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Craps Systems: The Odds Bet

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With a lot craps systems the big selling point is a catchy slogan like "You always win on 7" for the Iron Cross System, but what's the real earning potential on these systems? The truth is, if you really want to minimize the house edge there is only one guaranteed way to do so: odds bets. If you are unsure of how to play with odds bets or pass line bets be sure to check out our page of craps bets. Play with odds bets in a cold table, a hot table, after a winning streak, or a string of losses. Mathematically speaking there is no other single bet, or combination of bets that will statistically out perform the a large odds bet (sadly placed after the required pass line bet).

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The odds bets are so powerful that casinos don't even label them on the table layout! Let's take a closer look at what we're doing here. Odds bets are paid out with fair odds, so this type of bet carries no house edge. Period. The caveat to this is that you are required to bet on the pass line before you can take an odds bet on the point. The reason this is so detrimental is that a pass line bet has a house edge of 1.41%. When you place a odds bet of two times your pass line bet you've got a combined house edge of only .61% which for a casino game is unbelievably good. The larger your odds bet compared to your pass line bet, the more you push down the house edge. If you are lucky enough to find a casino that offers 100x odds bets you've lowered the house odds to .02% (practically fair odds).

Pou probably notice the 3-4-5x odds and asked your self, "What the heck is that!". Basically the 3-4-5x odds allow the casino to change the maximum allowed odds depending on what the point is. This is the most popular odds structure offered in Las Vegas casinos as well as many of the other gambling centers around the world. As you can see above this is a pretty fair bet with only a .37% house edge. Here's how it works: Odds bets are some of the only bets placed by professional craps players who have mastered the art of dice control (or using loaded dice). Because the house advantage is so small even the smallest edge contributed by skilled dice rolling can help these skilled players literally make a living on the green felt. Why Doesn't Everyone Do This? The real downside to odds bets, that you will definitely notice if you begin using them exclusively, is that they are not the most fun bets to play. Most players are playing craps because they like to, not because they are monotonous number crunching machines. Unlike some players, you aren't generally placing bets every roll. In some long rounds you'll have to sit tight roll after roll waiting for either a seven or a point while the players around you are raking in (or more likely throwing away) their chips. If you are going to commit to making money with odds bets you will need to be more disciplined than most of your peers, and be willing to give up some of the excitement in the game.

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