martingale System can be used in most types of betting. There are only two specific parameters to take into account. The game should offer the same betting option over and over again (ie. each round), and payout 1:1. In the game of craps, this means you should be using one of these bets. In its infancy this system was used by people who were betting on the flip of a coin. The basic premise of the Martingale system is very simple and only requires knowledge of craps basics, but to use it effectively you need to understand its limitations and how to properly implement it.

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To use the Martingale System with craps, you place a very low bet for the first round of play, most likely the table minimum. This is all you must do until you lose so, if you happen to win your first round, good job, but you don't change anything; just make the same small bet for the next round. If however you lose your first bet you accept your losses and for the next round you will place a bet twice the size of the original bet. If you lose this second bet, you place a bet double its size on the third round, and so on and so forth. With the assumption that you will eventually win, your net winnings (win minus all losses) will be equal to your first bet. Now there are some very serious limitations to this. To start with your bank roll will limit how long you can keep up this betting strategy before you go broke. The bigger your bankroll and the smaller your original bet, the more you can continue this betting pattern without being you forced out of the game. If your table minimum is $5, and you’ve got $75 available to play with here is the worst-case scenario: Your bet goes up to $10, and you lose again. Now you are at $20 and you lose once more.

You are down $35 and have to put your last $40 down in hopes of winning $5. Whether you win or lose, this is not a comfortable place to be. The Martingale Craps System works just as well online. You can start winning today, right from your own home. Above you might be thinking that this system is flawless for a player with a huge bankroll (i.e. Bill Gates). Even on a horribly unlucky day a billionaire can be sure to win from $5 original bets, right? Well once upon a time this was true, but it didn’t take casinos long to realize they could stand to lose lots of money in the long run from wealthy players taking advantage of the martingale system. To put an end to the unbeatable edge offered by the Martingale system, casinos implemented betting maximums that are at most 100-200 times the table minimum, allowing the player to only make 6-7 bets within the martingale system. While players will not generally lose this many times in a row, each win is only worth a small amount compared to the massive losses of the occasional player who loses the full series of bets. This development on the casino’s end has put an end to the effective use of the Martingale system, but for players who are feeling lucky you can still realistically go for the win. When you are ready to put this knowledge to good use, check out our casino review section.

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