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Dealing with a gambling addiction

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We end this online casino introduction with a look at something all gamblers must face: addiction. Gambling can be addictive. Everyone should realize this. Let's end this online casino introduction by warning you about the dangers of gambling when carried to excess.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you use gambling as an escape from life's problems? 2. Do you often gamble with money that you need for more urgent needs? 3. Is it hard for you to quit any gambling session? 4. Has gambling affected your work or family life? 5. When you win, are you tempted to play more so you can win more? 6. When you lose, do you find yourself chasing after losses? 7. Do you often play longer than you intended, or after meeting your target winnings? 8. Have you ever sold or stolen things to finance your gambling? 9. Do you bet all your money in one session? 10. Do you find yourself digressing from your strategy? 11. Have you gotten into debt because of gambling? 12. Have you become less productive in other areas of life because of gambling?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may be developing gambling addiction and need help. There are support groups for this as well as your own family. Even if you don't think you're addicted, if you're having problems because of gambling, you need to find out what's wrong.

To prevent any problems, you should keep a disciplined approach to your gambling. Regulate your gambling and be responsible with your time and money.

You should play when 1. You are in your gambling comfort zone, i.e. playing with ample budget at bet rates that let you play out your strategy. 2. You feel good and the time is right. 3. You have set goals that you will strictly adhere to. 4. You have a game you know you can win. 5. You have money you can afford to lose in gambling. 6. You have a sound betting and gaming strategy.

You should stop when 1. You are chasing losses. 2. You are uncomfortable in any way. 3. You are upset, tired, irritable or impatient. 4. You have earned your target winnings and have met the wagering requirements. 5. You start playing less than your best. 6. You are losing confidence in your strategy. 7. Your budget has been seriously depleted. 8. You have other things to do. 9. You are neglecting your duties and responsibilities because of gambling.

If you need help with your gambling problem, GamCare provides care for gambling addicts.

After gambling, take your mind off it. Do other things. Keep a balanced lifestyle. Gambling is fun. It's entertainment. Enjoy it, but don't lose sleep over it. The smart gambler spends their casino winnings on other things. The foolish gambler uses money meant for other things to finance their gambling. Be the former and not the latter. Play for fun and play to win!

This ends the course on online casino introduction. Now get ready to play your hands and have fun!

This study also sheds interesting lights on gambling problems. It is called The Vulnerable Faces of Pathological Gambling.

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